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Nittaku Nordlinger AC Ch.Pen

If you order the assembly of a penhold blade we will glue the rubbers without any gap by default. If you need a gap, please inform us in advance in the comment field during checkout.
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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 83
Blade Type : OFF-
thickness (mm) : 6.1
The Nittaku Nordlinger AC is a 5+2 offensive blade with AC carbon placed inside (around the core ply). The AC carbon, which is not as hard as pure carbon, together with the outer plies produced from Limba wood, make the blade softer and more controllable. It will suit players who are searching for more stability in their game. Made in GERMANY. "Nordlinger" - is a combination of German craftsmanship and quality standart with Japanese technology and design. Another series of Nittaku blades that are produced in Germany. The older "S" and "Meister' series, including the popular S-KC and best-selling Basaltec blades, are now supplemented by the harder Nordlinger DY and softer Nordlinger AC.
Nittaku Nordlinger AC Ch.Pen