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Racket Nittaku Acoustic/Fastarc G-1

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Racket Type : professional
Blade Nittaku Acoustic made with "String Instrument Technology" Thicker and softer material than Violin were used. Due to this has very stable characteristics when attacking and blocking. Made in Japan and filled with Japanese spirit. Rubber : Nittaku Fastarc G-1(super thick 2.0mm) . The Grip & Power Effect Fastarc G1 secures the highest speed of your strokes, secure arc and powerful spin. Top sheet presents an excellent grip feeling and strong spin created by unique chemical formula and special pimple design. Strong sponge produces powerful feeling during the stroke.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

06/12/2021 It a Great bat Review by Ian Irvine
It has power and a ton of spin just the things I wanted a bat.
21/01/2021 God quality, nice product. Review by Antoniu Avram
I thought is going to be superior to the first racket that I achieved from table tennis11 but I was disappointed. My first one was the Nittaku S 5 series, with Rakza 9 black 2mm and Rakza Z red 2mm, which is the best choice for someone who looks for a good offensive racket, just amazing, improved my game a lot.
05/08/2020 Perfect for me Review by Stanislav Demchenko
I have about 20 different blades, most of which are more expensive Butterfly ones, but finally, I have found the best blade for my level.
I play close to the table and occasionally in the middle zone. I try to attack any ball with a lot of spins, far less frequently with a direct hit or smash. This blade is excellent for my looping and blocking. Very good control and enough speed. Definitely not the fastest one, but it has increased my consistency a lot. Finally, I can play longer rallies with a much better feeling and variation. My sparring partner tried my Acoustic for 10 minutes and the next day ordered this racket, too.
I love Fastarc G-1 on any of my blades, both FH and BH, and Acoustic is no exception.
05/07/2019 A very fine blade and rubber combination Review by Timothy Swensen
The Nittaku Acoustic is a beautiful blade with an ideal level of hardness for great control, combined with enough power to finish points when needed. This is combined with the excellent, spinny Fastarc G-1 on both sides. The combination inspires confidence. The construction quality is superb. I found the racket to be just a bit heavier than I expected, but I quickly adapted. Many people comment on the handle feeling small. For me, the length of the handle is a little too short, but the diameter is adequate. I have adapted to this, but it is a negative point. Overall it is still easy to like this blade and this rubber. It makes you feel like you can control the game. Great spin, great feel, good enough power, though this is not a rocket, by any means. Highly recommended if you want a mid-weight, 5-ply wood blade with great matching rubbers.
05/04/2017 One of the best! Review by Tomie
Acoustic and Fastarc G1 is a perfect match. Great for all player levels and especially for beginners. I believe this racket is one of the best!
15/10/2014 Expensive but good Review by abheesh kotnala
I am an intermediate level player and this racquet requires getting used to. It has more pace and spin than my previous yasaka mark V.

Even after two weeks of playing, not fully adapted with the racquet and still feel comfort with Mark V.

Overall a better product for sure, but very expensive in comparison.
Racket Nittaku Acoustic/Fastarc G-1