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Sauer Tröger Hellfire

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Rubber type : long pips
Since imposing the ban of using the frictionless long pimples, the effect of slow pimples has been negated. HELLFIRE - produced by long pimple experts Sauer&Tröger; is slow, dangerous and it makes game a living HELL for your opponent. The low speed means that heavy topspins can be returned with ease but what’s more important with real effect and disturbance. Return serves easly, During long process of testing we were impressed by the spin reversal that was achieved against heavy loop and topspin. Now you can be the one who controls spin and consequently controls the whole game. The version with sponge is for classic defenders who play at a distance from the table, the orthodox version is perfect for close blocking / block chopping and controlling awkward play.

Customer Reviews

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26/05/2021 Long pips rubber with accent on chopping from distance Review by Anton Kukeste
Easy to handle long pips rubber that specializes in chopping from distance (1.0 sponge thickness version). Can also be effectively used for some offensive strokes.
29/06/2020 Sauer Tröger Hellfire Review by Aleksandr Malyushko
С момента появление этих шипов они сразу вошли в популярность. Это легенда. Всё в них отлично кроме атаки.
09/09/2019 5+ Review by oleg popov
Шипы с насечками, контрольная игра на столе, и в тоже время соперник ошибается по вращению приходящего мяча.
23/01/2019 Good match with Goriki blade Review by Cem Hanyaloglu
OX version is very deceptive, block, chop push and even attack is easy & my conclusion is better than Tibhar Grass.
14/06/2018 One of the best LP on the market. Review by Johan
This is the slowest long pips I've ever tried and played. Yet the spin reversal isn't as deadly as friction-less LP or the nastiest legal LP with low friction, but very fast and hard to control like grass Dtecs, but Hellfire is a different beasts. It's very slow, very good reversal on chop blocking or push-blocking on the table and easy to control. The main weakness is the ball trajectory is quite high even though loaded with massive backspin on chopping the ball. Pair it with Sauer Troger Kasalla will be a deadly combo.
20/03/2018 Excellent quality! Great control! Review by ChoppingEverything
I've been playing L.P. as a chopper and as a chop blocker for 10 yrs (USATT rating 1977). I've tried all sorts of L.P. but actively used Grass D Tecs so my comparison will be against that.
This has more control when chopping from mid distance.
Reversal is 10% less than Grass, but with the right technique, it's enough to stop the opponent from loop killing.
Not good for chop block (in Ox version) close to table play. Very sensitive to incoming spin unlike Grass, which can be put in front, irrespective of spin.
Overall, this is my new alternative for Grass, as the new version of Grass feels harder and faster with less control.
15/08/2017 5 Review by nachum shamis
04/05/2017 Protection and Attack Review by Boris Karasev
Very insidious confusing long pips allowing instantly after the reverse to go even to a serial attack....
14/04/2017 Variable overlay for the game Review by Boris Karasev
Long pips on the sponge allow for a variety of skills to play in different areas and, if necessary, effectively attack from the near zone .....
06/04/2017 5 Review by oleg popov
Медленные, контрольные.
21/03/2017 Need a good blade Review by Maurizio Salvadori
I know from long time HELLFIRE OX; i used with attack, allround and defensive blade.
Hellfire is good with every blade's type, but the better combination, for my experience, is with an offensive blade.
It's natural that you need to improve how use for maximise reversal and destructive effect; Hellfire as also goos control and give block with trajectories near to the net..
For me... "my" OX LP..
In numbers:
Speed 4/10
Spin 4/10
Reversal 8/10
Deception 8/10
Control 9/10
Reverse 8/10
03/03/2017 好控‧ Review by Poki Lin
顆粒間隙大‧防守非常的容易‧ 只能說非常非常的容易‧ 但反旋效果離魔草還有一小段距離‧
29/01/2017 Hellfire Review by Will Baird
I have played with many LPs over the years. This one is very good. It reverses a lot of spin and is a great hitting LPs. The combination of those two aspects make it truly unique. The only negative thing about it my opinion is that it is not a good push blocking rubber.
23/01/2017 5 Review by nachum shamis5
04/01/2017 o melhor pico longo Review by Joaquim Barbosa
Trata-se do melhor pico longo que já experimentei
08/12/2016 Good, has some tricky shots Review by Robert Gripentog
Hellfire is a good rubber. The ball feels like it slides across the pips slightly before the pips rebound back making chops a little different execution. Blocks on topspin are mostly dead with some reversal. Chop blocks are heavy when not done passively. Overall this rubber has good control.
16/11/2016 One of the best LP Review by Mohd Redhuan Md Jamil
One of the best up to date LP

speed : 4/10
reversal : 9/10
disruption : 9/10
control : 8/10

Good for chopblocking at the table and passive blocking . also good for attacking no spin ball . Really good .
30/10/2016 enough control Review by Alejandro Reybaud
Enough control to play near the table and slice far
12/04/2016 5 Review by nachum shamis
the bast raber very good
05/02/2016 Good, but there's better Review by Matthew Deane
Hellfire is a good rubber, but Dornenglanz is far superior. I don't really like the rubber consistency, and the pips are too soft for me. I have also played against this rubber and it's not very difficult to play against. The best junk rubbers are still Dornenglanz, Dtecs, and Dragon Talon.
12/01/2016 5 Review by nachum shamis
very good!!!!!
07/07/2015 best longpip Review by Chengyi Huang
This is the best long pip for close-to-table defense.
29/06/2015 Some of the best long pip rubber I have seen Review by Gardner Dale
This rubber is excellent for blocking and chopping. It gives players fits with the effects it has on the ball. I will a lot more matches with this rubber than I did before getting this rubber. I struggle to attack with the rubber, but that is most likely my issue. The rubber is worth the try!
10/04/2015 Very good long pips rubber Review by Al Strelzoff
I've tried a number of long pip rubbers, but I like this the best. It is fairly slow with good control.
03/03/2015 Elastic Pipe Out Review by Bob Julius (Internal Audit)
The effect is not special
but it has very good durability and easy to do more :p
28/01/2015 Excellent Long PIP Review by Intermediate Player
Compare this rubber to D-tec, this one offers better wobble effect with excellent control. However, for player knows how to handle pips with flat ball. This rubber does not bother them much. But, still learn how to use it effectively. Overall, a great Long PIP rubber and Price is great at Tabletennis11
04/11/2014 good Review by Mr.xiao xu
Weird, but speed too slow.
29/10/2014 Bad against no spin Review by John Øvregård
Bad against no spin. Good players will serve no spin and smash it. Not so good to chop with it as a classical defender. Good against spin balls in service return.
Go for TSP CURL P4 against no spin. It is better as you can attack with it.
27/06/2014 5 Review by Oleg AVERIN
Very good long pips with best combinations to control and distructives
25/05/2014 Hellfire ox is good and effectly rubber Review by Ali Fuat inal
Hellfire ox is good and effectively rubber but Zeus, is hard and speedly for hellfire
Sauer Tröger Hellfire