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Nittaku Latika Carbon

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 80
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.5
During the development of this blade, the Latika was used as a base and was substantially reconstructed in order to create a blade with a different feel. The most substantial changes were the use of a thinner core ply and the addition of two carbon layers. The head was also slightly modified from the original Latika shape. Altogether, these modifications give the Latika Carbon a distinctive offensive temperament. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

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01/05/2017 so happy Review by Selim Tuzunturk
so happy
26/05/2016 speed Review by Mohammed Farouk
Nice blade. Fast speed, easy and powerful loops and great control.
27/02/2016 艺术品 Review by Shen xibin
23/02/2016 Nice control/attack balance Review by Huida Qiu
Have been using this blade for more than a month now. FH DHS hurricane 3 Prov., backhand T64. When using the old 40mm ball, the blade feels very nice, almost close to a wood blade. Good for looping, ok for blocking. If I smash it with some strength, it produces a nice and loud sound and explodes strong power.

The problem with the blade is with the new 40+ ball. feel is gone, blocking is till fine but smashing loses the nice sound and feel. I haven't used other blades on the 40+ balls yet, so I can't compare. I'm hoping I can find a good rubber for it to recover the nice and power feel I had on the old balls.
14/02/2016 very good Review by li qingyuan
18/12/2015 优势:没缺点的一货! Review by gaosworld2015
09/07/2015 励志底板 Review by 弗雷德徐
30/04/2015 Very good blade Review by Fu Qiuyang
Best blade I ever used. Fast speed, easy and powerful loops and great control.
FH: DHS Skyline 2
BH: T80
16/04/2015 I love the control Review by Felipe Santos
Control blade because of the FE-Carbon located closer to the core, but with a good stroke, it is also very fast :) The only issue for me is the handle, i have small 'asian' hands, i prefer the thin ones like the nittaku acoustic handle.
Nittaku Latika Carbon