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Revolution Nr.3, Glue 100ml Medium Viscosity

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Normal viscosity is the thinnest glue, high viscosity is the thickest glue, the medium is in the middle. A thicker viscosity will not make fixing the rubber to the blade any easier. Medium and high viscosity glues were created for top players who claim that the thicker glue layer improves the playing properties of the racket. But it is just an opinion for which we have no proof. Some players like thicker glue, some thinner. It is just a matter of preference. The only table tennis glue in the world that is freeze-thaw resistant. MEDIUM VISCOSITY

Customer Reviews

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25/09/2023 nice Review by Andrey Shikov
very good glue, two layers holds very well a rubber, even boosted one. Easy to remove. I like it more than butterfly glue
01/07/2023 Dries fast, suitable for medium hard sponge Review by Rajinikanth J
Pros: Dries fast, Suitable for medium hard sponge;
cons: Bad smell
08/06/2023 Great product Review by The Commander
My second favorite glue. I prefer the medium version, which holds the blade and the rubber very well together.
05/05/2023 I Highly Recommend! Review by Palmer Cox
In the US there is a very good water-based latex glue available called Tear Mender. I've used this for the last couple of years and finally decided to splurge a little bit and buy some Revolution Nr 3 (RN3). RN3 very much lives up to the reputation its maker puts out in his videos. Much easier to use than Tear Mender. Tear Mender dries too quickly requiring you to spread your glue out very quickly. Any corrections causes lumps to form which none of us want to see. Plus you can only glue one item at a time. RN3 eliminates these problems completely! Corrections won't cause lumping and you have plenty of time to make those corrections as well as apply the glue to the rubber and the blade during the same application. The sponges included with RN3 are ideal for application and wash out very easily. Removal of the dried glue is just as easy as the owner demonstrates in his videos. So for the application and removal side of using this product I highly recommend you try it. From the performance side I am unable to provide any input. Using a single layer of glue on rubber and blade has not illustrated any gain in performance for me but it may for you. Try some!!
12/04/2023 Genial Review by Nicko Ruminot
El mejor pegamento de todos.
Tiene la textura perfecta, y permite una distribución precisa.
06/10/2022 Nice Review by Umut
normal one is very runny while applying on curled rubbers hard to keep without mess.
This one is better not cream or tooth paste, still liquid enough to spread even.

But I wish odourless version of medium viscosity is exists like normal one. All room smells ammonia even house if windows are closed.
09/03/2022 Glue - sticky stuff! Review by Andy E
Probably cheaper than some of the more widely known brands however seemed to apply nicely enough.
21/02/2022 Excellent Review by Dmitry Morduhovich
15/02/2022 Good Review by Ruel Rubio
Been using this for the 3 years and have had no issues with quality.
19/10/2021 Arrived fresh a Review by kenneth silva
Arrived fresh. better than any other glue.
11/10/2021 Good Review by Charles Pan
Good item
09/09/2021 Great Review by Jb
Does the job great.
03/08/2021 Good Review by Oliver
I have high viscosity and low viscosity. I just want to try this since I often reglue or switch rubber on my blades.
20/04/2021 Best WBG! Review by JC
This product is very easy to use, unlike the "normal" viscosity which is too watery. The medium viscosity is also easy to peel off equipment when changing rubbers which is a huge plus. I will definitely continue using this product.
10/02/2021 Хороший клей! Review by Timpu Sergiu
Первый раз купил medium viscosity, больше понравилось normal viscosity! Medium быстрее расходуется и на некоторые основания быстро впитывается и сохнет, даже не успеваешь нормально распределить!
На лакированные основания и на накладки без проблем!
14/11/2020 Gerai dengiasi Review by Kazimieras Ramanauskas
Lengvai nuimami klijai. Juntamas klijų efektas.
27/07/2020 nice glue Review by MATTHEOS
Nice glue, easy to peel off from used rubber.
30/12/2019 Best Glue Review by Adeel Rajput
Initially I used glue from some other brands but once I used this one, I never used any other glue. It is easy to apply and dries in a very reasonable time. I normally use two coats on the blade and two on the rubber. Taking off a rubber afterwards is a breeze and the glue comes off so easy that it is amazing. Those who have not tried it should at least use it once to experience it themselves.
29/08/2019 Хорошо Review by Igor Golovlev
Отличный клей, очень удобный в эксплуатации.
17/05/2019 Very Good Review by MATTHEOS KOTZIAS
One of the best and easy to use. 3 layers on the rubber and one on the bat! Excellent!
10/04/2018 Need several coats Review by Adrian Bernal
This medium version seems to me to be very liquid, however, the product is good and improves by applying several coats. Next time I think I'll try the high viscosity one.
29/11/2017 Great water based glue Review by Jason Chan
The bottle shape makes it easy to use and the glue doesn't dry too quickly like with Haifu WBG. Most of the glue residue when replacing rubber also sticks to the sponge rather than the blade which is a big plus. The glue doesn't peel off the sponge as easily as the YouTube video suggests until you apply many layers (the maximum recommended on the bottle for "professional use"). Not heavier than your typical WBG either. Overall I am happy with the product but might try the thicker one next time to help with removing glue residue.
09/06/2017 quality and price Review by Alfredo Queiroz
Good product fulfills what it promises and the price is very attractive
Thanks table tennis 11
28/04/2017 best wbg i've tried so far Review by gl
High quality glue. The best i've tried so far.
This is strong adhesive that keeps the rubber on the blade without issues and yet --- comes off very easily when you're replacing rubber sheets.

I used the medium viscosity which is easier to control while applying to the sponge and blade - however the medium viscosity might have a shorter shelf time than the normal viscosity. I'll try that next.
13/02/2017 good product Review by David Milley
Good product,easy to use. better with 2 coats on each side before attaching rubber.
20/09/2016 Ok Review by Calvin Chia
Difficult to peel off from rubber
29/08/2016 great performance Review by Andre Colovati
Easy to take it off from the blade or rubber when necessary.
I am not a professional but I highly recommend: Apply 2 times on blade and 3 times on rubber for professional use as oriented by the manufacturer.
For every time you apply let it dry until looks transparent. The time spend is about 40 min.
29/06/2016 Great Glue!!! Review by Rhonnel Forde
Great elasticity!!! Best glue used.
13/06/2016 Excellent Glue Review by Rhonnel Forde
Great elasticity!!! Goes on great and certainly does the job extremely well.
02/06/2016 Good product Review by Quoc Tran
Fast shipping. Recommended. Would buy again.
26/05/2016 Nice Review by Mohammed Farouk
Very Nice
16/05/2016 WORTH it Review by Afnan Aslam
Guys the glue is good and it peals of very easily, but I strongly prefer the Had Viscosity as it sticks well and stays for a good time.
15/04/2016 Good glue Review by KWOK KEE LUI
Easy to apply on blade and rubber. Good bonding. Easy to remove from rubber. Lives up to product description. I have tried the normal, medium and high density glue. Medium is ideal for me.
09/01/2016 Exellent Review by Dzmitry Kursakou
Exellent quality
16/04/2015 Good glue, convenient bottle and easy to spread Review by Kevin KAN
Heavy ammonia smell, its very nice container makes it easy to control the amount and it's also easy to spread.

No issue with glue strength to date. Recommended.
07/11/2014 Good Review by Kazimieras Ramanauskas
Good glue evenly covered with sponge rubber surface not lead easily eliminated from sponges
Revolution Nr.3, Glue 100ml Medium Viscosity