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Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Blue

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Rubber type : inverted
The Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Blue uses the topsheet from the iconic DHS Hurricane 3 combined with a new type of Japanese sponge. The resulting combination has produced a version of Hurricane 3 with that familiar tacky topsheet that now has the excellent feel and sensation of a fast and elastic sponge. This rubber now has an increase in power, especially at longer distances, improving upon a fault in traditional Chinese rubbers that are unboosted. Compared to the orange sponge version, this blue sponge version is harder and faster. This rubber is produced by Nittaku, so the quality control that they are famous for ensures that you will get a quality sheet every time.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

31/07/2023 Spin & Control Review by JUAN GONZALEZ
Puedo controlar y dominar el juego en contra y en pro del efecto
08/06/2023 boracha eficaz para no FH Review by Joaquim Barbosa
uso em espessura 1,6. em Madeira rápidas tem velocidade suficiente para um jogo eficaz nas classes de veteranos
17/02/2023 To slow , but monster spin ! Review by sander neustadt
This rubber its very similar DHS Hurricane 3.
Recommendable using on the forehand with carbon blades. Very slow, beautiful control and monster spin, with boostering this is an excellent rubber!
11/01/2023 Great rubber Review by Alan Ng
Have been using these for a while and love it
06/12/2022 Heavy with great spin Review by Jari Seppala
Quite heavy but spin is excellent. Too slow for me, need to try this after boosting.
05/11/2022 Best Chinese rubber Review by Richard Lim
This is the best Chinese rubber so far. And this the only rubber I purchased reversal times in fact just got 6 extra reserved. It's very sticky rubber and more kick than regular DHS 3. You will feel the extra spin when you serve heavy chop or side spin. I recommend all wood and soft feel blades. But works well with carbon blades too. At first you will its slow because of super sticky. After few use or clean with just water and sponge then the game begins.
27/10/2022 Love the feel and sound Review by Jon Gustavson
As much as I like the hard feel and loud sound, there are some downsides. It’s heavy. The speed seems less than the less tacky rubbers like Rakza X. It only comes in black. It will maintain it’s tackiness if you keep the dust off every time you use it. I like the orange sponge a little better, but it’s also a little on the heavy side.
04/10/2022 Too hard Review by Ardak
I bought it for my friend. He says that it is very hard rubber, and he changed it. He said: it is not for everyone, it is for special players.
13/09/2022 Great Rubber Review by Alan Ng
Great rubber. Compared to H3 Provincial, this is faster. Great speed, control and spin
12/09/2022 Excellent product Review by Premanand Bhat
Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Blue is fantastic rubber with ideal speed and spin combination for my game.
01/09/2022 Lots of spin Review by Haavard Salamonsen
Spinniest rubber, more than H3 prov, D09C. The rubber is very hard and demands lots of power. I only used one layer of booster and it was not enough.
25/08/2022 Nice spin Review by Jorge Tello
Really Nice spin in this rubber, its very fun to play with it. Its bit hard to get used to it at the beginning
11/07/2022 pointless product for replacing H3 Review by Jian Guo
very heavy and dead sponge, not sure why make this product.
29/06/2022 La verdad muy decepcionado, antes tenia la turbo pro 3 orange, y tenia muy buen efecto, creo que lo mejor en cuanto a jugadores que les importa mucho el efecto en golpes y saques. Y me compre esta esperando que aumentara la velocidad y mantuviera el efect Review by Jesus Olivarez
La verdad muy decepcionado, antes tenia la Turbo Pro 3 orange, y tenia muy buen efecto, creo que lo mejor en cuanto a jugadores que les importa mucho el efecto en golpes y saques. Y me compre esta esperando que aumentara la velocidad y mantuviera el efecto, la verdad la use 2 meses y parece una pf4. No se si la que compre me vino con falla pero no la recomiendo si la Turbo Pro 3 Orange.
15/06/2022 ultifmuito boa para FH . Em espessura média é muncional (ataque, corte e bloco) Review by Joaquim Barbosa
muito boa para FH . Em espessura média é muncional (ataque, corte e bloco)
29/03/2022 Good but litle heavy Review by Jari Seppala
Quite heavy but with good control and spin. I haven't tried boosting yet.
23/02/2022 Good buy. Slightly better than the neo Review by Mike Browne
nice hard sponge. very grippy top sheet. pity they don't do a red top sheet version.
22/02/2022 Not as good as the Chinese original. Review by Luc
Softer, maybe because I applied three layers of booster. At high balls, the ball comes out when it is hit with this rubber.
18/02/2022 Лучшая липучка по соотношению цена/качество Review by Arty
Несмотря на то что здесь ее сравнивают с кирпичом играет в разы лучше дешевых Хуриканов. Губку обязательно бустерить! После пары-тройки тренировок, как пробьется, скорость не ниже чем у европеек, зато вращения вагон. Отлично встает на Вискарию и ЖЖ АЛЦ. Перекруты изи.
Накладка для физически развитых теннисистов с мощным топсом в арсенале. Новички банально не прожмут губку.
И да, вес накладки и вправду большой для стандартного обреза. Баланс ракетки сразу смещается в лопасть. Учитывайте при сборке.
18/01/2022 Very spinny and pretty fast Review by JT
Great rubber for Chinese style type and durability is off the chart. Not to overlook that TT11's service is great.
10/01/2022 Overall ok Review by Jayant Kulkarni
