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Nittaku Ma Long Seven LG (Large Handle)

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Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 6.3
The Nittaku Ma Long Seven has a special 7 ply allwood construction where the layers of plywood come in several different thicknesses. The outer most plies are the thinnest, the second layer plies are considerably thicker, while the thickness of the third layers are right in between those of the first and second. This blade also has a larger headsize. This version has a larger handle which makes the blade heavier and thus slightly faster than the regular Nittaku Ma Long Seven blade. It could also be recommended for players who find the standard handle size is too thin.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

14/12/2018 Good Review by Logan
Very good quality and finish. Fast for an all-wood. Large handle fits well even for small hand. 158x152. Top ply seemingly is not Limba, could be Ayous, soft feeling.
21/08/2018 Lovely for close distance but very sensitive if you hit to the table Review by Umut Ozkalyoncuoglu
I have used this blade with Gewo Hype KR Pro 47.5 rubbers on both sides. It worked nice with the rubbers, This blade is great for close distance. Very nice touch. Close to the table means also means that you have to move a lot in the table. Since I am a mid distance player, I found it not so easy to loop, giving too much energy for the brushing the ball. One additional thing, I hit the blade to the table from the edge and nearly 2 cm edge is dented. (on the first training) So it is actually a soft ply wood, you need to be careful on day 1. Don't hit your blade to the table or somewhere else, so sensitive...
13/07/2018 Отлично качество Review by Vano Azizyan
Очень харошое основание, только жаль что форма ручки не было анатомическое.
Nittaku Ma Long Seven LG (Large Handle)