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Nittaku Moristo SP AX

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Rubber type : short pips
Moristo SP AX is a very fast and powerful short pips. It features low, horizontal, conical, hashed pips on a thin top sheet which allows a 2.2mm sponge in its max version. The sponge is white, very small-pored, and soft.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

02/11/2020 Easy conversion from smooth rubber Review by Timothy Chan
Lowish speed, high grip topsheet with generous arc makes this the optimal rubber for smooth rubber players to convert to the dark side. Instills confidence to hit the ball harder. The sponge is very soft so much thicker than a normal sponge is recommended to prevent bottoming out. I use 2.0 on bh and max on Fh instead of 1.8 BH & 2.0 FH for other rubbers. Not recommended for more advanced pips players as it lacks speed and sink. You're better off with regular moristo sp.
30/01/2020 Behave like normal rubber Review by jo su
Moristo SP has more knuckle effect and faster, if that what you looking then don’t buy AX.
01/01/2020 good rubber Review by paulus pusponegoro
ok for speed & blocking
02/12/2019 Best short pimple Review by paulus pusponegoro
Good control & attack.
18/11/2019 Nice product Review by Marlon Macadaeg
It's very good, great spin, control, and speed in max sponge.. thank you TT11!
15/02/2019 Specific pimples Review by Viacheslav SEREDA
These pips during the looping create another, more flat trajectory than Rakza PO, Victas 102/101 or 802-40. So, in this way they are very specific.
Nittaku Moristo SP AX