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Nittaku Septear

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Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 6.7
The Nittaku Septear is a 7 ply blade made from Hinoki wood. Hinoki is usually only used sparingly but this blade sets itself apart from the rest by using only Hinoki in its construction. The 7 plies and thick construction notwithstanding, the Septear is surprisingly light. It is a fast offensive blade with a soft touch and works well with a topspin oriented game.

Customer Reviews

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14/07/2023 Best Review by Bobi Simion
I have been playing with this wood for 10 years and I like it a lot because it is the right one for me.
It is a wood for control and not for speed. Especially for the game next to the table and not from behind.
16/05/2023 Nice blade Review by Oleksandr
This blade is fit to me.
There are two things that disappoint me a bit - middle dwell and stiffness that are quite high.
I expected to feel softer bounce off the ball because of kiso hinoki.
But on the other hand I saw very crisp feeling on touch and wonderful smash..
22/02/2023 versatile blade that can provide both power and control Review by Marcos
As an intermediate-level table tennis player, I recently had the opportunity to try out the Nittaku Septear table tennis blade, and I have to say that I was impressed with its performance.

One of the standout features of this blade is its versatility. It has a good balance between power and control, which makes it suitable for a variety of playing styles. I found that it allowed me to generate a decent amount of speed and spin on my shots, while still maintaining good touch and feel for executing more delicate shots.

The blade's design was also well thought out. It has a sleek look to it and the handle was comfortable to hold. I didn't experience any hand fatigue or discomfort during extended playing sessions, which was great.

Another positive aspect of the Septear is its price point. While it's not the cheapest blade on the market, it's still reasonably priced, which makes it a good choice for intermediate-level players who are looking to upgrade their equipment without breaking the bank.

One potential drawback of the blade is that it may not provide enough power for more aggressive players who rely heavily on attacking shots. However, for intermediate-level players who are still developing their playing style, the Septear is a great choice that can help them improve their game.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Nittaku Septear for intermediate-level players who are looking for a versatile blade that can provide both power and control at an affordable price point. It's a great choice for players who are still developing their playing style and looking to improve their game.
28/11/2022 Good control without sacrificing speed Review by JACOB ILAGAN
This blade does everything that you need from a 7-ply wooden blade. It has good control, amazing feeling, and decent speed on and off the table.

The lack of speed compared to carbon blades is understandable since it does not have any carbon layers. However, carbon layers' speed comes at the cost of feeling. This blade oozes feeling and creates confidence in shots on and off the table. Better feeling allows players to swing harder while having the confidence that their shots will land.

7 plies makes driving on both the forehand and backhand more effective than looping with 5 ply blades. This way of doing your stroke gives better feeling because of the direct contact that this blade requires.

Even though this blade has no carbon layers, it is very capable away from the table with good technique. Having the confidence to swing hard and have good feeling that your ball will land is way more important than speed that comes from carbon.

Excellent blade. 10/10.
14/07/2022 Blocking Demon Review by Andrew
This is an amazing blade got in 85g, Rubber 2x dignics 05 2.1mm. 10/10 control, for me I can place balls anywhere on the table, stiff blade, Blocking is KING. I can return any ball just by blocking with this blade. A little bouncy due to the dignics rubbers.
27/05/2022 Nice Review by Simion Bobi
Very god price.
06/09/2021 perfect Review by TDUSA AEREO Guglielmetti
One of the best 7 ply blades on the market ever. Not expensive at USD 80 or so, it is better than most blades. Amazing touch, good power... it is almost the only blade that has made me think to stop playing with the acoustic.
When you take it out of the box it has a carpentry smell that I have never felt in another similar product, you can feel the craftsmanship that it has inside.
26/10/2020 Отличное основание по доступной цене Review by Igor Efimenko
Основание очень понравилось немного мягче и медленнее моего предыдущего основания Donic Epox Carbotec, но с очень хорошим чувством управляется легче и имеет достаточно хороший баланс между скоростью и контролем. Баланс с накладками nittaku fastarc G1 смещён в сторону лопасти.Ручка основания немного тоньше чем у предыдущего основания, но в руке лежит комфортно , привык за одну тренировку. Количество невынужденых ошибок в моей игре стало меньше.
14/10/2020 Nittaku Septear Review by Francesco Rinaldi
The best hinoki blade ever. Good control, the precise backhand with excellent control. Lightweight blade.
14/09/2020 Nittaku Septear Review by Francesco Rinaldi
The best hinoki wood frame around. Fast, light, precise in blocks, in control, in the cut ball. Good topspin with a good spin.
08/09/2020 Nittaku Septear Review by Francesco Rinaldi
Great blade, definitely the best hinoki blade ever made. Good control, fast and light. Not excellent in the ball turn, but very effective in closing shots and exchanged balls. Good in service responses, also good in blocking. For this type of ball, it is still an excellent compromise.
28/04/2020 This blade made me really FEEL the ball. Review by Aceserver
I have been using this as my main blade. It is my first hinoki blade and definitely not the last. I also have two different carbon blades, Tibhar Fortino performance and Tibhar Drinkhall Powerspin Carbon and I do like both of them a lot but I always come back to this one, especially if feeling insecure with my playing.

