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Nittaku Resist II

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 76
Blade Type : DEF
thickness (mm) : 5.7
The Nittaku Resist II is a classical defensive blade that is all about control. The outer plies are made from Yanagi wood or as it is known in other parts of the world, the snow willow. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

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31/08/2018 OK Review by Alexey Petrov
Resist I faster than Resistt II.
19/09/2016 Great defensive blade Review by lloyd blankenship
This is the best defensive blade I have found for my style. I have tried many others and I think this is even better than the original Resist blade. It has great control and a good solid feel. I does great for blocking, chops, and an occasional attack. I play close to the table,back from the table and sometimes way back from the table and the blade works great on all . It is a slow blade with very good control and feel. I am a 95% defensive player mainly chops and blocks and this will be my blade from now on.
Nittaku Resist II