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Revolution Nr.3, Glue 100ml High Viscosity

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Normal viscosity is the thinnest glue, high viscosity is the thickest glue, the medium is in the middle. A thicker viscosity will not make fixing the rubber to the blade any easier. Medium and high viscosity glues were created for top players who claim that the thicker glue layer improves the playing properties of the racket. But it is just an opinion for which we have no proof. Some players like thicker glue, some thinner. It is just a matter of preference. The only table tennis glue in the world that is freeze-thaw resistantю HIGH VISCOSITY.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

04/12/2023 Bueno, pero denso Review by Nicko Ruminot
Es muy buen pegamento, pero luego de haber probado todas sus versiones, encuentro el de viscocidad media el mejor de todos.
03/01/2023 Excellent quality Review by Danil Kurnossov
Excellent glue.
06/12/2022 Best glue Review by Jari Seppala
Easy to glue and peel off,
24/01/2022 good ! Review by Alain Legrand
Good glue, but better with a mix with the light viscosityю
21/12/2021 Very good glue Review by Affendey Muhamad
Easy to use.
19/10/2021 Average Glue Review by Robert Platt
Nothing exceptional with this glue but its one saving virtue is, it is very easy to remove from the blade and especially rubbers.
05/10/2021 Rubber Glue Review by Robert Platt
Have used the normal viscosity, which frankly was far too weak and didn't adhere my rubbers to the blade. However, this glue does work providing you use a few layers. Not sure it is a great glue that some on here have posted, but it's certainly easy to remove off the blade and rubbers if re-gluing, etc.
29/09/2021 Works well, need press Review by Daimeng Chen
This glue seems less sticky than other glues, but dries fast and peels well when used in thicker layers. I can feel a bit of speed from the glue as well.
Needs pressing for a bit, or at least care not to come near water. This is especially true when gluing boosted rubbers (the boosted rubbers will try to shrink). When I press rubber under books for a day, this does not happen.
21/09/2020 Exceptional product Review by Chris Pickard
The best glue I've used for years. Rubbers adhere to the blade well and the "speed glue" effect was an unexpected bonus.
18/05/2020 хорошо Review by Igor Golovlev
хороший клей, удобный в работе при необходимости легко удаляется , если нужен тонкий слой,то можно легко разбавить водой.
05/01/2020 EXTRAORDINARY Review by Gennadiy Shnaper
Very good glue. I like it for his elasticity and adhesiveness in the high viscosity version. I used it my first time - go for it.
30/12/2019 Buen pegamento. Review by Eduardo Hernandez
Muy bueno, lo recomiendo
29/11/2019 8\10 Review by Vadim Mak
Есть свои + и -, обеспечивает хороший эффект для накладки, но снимать с накладки тяжеловато, оптимальный вариант средняя вязкость
11/11/2019 Izvrsno Review by Ivan
Lako se maže, a skidanje gume jednostavno. Visoka viskoznost omogućuje izvrsno ljepljenje gume.
23/02/2019 Best glue ever Review by AN-94
Easy to apply and easy to remove. Fast dry. Sufficient sponge.
11/01/2019 Revolution Nr.3 HV Review by kaho cheung
Very elastic and strong bonding glue.
06/12/2018 Impressive . Review by Michael Stanners
This glue does give a small booster effect with much less trouble. I'm not sure how long it lasts, but maybe a month or two. I like it a lot !
21/06/2018 Very Nice, Holds ESN Rubber in Place longer, Less Shrink on Blade. Review by Zane Cundiff
Will hold tensor rubbers longer and leave the blade and rubber in same shape as it was new. Dries pretty quickly, not to fast, but quick enough to get a game to wait without switching people out for match play.
18/06/2018 хорошо Review by Igor Golovlev
клей лучше всего подходит для купно пористой губки
06/12/2017 tensor sponge glue Review by SACHIN PATIL
This is the best glue for tensor sponge and for the pros as the glue is more thicker and it acts as a third layer.Its very easy to remove it.Only bad thing is it adds around 5 to 8 gms of weight compared to normal viscosity.Third layer acts like a tensor sponge on the blade.
13/09/2017 great glue Review by SACHIN PATIL
use this glue if u need a fast racket as it adds some speed to the whole racket and is easy to peel off.
02/04/2017 OK Review by MARK
22/06/2016 good Review by kwok kee Lui
Glue well but not easy to handle than normal viscosity .
20/06/2016 the best glue Review by Nuno Alves
the best glue i ever used!!! easy peel from the rubber and excelent catapult efect and nice price
28/04/2016 Review by Saitama
I think the normal viscosity is better than this one. Its too thick. And not that easy to remove but better than other glues
01/03/2016 Revolution nr.3, Glue 110ml High Viscosity Review by Francesco Rinaldi
Glue of excellent quality especially in the version with high viscosity.
25/11/2015 Супер! Review by Anatolii Riepin
Клей очень понравился,рекомендую.
13/11/2015 excellent product Review by kwok kee lui
Sticky and easy to manage. Quick drying. Not expensive compared to similar japanese product.
19/10/2015 revolution #3 glue HV Review by ronila lanada
Very good quality glue...easy to feel off...just the odor smells like a perming chemicals but aside from that. It's great!
03/09/2015 GOOD Review by Giovanni Sartori
21/07/2015 fantastic Review by kwok kee Lui
Lives up with description. Holds strongly. You can feel the rubber, glue and racket surface stock together as one whole piece. I use the high density one. quick drying. Sponge provided can wash easily after gluing for reuse.
21/05/2015 High Viscosity Review by Borko Matijasevic
Very good glue.Excellent.
20/12/2014 good item Review by jiho shin
This item is High Viscosity
19/12/2014 great glue Review by ole jansen
This glue works very well for me, never had any problems using it.
18/11/2014 Revolution nr.3 Review by Ljupco Macedonia
Hmm this Revolution nr.3 rubber glue
but im not very surprise????? of This glue
I will give great evaluation because Products purchased from tabletennis11.
first very slow pace droughts
fixing is very poorly :((((((
and even more difficult to take out the glue from the rubber if you like to re gluing the rubber on a diferent blade.....
as shown in the video on you tube (easy and fast) no is not too easy and is not very fast
however, this product is ok for the money
Or is there another solution
maybe I do not know how properly to use
Revolution Nr.3, Glue 100ml High Viscosity