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Nittaku Ludeack

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Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 6.5
The Nittaku Ludeack is a powerful 7 ply blade. While the construction is similar to the Adelie, this blade is a solid 0.3 mm thicker giving it more speed potential. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

24/07/2023 high usability blade Review by Carl Allen
Take time to know this blade and it will improve your performance to a better level of consistency and quality strokes.
05/04/2023 Better than expected Review by John Bonello
I was looking for a blade with better control and after reading the review, decided to go for this one. Nittaku Ludeack exceeded my expectations. It has the best control with an exceptional feeling. Paired it with Tibhar ELP (FH) and Tibhar Speedy Soft XD D.Tecs (BH).
22/02/2023 High Quality blade Review by Luigi Leone-Casalanguida
Nittaku blades are top quality products and Ludeack is without any doubt, a top class blade. Classic seven plies limba ayous without composite materials. If you like wood feeling this is the right blade. I consider speed as an OFF- ALL+; medium dwell time. Also suitable for short pips on backhand.
25/11/2022 Blade very nice. Handle is squared. Review by Leo Hong
The handle is squared, making switching between forehand and backhand less convenient. As for the feel and quality wise, very good! This blade is softer and of better quantity than Stiga CL Clipper (another popular 7-ply wood blade).
14/09/2022 A perfect blade with beautyful design Review by Andras Jeney
I switched from Stiga Nostalgic allround blade to this one, for a little- bit more speed. I think I got it, It is a medium speed blade, not fast, with a very good control. My straight handle is very comfortable for my medium large hands. The weight of mine is 78g only!! feels extreme light. It is worth to buy it, Beautiful high- end product
31/05/2022 Great blade Review by Tom
Switched to Ludeack from Xiom Michelangelo and I'm excited.
12/01/2021 Как всегда качество Nittaku на высоте Review by Dmitry O
Потрясающий контроль. Удобная ручка. Это 7 слойка и ракетка в сборе с накладками андро в максимальной толщине показалась тяжеловатой. + Из за толщины пришлось надфилем адаптировать основание чтобы не натирало. В целом очень доволен как всегда качеством Ниттаку и сервисом TT11. Благодарю за доставку в период пандемии 2 недели, что очень хорошо (почта обещает 25 дней)
14/10/2020 Nittaku Ludeack Review by Francesco Rinaldi
One of the best Nittaku frames on the market. Great control, light, and easy to handle. Exceptional spin.
14/09/2020 Nittaku Ludeack Review by Francesco Rinaldi
One of the best blades produced by Nittaku. Seven layers of wood, but with excellent control. Precise in the blocks and superlative in the topspin. One of the blades that give the ball an above-average rotation.
09/09/2020 Nittaku Ludeack Review by Francesco Rinaldi
Excellent blade, one of the best of Nittaku. Good control, good block, excellent exchange, excellent topspin. Exceptional rotation. Very well built it is a pleasure to play with. I have been using it for many years now and I still haven't been able to find a better replacement than him.
12/08/2020 A bit surprised with this blade as i ordered it to compare with a Stiga Clipper Review by Frank Dreist
A bit surprised with this blade as I ordered it to compare with a Stiga Clipper. Good looking blade with probably the sharpest edges on the handle wing ever…sandpaper needed. Straight handle is ok, slightly thin
It has a completely different feel, much more hollow (nearly a bit like cardboard…sorry), quite a bit of vibration. I feel it is not as stiff as Clipper but maybe harder…just strange, maybe more than 5 plies which I don’t have much experience with and never really liked.
However, after getting over this initial surprise, you definitely feel the ball very strongly and it has probably more spring than a Clipper, less linear in my view. Overall slower by at least 15% to my Clipper (my Clipper is a Classic with about 93gr). Ludeack is much lighter, probably around 85gr. Excellent service from
31/01/2020 Nittaku Ludeack Review by Francesco Rinaldi
Ductile and simple to use attack frame. Normal weight. It always offers a loaded spin, excellent in the blocks and in the control phases.
21/11/2019 Good product Review by Tomasz Stachelek
A little small, high-quality workmanship for hands and face is enough.
23/09/2019 Great blade Review by J. B.
Great control with speed, great touch, nice blocking, nice spin.
A little stiff, better with soft rubbers in my view. Great quality, beautiful blade
14/08/2019 excellent Review by Heiki Kuus
Nittaku Ludeack is a classic, 7-ply, all-wood blade. Paired with suitable rubbers, it becomes an allrounder's dream come true. The service offered by Tabletennis11 is first class.
07/08/2019 Nittaku Ludeack st Review by Francesco Rinaldi
Great blade. Good speed, good control, and fantastic spin. 7 layers of wood only assembled in a workmanlike manner. For me, it remains one of the best frames in circulation.
11/03/2019 Excellent blade with Med hard to med rubbers Review by Moenieb Roberts
This blade for me excel's with med hard to medium rubbers on the FH and soft on the BH. Total control yet has enough gears to win the point as well.
05/03/2019 a bit expensive but high quality Review by jie chang
I have been using this blade with Nattiku fast arc S-1 rubber, Donic Bluefire rubbers and DHL Gold Arc 8 for a while. It has the right combination of touch feel and power. If you prefer controlled looping, rather than crazy fast shots. this is the one of the best 7 ply wood blades for you. I just love it, so does my table tennis playmate.
20/08/2018 Quality made not so fast, but offensive blade Review by Vladimir Hadzic
I've bought a Nittaku Ludeack blade a couple of weeks ago and I'm loving it.

Everyone that I played with complemented it and said it was really good. I'm not too good at describing how it plays. It is labeled offensive, but it's not the fastest blade out there. I think it's more due to the rubber you stick to it that will dictate how it plays.

All n' all I'm happy with my purchase and happy with tabletennis11 service. I've ordered twice from them and both times were 100% satisfactory.
27/04/2018 Simply amazing. Review by Darko Cefera
Simply amazing. Great feeling and control,great for short pips on BH.
22/12/2017 Best 7 Ply blade Review by Adam Hudson
My favorite 7 Ply wood blade. It’s a Limba/Ayous/Ayous/Ayous composition blade with incredible control and feel. Considering it’s speed (solid Off- with the new ball) this blade has the best control I’ve ever encountered and I own close to 50 blades. On average they are around 85g and 6.5mm thickness (I own 5 of them varying from 84-87g and 6.4-6.6mm.) It offers (to me) a perfect balance between enough elasticity and flex for good looping and counter-looping and enough stiffness and backbone for good blocks, hits, and directional control. Weight distribution is fairly balanced. The flarred handle feels great in the hand and is the perfect size for my medium/large hands. It does everything I ask it to do with great feeling and control and plenty of speed for my needs when paired with an offensive rubber. Incredible blade with typical Nittaku top of the line construction and finish.
31/05/2017 Good Review by Hank
more power than stiga cl cr
27/04/2017 excellent Review by Valery
отличная доска. похожа на clipper только качественней изготовлена
28/11/2015 blade Review by alex pecchiari
very nice blade good control and enough power
10/04/2015 good Review by mladen hochberger
24/03/2015 Nice blade Review by Gilberto Souza
Very nice blade. Not as powerful as ludeack power but very control blade.
The FL handle is very confortable. The shipping was fast as always! Thanks a lot once tabletennis 11.

Gil from Brazil
06/11/2014 A good 7 layers blade! Review by Rui Piao
A good 7 layers blade!
23/10/2014 excellent blade.. Review by semiha
excellent blade
Nittaku Ludeack