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Nittaku Tribus Carbon FL

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF-
thickness (mm) : 6.4
A good first step into carbon blades, and you can choose the color yourself! Because the carbon is ultra-thin and relatively lightweight, the blade still has a lot of wood feeling. The emphasis is placed on control and performance. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

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01/11/2021 Качество/Цена отличное! Review by Kuat
Контрольное основание, скорость заявленная Off-, но при этом можно и усилить при необходимости и пробить плоско. Жескость средняя, чувствуется карбон, гибкость небольшая, поэтому вращать сначала было непривычно. Угол выброса небольшой. В сочетании с Fastarc G1 получилась хорошая сборка для вариативной игры.
21/10/2021 Secret Weapon Review by Tim Bourgeois
This has got to be the least promoted blade that Nittaku has ever released. I only found out about it from a clubmate that recommended it. It is now my main blade. Here is the best thing about it. I'm landing far more quality shots on the table than ever before. Excellent control. It is probably too slow for some who prefer a rocket-fast blade, but if you have an issue with making too many unforced errors, this blade may just be what you need. Be aware, most are very light in the 81-83 gram range. I asked for heavier blades in the 88-gram range, and TT11 was helpful to find me an 88 and an 89, so I bought both. I am using Andro R48 on the FH and Nittaku C1 on the BH.
Nittaku Tribus Carbon FL