Spin is less, Speed is less but control is very good.
09/01/2022 Perfect combo Review by Lars Kobberrod
This rubber goes well with a high-speed wood.
Provides a perfect combo of control and a lot of spin. Adequate speed ad well.
25/11/2021 Brilliant but too heavy Review by Thomas Gonzalez
I love this rubber, if only it weren't so heavy. I've tried it on a Nittaku Acoustic and DHS H301 on forehand.
This rubber has by far the spinniest serve of any rubber I've tried, and looping backspin with it is amazing. However, when used with another inverted rubber (at least one that is not particularly light), the racket setup becomes way too heavy.
The main disadvantage of this is that it becomes very difficult to attack even moderately fast topspin balls when close to the table, the weight makes it too hard to do a proper stroke in time; you may get around this if you're very fast at moving from close to mid-distance, but it's been too big a problem for me. I also find my backhand gets weaker when the bat is too heavy.
That being said, as of today I still choose to play with this rubber, it's just too good. To me, it's way better than H3 Neo (though I've only tried the commercial version). I will probably change it if I find something close enough but lighter, and I'll try this with short pimples in the future as I think it would be perfect for that setup.
19/11/2021 Super looper for good technique player Review by Martin Smith
I think everyone should play Chinese slow rubbers to start and this is a good compromise. However, this is a good transition to hard sponge rubbers but beware! This is not for arm-only players - you need a technique to play this, although if you persist it will force you to relearn your poor shots.
Control is good but you need to position block and push. Spin is very high if you put energy into serve and push.
Warning you need to look after this rubber as it is tacky and will pick up dirt.
I tried boosting one and this is an option once your technical ability is good.
19/11/2021 Strong adhesion, slightly softer feel than an orange sponge Review by CHEON KWONG JANG
A sticky topsheet and a hard sponge must have a strong impact to make a good ball. Advantages Long-lasting durability Disadvantages If you do not have an impact, you can be attacked with an ordinary ball.
26/10/2021 Tacky and spin Review by Libor
Very good spin, hard, overall high-quality tacky rubber.
29/06/2021 The ultimate forehand rubber Review by Lars Kobberrod
I have tested different rubbers. This is for my liking the ultimate solution in combo with Stiga Carbonado wood.
06/05/2021 excellent hard rubber Review by Richard Lim
Best combination with Donic Impuls 7 or 7.5m. I like the sound during smashes. If you think your serves is spinny...try this and you will say...WOW! this is another level.
16/02/2021 Excellent Review by Gary S.
10/02/2021 The best Review by Kenneth Teape
After two weeks, getting used to the hardness of the sponge, this is the best FH rubber I have ever used. Have to practice and use a more perfect FH stoke. Leads to improvement in all aspects of my game. Big improvement in my serves. I will definitely be purchasing this item over and over. I use it on an all-wood 7-ply paddle.
08/02/2021 Nittaku Hurricane 3 Review by Ompongski
One of the best Chinese rubbers that I have used my favorite is the 1.8 sponge has more feeling in it very good for my receiving, blocking, and forehand tops spin as well as my flat drive. Another thing I like about this is that every product is identical unlike other Chinese rubbers that have good batch and bad batch the quality control for this H3 is very high I think that’s where Nittaku comes in.
02/02/2021 Perfect combination of tacky surface & power Review by Tai Nguyen Manh
Absolutely perfect for the combination of powerful & tacky surface, spin and speed are in perfect shape, help in playing attacking or even all-around style, love this rubber.
24/11/2020 Best FH rubber Review by Fabio BLT Calicchio
I love this rubber, for me, it is the best FH rubber you can get (also the DHS hurricane rubbers are great)
05/10/2020 Spinniest rubber I've tried Review by Anton Kukeste
Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Blue (Max sponge) is a very heavy rubber with a hard sponge. Can be hard to use if you come from European rubbers, but once you get a grip on it, this rubber will provide you with the craziest spin potential from almost any rubber out there. It's a blast to play, but requires a lot of work and dedication.
29/09/2020 I have to test it more Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
Quality is excellent. I have to play a bit more with it, I should break it (or boost it) to see if it gets softer. And yes: it is heavy, maybe 59gr cut.
14/07/2020 Very spin these rubber Review by Heng Socheat
Its very spinny.
18/05/2020 Good rubber Review by Bruce Maclaine
This rubber has extreme spin, it takes a few hours to break it in. It seems to get better and better the more you play with it. This has a very hard sponge and is very tacky. Looping is it’s strength along with very good spin on serves. I still like Rozena better because it is more forgiving with the DHS you have to make a correct stroke.
25/04/2020 The reaction force is also good. Review by CHEON KWON JANG
The blue sponge is more stable if it is more stable than the orange version.
The reaction force is also good.
24/03/2020 heavy but good Review by Yusuke Okabe
Compare to other Hurricane 3s, the Turbo Blue(TB) has speed.
The spin is great.
Flat hitting is slower, but you can make speed if you stick a ball on sheet.
Looping has effect. Stretching, sinking, curving…
Teck on the table (stop, push and flick..) is easy.
Flick becomes knuckle when pushing hit.

