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Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Orange

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Rubber type : inverted
The Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Orange uses the topsheet from the iconic DHS Hurricane 3 combined with a new type of Japanese sponge. The resulting combination has produced a version of Hurricane 3 with that familiar tacky topsheet that now has the excellent feel and sensation of a fast and elastic sponge. This rubber now has an increase in power, especially at longer distances, improving upon a fault in traditional Chinese rubbers that are unboosted. This rubber is produced by Nittaku, so the quality control that they are famous for ensures that you will get a quality sheet every time.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

12/09/2019 A very good quality of rubber Review by Manuel Tuazon
It has a good bounce and lasts a lot longer than the other Hurricane rubber.
12/08/2019 Feels superior to H3 Neo(DHS) Review by Ratmir Imangulov
Faster and more playable from the package than H3Neom, which I need to brake in and then boost to play well for one month, so too much of a hassle.
So I switched to H3TOP and didn't even try to boost it ones cause it plays well for me as it is. You still need proper technics to play Chinese tacky rubber. Best use of tackiness for me is creating underspin in short game, the possibility of occasional chops and side chops on FH with great spin, also very great if you want to receive short - I give my racket one time to low rating player and he easily receive loads of spin with it. Attacking underspin is more reliable with H3TPO but with T05 your attacks will be risky but more dangerous and fast to the opponent. So I recommend this if you want to try and play Chinese Philosophy of tennis.
06/08/2019 Nittaku hurricane Review by Tu Hoang
It is similar to the Pro 3 blue, but the pro 3 blue is heavier.
25/06/2019 great rubber Review by Jessica Leu
I was looking for a backhand rubber when I bought it, turned out to be my favorite backhand rubber.
Easy to block, great control, nice speed, easy to loop.
01/05/2019 Excellent rubber for attacking play Review by Mauro Serra presso R. Pacifico
This rubber has a better quality and durability if compared to the Chinese version. The sponge is softer than Chinese version. The trajectory is quite flat. Good in short game and blocks and can generate a big amount of power if you hit the ball with force. Also, it is very spinny.
30/03/2019 Good Review by paulus pusponegoro
Good spin, control & speed.
28/03/2019 Тяжелая / A little bit heavy Review by Victor Poberezhny
Накладка тяжелая. Пробивается за 1.5-2 недели плюс изначальная липкость снижается. После этого скорость достигает приемлемого, но не запредельного, уровня. Ничего экстраординарного, но плюсы липучки - вращение, подачи, короткая игра - все в наличии. Самая выпуклая сильная сторона для меня - топс на топс из второй зоны - очень хорошо. Впрочем, настолько же все плохо с контртопсами или контрнакатами со стола - почти все в сетку, редко получается. . Скорость и, особенно, вес - это минусы. У кого проблемы или возрастная деградация суставов - плечо, локоть, кисть - не рекомендую связываться. Война - дело молодых.
"+" : spin, control, serves, counter topspin from the 2nd zone(excellent!).
"-" : weight, speed, countergame on the table (1st zone).
20/03/2019 ипучка нового поколения для ленивых Review by Andrejs Ozols
Хорошая резина,плоская игра очень легко,блок контрольно, топспин вариативный. Как всегда TT11 на высоте, очень быстрая доставка.
05/03/2019 Great rubber Review by Ravi Kalluri
I've been playing with this Hurricane Pro 3 daily for the last 5 weeks and thus far the experience has been great. I was coming from the DHS H3 Neo so I thought the transition was pretty easy. This rubber seems to have a slightly higher throw angle compared to my H3 Neo but that could simply be down to age.
The sponge is slightly softer on the Pro 3. It feels like the ball stays on the paddle just a little longer. My topspin game definitely feels like it's gotten better. More shots seem to be landing on the table. It's a little expensive but if you have the change and want to try something that's a little more spinny than DHS H3N, this is a pretty good option.
Another avenue would be to simply boost the H3N and see how that plays.
28/02/2019 Dhs nittaku hurricane pro Review by Ruslan Lepetskyy
Si staccato topschet dalla spugna al bordo. Per resto gomma ottima super.
21/01/2019 Extremely tacky! Review by Marcelo Bill
Extremely tacky! If you want speed you will have to use Booster!
18/01/2019 Отличная липучка на FH Review by Alexandr S.
Отличная липучка, китайский топшит на японской губке. Мягче, чем DHS H8. Поставил на FH Ниттаку Рутис в толщине 2 мм. Вращение выдаёт сильное, скорость средняя, дуга низкая, контроль на высоте. Для ближней и средней дистанции подойдёт отлично. Издалека возвращать сложней. Работа магазина как всегда на высоте: быстрая доставка, выгодная система скидок, большой ассортимент. РЕКОМЕНДУЮ!
17/01/2019 Good rubber Review by Gianco Van
Reasonable price and last for long time
06/01/2019 Last long rubber Review by Gianco Van
Very good rubber and lasts for long time.
24/12/2018 super Review by Oleg Spivacov
Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo
Excellent rotation at givings, speed and the control at high level.
24/12/2018 Well made Review by Irwin R
Very spinny, fast enough, very controllable rubber, very good quality rubber.
12/11/2018 Takes a little getting used to Review by Alan Henwood
After a few games and practice, I got used to the extra speed and spin that this rubber creates. Was previously on the Hurricane 8 and it is so much better, more spin, speed and control came quickly. The only downside was the initial tackiness wore off quite quickly and not the same as the day I put it on. Even with keeping the rubber clean and covered. But that pretty much happens with all tacky rubbers. Would recommend this 100% for close and mid table play.
28/09/2018 Awesome Rubber for your backhand or forehand Review by Esteban Rivera Beltran
Great Rubber for Backhand or Forehand. Awesome spin in short serve. Topspin forehand is fast and huge spin. Your opponent maybe in trouble to return back the ball if he is close to the table. The control is very good. If you use in your backhand you can attack close range.

