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Nittaku Ludeack Fleet

This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Number of Layers : 7+2
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6.2
Model produced from special material and loaded with 2 layers of Glass Fiber. Recommended for top players due to dynamic power which also helps to transmit lots of spin. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

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21/01/2018 5 Review by oleg popov
Брал для знакомого, он доволен.
10/04/2017 Rapidez e controle. Review by wilson morita
Raquete veloz com controle muito bom. Indico está raquete para jogadores atacantes.
17/03/2017 качество изготовления подводит Review by Igor Golovlev
везде пишут 90 г моя весит 81,5 г. Дерево без вибраций довольно быстрое, контрольное немного поэластичнее , чем POWER , карбон очень тонкий и его совсем не чувствуется, играть очень приятно, а вот изготовлено очень плохо: ручку пришлось возле лопасти проклеевать с обеих сторон, также пришлось зачистить лопасть и ручку наждачной бумагой уж очень они были шершавые.
28/04/2016 The best Nittaku 7-ply Review by Kris

Ludeack Fleet is a great blade. Its what you imagine a cross between a 7-ply wood and a composite to be. You get the good ball feeling of an all-wood blade, the long throw/deep penetration of a 7-ply, but its also thinner and more wieldy than most 7-ply blades without losing power. And it has a nice ping sound when you hit into the composite fiber on the big shots!

This is for the players who prefer 7-ply wood, but who want to move closer towards a 5-ply composite.

Unfortunately Nittaku's handles all feel different and have different dimensions, but Ludeack Fleet's handle is great. It doesn't feel like you're holding a pencil (like most Nittaku FL), but it doesn't feel like a brick either (Nittaku L-size FL).

IMO, regarding overall feeling and power, and handle geometry, this is the best in the Ludeack series, and better than either of the Barwells. (I'd take this over any Stiga Clipper as well.)


I wouldn't say this blade is too fast or too stiff for me, but for my game the throw is a bit too long... You need to use more table on your topspins and blocks. However that's my complaint with most 7-ply woods.


If you want unlimited range and crushing power with good ball feeling, this blade has it. But if you like to have a tighter arc on your topspins without having to brush the ball too thin, then stick to 5-ply composites. Regardless, this blade will stay in my collection!

27/04/2016 Nittaku Ludeack Fleet Review by max bake
i love this blade very good and very fast
20/07/2015 Exellent Review by barış akbay
Only one word is excellent blade..japanese man know how to buılt a sword
19/05/2015 Great service Review by Walid Abouelhana
Good fast blade great quality
Good for blocking
Fh yasaka razka x
Bh yasaka razka x
Good spin when needed
The best blade i have played with so far!
16/01/2015 The best blade I ever had Review by Patrick Meyer
The Nittaku Ludeack Fleet is the best blade I ever had and these are the reasons why::

The blade is medium fast, I would categorize it as OFF. Though it has 9 plies ( 7 Wood + 2 glass fiber) it offers plenty of feel to the ball and plays forgiving when hitting off center by accident. This is supported by its slightly enlarged hitting face.

The top feature for me of the Nittaku Ludeack Fleet is it´s edged ST handle, since I do not like straight handles which are kind of round. In combination with the soft finish gripping the blade feels comfy and -this might be important for those of you who play pimples on one side- switching sides with different rubbers is easy and swift!

Quality wise the Nittaku Ludeack Fleet is able to stand up to the best blades on the market, no matter if they come from Butterfly (even when custom made) or Darker or whatever brand.

After this blade arrived last week, I directly ordered another one, because it is just outstanding!

My rubber combination for this one is Stiga Clippa (short pips), 2.0mm on both sides.

Best wishes to you all and thanks to Tabletennis11 for their great service againg.
26/02/2014 Good touch Review by drakman
Very good touch
06/09/2013 Превосходное основание Review by Tetyana Repina
При такой мощности отличный контроль, отличное чувство мяча. Куда мяч направляешь, туда он точно и летит. Основание для истинных гурманов настольного тенниса.
14/08/2013 Превосходное основание Review by Tetyana Repina
Это основание, создано на основе популярнейшей модели LUDЕАСK. Характеристики основания значительно улучшены за счет добавления производителем двух слоёв стекловолокна glass fiber. Основание Nittаku Ludеаck Flееt ОFF – это мощное семислойное основание, оно немного тяжелее и быстрее, чем классическая версия. Семь слоев дерева и два слоя волокон glass fiber дают игроку превосходное увеличение мощности, сохраняя при этом отличное чувство и отменный контроль. Качество склейки и обработки, а также дизайн данного основания находятся на непревзойденном уровне!
13/08/2013 Expensive, but REALLY GOOD Review by Hanlei Huang
expensive blade, but craftsmanship is superb. Very long dwell time gives me great confidence when attacking, i can play continuous looping rallies quite comfortably. Enough power to put away the point when opportunity arises. Stable and solid feel when blocking.
26/01/2013 Great blade Review by Radomir Hodac
One of best blade which I ever meet before. Price is equal to quality.
Great communication with seller.
02/12/2012 Great product. Quick delivery Review by Nikolay Zagarsky
Great product. Quick delivery
01/12/2012 very,very good blade Review by Alexander Schramm
very, very good blade. high price, but for this famous characteristics in playing offensive tt, its okay.
22/08/2012 Powerful blade with control Review by Sean
Fantastic blade. I feel Ludeack Fleet is softer and easier to control than Ludeack.
Nittaku Ludeack Fleet