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Nittaku Pimplemini

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Rubber type : short pips
Nittaku Pimplemini are pips that were designed to produce fast knuckle balls. The pips are short, thin, and are spaced out wide from one another. This produces unpredictable balls that are difficult for your opponent. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

07/08/2019 Excelllent pips Review by Ricardo "ody" Sevilla
You can do everything with this rubber, block, hit flat, topspin, and loop. Controll is good.
02/03/2018 Slow pip Review by Lue Yang
This review is only for the rubber, not the service tt11 is having. This rubber is too slow and the pimples are too tiny as soft. I prefer moristo short pip.
06/12/2017 Excelente Review by Pedro Araujo
Espinha curta de alta definição e controle nas jogadas tanto de back quanto de forehand. Recomendo o uso dessa espinha. Lamento apenas que só tem com esponja máxima 1.8mm.
30/08/2016 Performed as it's description... And more Review by Fazli
Better than the standard description as advertised. IMHO, it is better than Moristo SP, spinnier and more forgiving with the strokes.
18/03/2016 Best of both worlds between long and short pips Review by Kai Ho
This is my second Pimplemini from TT11 (Great place to get this rubber); this time to test a slightly thicker sponge (backhand).

The pips are medium length. I found it gives me the right balance between deception afforded by long pips rubber and control-spin-(some)speed by the short pips.

The thickness of the sponge made a difference. It's true what is commonly known - the thicker sponge is better for more aggressive play, more speed but at the expense of less control. The thinner sponge is better for not so aggressive play, slightly more control. It is also good for slowing the speed down; chopping; generally varying the speed to give your opponent a harder time.
18/06/2015 I never use the short pimple Review by Seng Ung
my friend said not very good
17/06/2015 Decent Review by Lance Hiraga
Needs foam backing, Grip is good for cut shots.
10/06/2014 Effective block, also effective hit. Review by Sabri Iskit
I'm only 2 month pimple out player, it is difficult to say something yet. I tried short pimples (spinpips and blowfish) and couldn't play well, tried Donic twister, it was better, this medium pips Pimplemini fit me even better. I expected the spin rating of the rubber is lower but I found it is quite high. Very slight wrist movement at block it is sending the spins back in very different way. I'm using it at forehand on off- blade, when I succeed hitting parallel instead of spinwise it is effective.
30/11/2013 Awesome rubber Review by Thomas
I bought the red pimplemini with 1.0mm sponge. I was so surprised by this rubber its a long pimple rubber except it has shorter pimple length. Everything else about the rubber says its a grippy long pimple. Strangely its more spinny than some short pips, chops easier and hits more deceptively.

Usually you think a traditional medium pip with fat short pips would be a do everything pip, but they aren't. However pimplemini is !. If you've long wondered where that illusive do everything well pimple rubber is?. Its here, Nittaku pimplemini. Amazing stuff.
26/02/2013 excellent Review by jorge gonzalez poveda
I used several peaks gums and this is the best of all.
buy red rubber foam with 1.5 and is set on a blade victas Koji Matsushita. this gum is just great does everything well blocking is excellent and can head the ball anywhere, the blow-up is very good and cutting from behind going well and although the effects vary, but would do better with less foam.
is a thick rubber in 1.5 not much deception but is offset by the amount of returns, I think for a defense based on blocking and cut less expesor better but limited attack capability is also quite good.
sorry for my bad English
Nittaku Pimplemini