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Nittaku Sou MF P Jp.Pen

If you order the assembly of a penhold blade we will glue the rubbers without any gap by default. If you need a gap, please inform us in advance in the comment field during checkout.
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Number of Layers : 1
approximate weight (g) : 75
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 7.6
Exclusive offensive blade. For long pimples players. Large blade 161x128 mm and heavy weight make blocking very confident and reliable. Limited edition and custom order. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

10/04/2023 Pritty good for the first j-Pen blade Review by Uros Riznic
The racket is in line with the price.

In my opinion, the racket is too narrow.
It seems too small when held in the hand, and because of that you feel as if you are holding a toy and not a racket.

The material is very good.

The racket is also very light, so you can comfortably stick 2 max rubber to it.

In my opinion, a much better option is the Nittaku Sou MF R Jp.Pen base because of that racket width.
05/04/2023 Light Easy Small Review by Gianmarco Bevacqua
I come from Cpen and curious to try Jpen with the option of Rpb.
The quality of the blade is superb as most Nittaku blades the set up with two rubbers light and easy to play with, slightly different angles on forehand due to jpen grip. Overall easy transition to Jpen but looking forward to something with a bit more weight and size. Probably best suited to juniors or Jpen beginners. Yet quality of the wood/shots at impact is very pleasing and quite fast for such a light blade.
10/07/2020 Small and light weight Review by Hin
It has the 1-ply hinoki sound and feel, the performance is as good as expected, but be aware that the head of the blade is very small, both shorter in length and width when comparing to the regular circular blade. Because of the small head, the weight would also be so much lighter because fewer rubbers can fit on the blade after being cut.
This blade is probably more suitable for junior players or someone who doesn't have a strong arm. With rubbers on my bat is only 136g in total. Due to the lightweight, you might find this blade slower when you use the same rubbers from your previous blade.
18/12/2018 Comparing this with Revofusion MF P Review by Hil

Just a recreational player here and would like to share my experience having bought both Revofusion MF P & Sou MF P. I have no ranking to speak of.

Sou MF P:
Lighter - 64g blade only; 145g with Kokutaku BLütenkirsche 868 on both sides.
Softer feel than Revofusion MF P with a familiar single ply Hinoki feeling when compared with my older Butterfly Senkoh 1 & Nittaku EERU which both had BH rubber too. (Sorry, really can't afford any high end JPen to add a BH rubber) Soft 1 ply wood, I accidentally snip off a little bit when I was trimming the new rubber with a pair of scissors -_-

Revofusion MF P:
Heavier - 82g blade only; 164g with Kokutaku BLütenkirsche 868 on both sides. Blade is also 1mm thicker than Sou MF P.
Stiffer feel than Sou MF P as Revofusion is 3 ply while Sou MF P is single ply.

As a recreational player learning JPEN RPB, I find myself using Sou mainly, more so than Revofusion. Though Revofusion seems to have more power/speed on FH swing, I find myself being tired after an hour but with the Sou, I was able to play for 2 hours consistently and better player reactions due to the lighter Sou setup. Both Revofusion & Sou seems to block the same on traditional BH.

The cork grip on the handle is thicker & harder on Revofusion & stays in good shape during initial testing of both setups. The cork grip on the Sou is more comfortable due to being softer, but starting to show compressed spot after using them for the same hours for the 1st week.

Having tried both, IF I am allowed to purchase only 1 of these, I will go for the Sou MF P & hope Nittaku would had made both cork grips the same as Revofusion.

Hope these helps someone who wasn't sure which MF P to purchase.
24/04/2017 Good blade Review by marco magrini
Buon telaio molto bello è un unico strato di hinoky senza vibrazioni . Però le dimensioni del piatto sono diverse da quelle descritte ...Il piatto è molto piccolo e stretto .
28/02/2017 Great blade. Description is wrong. Review by Dustin Combs
My first 1-ply hinoki blade. Just under 8mm thick. Nice feeling of control while being very fast with greater input. Superb for RPB and the hinoki is beautiful.
TT11's description is wrong though. The blade face is 161x128mm. I had to be more mindful of the ball because it is more narrow than what I'm used to, but now this is my #1 blade.
Great product!
Nittaku Sou MF P Jp.Pen