Comparing TB and Provincial
Spin TB>Provincial
Speed TB<Provincial
20/03/2020 Superb Control and Spinny Review by Andrew Cadiz
Perfect for players with long strokes without compromising the control.
I really love the contact sound when smashing.
Except that it is a little bit heavier than the usual rubber so I have to adjust on that part.
It is Very tacky which helps boost the spin on my loop. I like looping so this is a plus on my game style.
09/03/2020 Too hard, no bouncing Review by Kevin
The sponge is too hard. If you are a topspin player, do not use this rubber. I just wasted money and I hope no one does.
03/02/2020 Excellent Review by Gary S.
An overall good offensive rubber.
21/11/2019 Good FH rubber Review by Marc Cavero
The real Chinese rubber alternative.
09/10/2019 sticky rubber Review by paulus pusponegoro
Spin, number 1.
16/09/2019 Excellent Review by paulus pusponegoro
Tacky rubber, spin no. 1
09/09/2019 True hybrid Combo of Chinese and Japanese rubber Review by ITTF2400
Excellent in all aspects of the game. The downside is heaviest among rubbers I have tried.
05/09/2019 Excellent control and heavy Review by Sanyatimes
I got super thick, it is very heavy. Put it on Nittaku Acoustic with H3 as BH, it has very good control and spin is heavy.
27/08/2019 Excellent FH rubber !!! Review by CHRISTOS PANAYIOTOU
Paired well as FH rubber with DHS Long 5 blade. Heavy rubber. At first, it is very tacky and slow but after it reveals itself as an excellent FH rubber. Lots of spin and a lot of gears with this rubber and you can feel the ball on every impact.
12/08/2019 Little bit Harder and Faster than Orange pro Review by Ratmir Imangulov
I use 3 sheets of Turbo orange pro before this on regular Hurricane Long 5 blade. This one feels a little bit harder and in response to that - faster than H3TOP in-game, also it feels harder if you just touch on a sponge. I really like blue color here but the difference between these two rubbers only can be revealed on max gears then you hit extremely hard like Ma Long. So I don't recommend this one over regular H3TOP. As for comparing between H3 Neo (DHS) and this H3TBP and H3TOP - Nittaku turbo versions are more playable without boosters than DHS Neo versions cause first of all sponge is thinner than min 2.15 of DHS and maybe just cause of that rubber already don't feel like a hard dead brick. So H3TP rubbers from Nittaku brings me more feeling of the ball and bit less effort on shots compare to DHS ones, BUT you still must know what needed effort on this type of Chinese sticky rubbers is MUCH greater than euro hard rubbers - so you need power, stamina, and proper technics, otherwise these types of rubbers will make your games harder to win.
06/08/2019 Nittaku Hurricane Review by Tu Hoang
It is a great rubber but I need to boost it.
23/07/2019 oddly good for backhand Review by Bo Peters
Have tried it both on forehand and backhand. Really enjoy to have it on the backhand though.
Combined with a fast blade, you can not only handle heavy spins and powerful attacking shots; but, unleash phenomenal counter power-play as well (full swing backhand shots with accuracy, control, spin and speed).

Others at my club are now playing also with this rubber on the backhand.

No need for further explanation from my part.
18/07/2019 Quality spinning rubber Review by Andy Lee
Very good quality rubber compared to those H3 rubbers from DHS. Feels hard but still generate tons of spin. Feels heavy too. Used on my forehand.
14/07/2019 Mushy Mushy Review by Xray
This rubber has the same mushy feeling as the H3 National Blue sponge.
It delivers as good as the National rubber.
So it's a very good, cheaper alternative to the DHS national Blue Sponge.
12/07/2019 Good rubber need more playing time with it Review by Jaa Newell
I have not played with it much. Still trying it out. So far, what I noticed, you have to swing fast and hard to benefit from this rubber. It’s a good rubber, but you have to be a good player to benefit and get the most out of it. I’m still testing it out. Good rubber. Jaa
27/06/2019 Good forehand rubber Review by abdon angeles
Good rubber, but still needs boosting for speed.
Pushes and blocks are well controlled
27/06/2019 Great hard + heavy rubber Review by Anonymous15
Great rubber for serve return but it is a very heavy and needs boosting, making it even heavier. Blocking with this is excellent.
Paired well as FH rubber with DHS Long 5 blade.
04/06/2019 I love the Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Blue Review by Marc
It's perfect for my game. I can generate a lot of spin. Block is fantastic and the rubber has enough power for looping from mid-distance.
If you like the normal DHS Neo Hurricane 3, but you miss power without boosting, you will love the Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Blue.
The only thing I didn't like is the weight of the rubber. It's really heavy - about 117g with the package!
Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Blue