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Nittaku Ma Long Five LG (Large Handle)

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 89
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.8
The Ma Long Five is a 5 ply allwood blade. It has excellent touch and feeling combined with power for topspin strokes. This blades composition was decided upon by both Nittaku and Ma Long, specially for the Japanese market. This version has a larger handle which makes the blade heavier and thus slightly faster than the regular Nittaku Ma Long Five blade. It could also be recommended for players who find the standard handle size is too thin.

Customer Reviews

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11/11/2022 out of this world flexibility Review by BRINGIT IMPORT 168529
The catapult effect and the sping that it gives to the balls is from another world thanks to its extreme flexibility. It should be better known worldwide! Now I feel like the Acoustic is dull and stiff compared to that one...
I have been a user of Acoustic without carbon for a long time, before I used Viscaria, Infinity VPS, Sk7 and Allround Evo, but I have also tried dozens of blades with and without carbon during these last years (my favs are Acoustic, Septear and Miyabi). I am used to the feeling of the Acoustic SG, and I can say that the Ma Long 5 is quite similar in quality and performance, being less reactive and with more vibration and flexibility. The recommended user for this paddle would be an allround player of any level, even high level, or a beginner who wants something luxurious to develop shots.
If you don't mind using your physique a little more when you walk away from the table and if you value defensive capabilities, fine, subtle touches, precision and flexibility that add spin to your tops, this blade is a great choice. In its price range I do not know anything like it, although it must be said that it is not cheap, it is worth every penny.
Nittaku Ma Long Five LG (Large Handle)