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Sauer and Tröger

Sauer & Tröger was founded by Sebastian Sauer and Pascal Tröger, two of Germany’s best close to the table long pips players. It is a unique company that specifically caters to the needs of players that use long pimpled rubbers and/or have defensive/all-round styles. Passionate about disseminating his knowledge about long pips and this style of play, Sebastian Sauer offers training camps throughout Europe that seek to teach participants how to play with (or against) these special rubbers.   In 2013, the ITTF approved HELLFIRE, the first rubber from Sauer & Tröger, which is a vicious long pips rubber that produces high spin reversal, rendering it suitable for push-blockers and defenders alike. The ... following year, the inverted SECRET FLOW CHOP rubber was released, which has a tacky synthetic topsheet and medium hard sponge that provides maximum grip and excellent control for chopping or controlled offense. The company’s latest offering, the Easy P, which stands for easy to play pimples, are extremely slow long pips designed for effective close to the table blocking. Sauer & Tröger offers three blades, i.e., the Firestarter, which is a very slow defensive blade, the Zeus, which is the company’s top of the line blade for modern defenders, and Dominate All, which is designed for allround players or progressive long pip players who don’t want to make any compromises on speed. Did you know that Sauer & Tröger got the idea to develop their own rubbers and form a company because they were not satisfied with the selection of long pip rubbers on the market following ITTF’s ban of frictionless long pips in 2008?   Show more Show less


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