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Nittaku Miyabi

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Number of Layers : 1
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 9
The Nittaku Miyabi is made with only one allwood ply. This is a fast blade with a soft feel. This unique, soft feeling is provided by the Kiso Hinoki wood that is used in its construction. Hinoki is a very fragile material. Very weak under the strong impact. Even with the rubbers, if you place the blade too roughly on the table it could possibly crack. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

02/12/2019 Best of blade Review by paulus pusponegoro
Cheap & powerfull for speed & control.
18/11/2019 Excellent blade Review by Paul Bourdess
After reading the merits of one-ply hinoki during play (soft touch, fast speed when swung hard) I decided to try one out. This blade is finished very well, surprisingly light for its size, and very soft. It feels delicate, and hinoki is. It's not a blade for you if you hit the table or drop your paddles-one ply blades can split but its an easy fix with super glue or wood glue. My blade had a very close grain pattern and the finish was perfect on it. I use Gambler Nine Ultra Tack and Friendship 755 with .6mm sponge. There is a lot of dwell time with this blade when swung for a loop, and it catapults off when hit hard for a drive. Its very simple to use for blocks and pushes, chopping is surprisingly easy. It is fast at top speed, but not quite as fast as some top-tier carbon blades are (given the same speed stroke). The feeling and control are fantastic, and the price was a great deal.

Also have to mention, I live in the USA and from when I placed my order to my receipt of it was only 4 days. It was packed with care and shipped fast!
01/08/2019 Really really a fantastic blade! Review by Pacho Pedales
What can I say about this fantastic blade? I have always liked soft-vibrating blades and hated stiff, hard ones, but this one is unique in its own way. Zero vibration, to my surprise. Stiff, but with a nice smooth feeling. Fast, really fast, but somehow controllable in short-middle game. No problem at all with the 9mm thickness. My only complaint is maybe the weight, mine is 105gr and I put Chinese rubber on, so the total weight was 210gr, too heavy for my taste. So I´ll change my BH rubber to another, lighter one. Really a great blade, hinoki wood gives you a lot of pleasure: controllable play with good speed and good feeling. Just give a try, many of my clubmates were stunning with the behavior of this beauty!
07/02/2019 Good blade Review by marco magrini
Ottimo telaio ,legno giovane ma non pesante, mi piace molto
12/01/2018 Looks like very soft Review by Hon Kau Ip
This is not made from top quality wood but still good! It looks very soft and easy to damage.
18/07/2017 Best Blade ever Review by Mohammed
I have tried many blades but cannot compare any blade with Miyabi as it is really a great blade am having more achievement than ever.
19/10/2016 very good Review by Nilton Silva
very good
20/07/2016 Pretty good, not sure if it's the 'perfect' blade for me. Review by PY
I originally bought one for my dad, who wanted to find a pure Hinoki blade. After he started using it, he was raving about how good it was, and suggested I buy one for myself. I bought one, and it felt pretty natural when I first played matches with it. I got used to it pretty quickly. The blade is lightweight, good control, not that fast, and has a strange feeling sweetspot near the head on the backhand. I'm not sure if this is "the blade" for me, but I'm playing with it with no complaints. I switched from a Butterfly Viscaria.
25/12/2014 a powerful blade with great feeling Review by Tory Vanderwall
the first ball i hit with this bat it felt totally different to any other blade i'v used before. Such a soft feel to it makes it easy to control the ball in close but with an attacking stroke it catapults with unexpected power. Feels nice in the hand too, lighter than other bats but thicker and easy to use your wrist
29/11/2013 ok but ! Review by andry johnson
The properties of blade is OK but there is too much vibration. I can't use it.
Nittaku Miyabi