Build quality is typical Nittaku, 5/5.

The feeling of this blade is incredible. Not really a rocket launcher and it feels like it's lacking the final gear but still it is fast enough to close points, I'd rate it between off- and off.

Septear excels in topspin looping, blocking, and touch shots but can do everything pretty much everything. I prefer to stay near table and mid-distance, attack asap with heavy topspin FH/BH and keep the pressure on with punchy backhands. Suits my playing style well

I have been using it with andro R47max on FH and Nittaku Fastarc G-1 2.0 on BH. The setup feels great but could benefit from r53/rakza Z-style harder rubbers. I for sure will go for harder rubbers after I've used my current ones.

If you are purchasing this blade, DON'T pair it with soft rubbers, pair it with harder rubbers 45degrees and over(euro scale). Soft rubbers make the setup feel mushy and lacking in power & control.

Speed: 8.5
Feeling: 9.8
08/02/2020 Perfect Review by BOBI SIMION
I like that before Christmas I got a pretty good offer for this wood. It came without a problem and intact.
14/01/2020 Lot's of control! Review by J. Meijer
Hi guys and girls,
This is an awesome blade. t's 7 ply's of Hinoki wood and it has an amazing amount of gears. So hit it soften you place the ball really short, but hit it hard and it shoots off the blade. I play with DHS Gold Arc 8 max thickness on both sides for a little more speed and spin, although it feels like max thickness decreases the feel of the blade.
Spin is good, but it makes you focus on your technique if your technique is good this blade will be amazing for you if your still developing this blade is all-round enough to help you improve. It is a real extension of your body instead of a 'tool'.
Attackers will say it's slow, but all-round players who block and wait for an attacking opening will really love this blade. Close to the table play is good with this blade. Furthers away, you have to hit pretty hard. placement stays on point though.
That's my take on the blade, hope it helps :)
16/04/2019 Great Blade Review by Albert Geht
After trying out 5 blades I think I found the like I like for my level (USATT around 1400). It is fast if you hit harder and it has good control if you need to block. It is not super fast like my Viscaria blade, but you can win points with the right top spin technique. I like the dwell time and I am able to produce very good amount of spin. Recommend this for beginner to intermediate level players.
07/03/2019 +++ Review by Viktor
Фантастичне лезо, прекрасний контроль!
16/01/2019 Hinoki 7ply Review by young ok kwon
I played Stiga blade mostly. I like the feeling of wooden blade. I wanted to try Hinoki and it was good. It is not fast like carbon or any blade with carbon. But if I hit it hard it gave me a good hit. and loop was more spiny than carbon blade. Most of all it allowed me a lot of control than my previous Stradivaurus. I love this blade.
09/01/2019 Excellent blade Review by Nafiu Sani
The blade is purely offensive very fast and excellent with high speed.
25/06/2018 Excellent blade Review by Yap Chun
Thanks to all the good reviewers. It's true this blade truly awesome. An offensive blade that has lots of control. With Palio CJ8000 hardness 44degree max on FH and BH 1.0mm Nittaku Wallest. Light weight. Easy flip. Comfortable handle. Played with many offensive blade, this one shines.
13/06/2018 Good quality Review by Levent
It is between off and off(-). Good feeling and good placement.
26/11/2017 Великолепное чисто деревянное основание Review by Lavy
Потрясающее качество. Скорость ближе к Off-. Почти нет вибрации. Но контроль великолепный. Играю длинными шипами ОХ у стола. Позволяет приличный чоп-блок, но и атака остается на высоте.
29/09/2017 Did not like the handle Review by Chintan Mashroo
First Impressions:
Awesome Racket Assembly done by TT11; by far the best I've seen and experienced.

Playing Experience:
After 2 weeks of playing with Nittaku Septear + Tibhar MXP Red (1.9-2.0) + DHS Gold Arc 5 Black (2.0) found that the handle of Septear is uncomfortable and is too thin for me. My hand is around 18-cms (7 inches); fingers of around 8.5cms (3.25 inches)

The feeling you get by playing with this blade is unbelievable. You will clearly feel where ball impacts your blade. If your hands are smaller than mine, you will love this blade.

Thanks TT11 for wonderful service.
19/06/2017 out of this world control Review by Raymond Stoner
I like a pretty fast setup, and until now, all have been pretty low on the control side of things. With this blade, the edges and corners of the table are now something I can use. Previous blades found me playing the center of the table, those edges and corners were just something others could take advantage of.

I went from a Ma Lin Extra Offensive blade to The Septear, my game is more confident and those delicate touch shots just go where I tell them now. I didn't give up any speed from my previous blade. This blade just works. Close to the table, mid-range and long, the ball just goes where you tell it too.

The only criticism that I could offer is that the blade is a bit larger than my previous, and I couldn't re-use the rubber.

FH rubber - Butterfly Tenergy 80
BH rubber - Yasaka Rakza 7
22/03/2016 Very good! Review by Mihail Kosinici
Отличное качество. Приятно держать в руке. Отличный контроль. Скорость на уровне OFF или даже OFF-. Вибраций практически нет.
31/08/2015 Excellent Review by SANTIAGO PEDRO TOLDRA
Nittaku Septear