I love this rubber. I'd buy it again.
13/09/2018 Good Review by Christian Venge
I'm going to stay with it a long time.
13/09/2018 Amazon feeling Review by Christian Venge
Lots of spin. Even after months playing. It's not a forgiving rubber, so you need really to focus on it to get a powerful and spinny shot.
I recommend it.
21/08/2018 Need booster Review by Miroslav Kunchev
Китайска гума с по-мека гъба , нещо средно м/у Tenergy 05 и Frendship 729 . Need to boost ! Aко не сте играли с китайски гуми , просто не е за вас . Отскока е необичаен , звукът също .Много въртене , но няма скорост . Good for blok and chop .
20/08/2018 Отлично! Review by Jevgenij Bragin
Отличная контрольная накладка без катапульта
07/08/2018 NOT for me Review by Fai Cho
Slower than the H3 Neo Provincial orange, but this one has more choices for thickness.
31/07/2018 Ok Review by NAIYANA MODEMUANG
Ok Bh Fh good
27/07/2018 Good rubber with amazing grip Review by Tiziano
Tested in Off/Off+ blade such Bty Ishlon and Ma Long 5. Both gave me nice feelings but to me fit better at this moment Ishlon. I use it for long time thats why. In combination with pimples on bh (M) create very big frustration to my opponent. Very big controls in every department such servers, short, flick and very spinny topspin. For me very easy topspin from strong backspin. Flat hits need to be adjusted but if you hit with spin everything will be effortlessly. Block very easy but I recommend to push a little to increase the efficiency. If you engage sponge to perform a strong topspin the result ball will arrive with a lot of spin. Controlled players will love it.
06/07/2018 A high quality, easier to play Hurricane Review by Gerald of Rivia
10-15% faster, slightly softer than Neo 3. It's playable without boosting. But if you want to bring out its best quality (faster, more active, better feeling) light treatment is required. The top sheet has high quality, so you can be confident with the purchase.
03/07/2018 Still needs booster Review by ej_pasha
I am not a pro, but IMO nearly the same as commercial H3 Neo. May be top sheet’s quality is a little bit higher, but at the end it still needs a booster.
27/06/2018 It plays very good after I applied the rubber booster Review by Manuel Tuazon
It plays good after I applied the rubber booster
14/05/2018 Excellent Review by Halon X
A very good rubber. I'm having fun using this as my FH rubber. Ton of spin and the feel of the ball on your blade is not muted compared to other rubbers.
11/05/2018 Monster spin. Review by johns
Excellent for topspin..
26/04/2018 КЛАССНАЯ ЛИПУЧКА Review by Alexandr Sizykh
Накладка очень понравилась. Поставил её на FH Ниттаку Рутиса. До неё играл разными Хуриканами от DHS, больше нравятся жёсткие накладки. но эта накладка средней жёсткости и она мне понравилась больше. Липкий китайский топшит на японской губке - очень контрольное и в меру скоростное сочетание. Липкость со временем пропадает, но зацеп остается. Очень помогает на подачах, топспинах и в перекрутах. Можно и плоско рубануть.
20/03/2018 Booster not needed Review by Ian
Requires 2 tt sessions to “break in” the rubber..rubber is lively after that..however , it requires more strength & proper stroke compared to typical European rubber to fully utilize this rubber
01/02/2018 Good Review by Chow
This sponge softer than normal H3(39-40 degree).
01/02/2018 Good Review by Peter Chu
No need to apply booster oil.
29/01/2018 Nittaku scores! Review by Vance Taggart
Nittaku takes the best of both world's and combines the DHS Hurricane 3 rubber and Euro style sponge. Rubber has great control and you use it like you use a tensor rubber but can really engage it on FH loops by using Chinese style form the way that the Chinese National team plays with their blue sponge Hurricane 3 rubbers. I bought a red H3 but haven't used it on BH yet so, nothing to report there just yet. Great rubber!
22/01/2018 Chinese rubber with a Japanese touch. Review by Vance Taggart
Great rubber. Has the spin and density of the original DHS Hurricane 3, however, the sponge is much bouncier when you really engage the rubber. I can activate the speed of this rubber more easily than the Chinese H3. Pushes and flicks are easy and lots of control. Never thought that I would say it but, I will buy another Nittaku H3 rubber before I drop another $80-100+ on the Chinese version of this rubber. Well done, Nittaku!
18/01/2018 Good rubber Review by Irwin R.
Lots of spin and yet not too fast. Very good control. Hard rubber just like chinese top sheet but softer sponge.
Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Orange