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Nittaku Plastic Large Ball 44+


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New large 44+ plastic ball. (3pcs pack) Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

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27/04/2022 Another fun ball Review by WH
Just to show my children how slow this is compared to 40+.
29/01/2022 Fun for exaggerated, spinny rallies Review by Alexander Dickens
We use these as an occasional cool-down after a lot of practice. The weight of the ball makes you have to hit your strokes later, which makes it feel like a sponge game at hardbat speed.
They'd probably be good for practicing strokes, although the physics are different enough that it might set you up for bad habits long-term. They are a good time if you like different kinds of games, and I'd love to play the true Japanese 44+ game with pips.
16/03/2021 Funny balls for funny play Review by Sergey Litvak
Too slow to play normal tennis. But you can enjoy playing with these balls. It may be useful for kids, but I am not sure.
16/03/2021 Very light Review by Johan Ronblom
It is actually lighter than the original 40 mm ball even though it is bigger.
It curves and slows down very much.
Can be good for kids to learn the effects of spin. But I would have liked it to be at least as heavy as original to be able to get some good play. Also, it makes it too thin and soft for a consistent bounce.
15/03/2020 Strange at first, but fun Review by Augusto Mori
Really changes the game. Maybe useful to make challenges, or even to bring people of two different levels closer together, since it'll take them both some time to acclimatize to the new feel.
31/05/2015 Ball of its own league Review by Joey A
Japan use this for 44+ tournaments. Makes the game slower and another level of challenge. You can find the find the appropriate rubber with Nittaku if you going serious with this ball.

If you are teaching beginners this ball makes a good warm up for drills to make them accustomed to the desired sequence. Switch to the 40 ball once they get used to it.

Unusual purpose: This ball is very tough I use it to protect my handle inside the racket case. Placed the ball beside the handle so in any accident the ball breaks first before my racket.
04/09/2014 Odd Review by AL1
This ball shows dramatically, what the size-growth of the ball does.
I hoped to train techniques with slower ball, but the grab to the rubber
does not work anymore in flips. And the speed drops very rapidly.
These are to be used as toys - or maybe somebody else can invent
some good training with these?

So these balls are of excellent quality, but quite useless to me.
Nittaku Plastic Large Ball 44+