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Nittaku Hammond Z2

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Rubber type : inverted
Nittaku Hammond Z2 is a powerful and spinny rubber, that suits the requirements of the top players. Nittaku Hammond Z2 is made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

09/02/2024 Side tear easily Review by Terry Yew
Functionally it is a very good rubber. Fastarc G1. But tear easily on the side. Previously used Fastarc G1 which don't tear.
08/02/2024 Good rubber Review by Michael Ong
Price is right for this rubber
31/01/2024 A top, top rubber! Review by Dan Budd
I have been wanting to try this rubber for a long time as it is constantly one of the best rated rubbers on RevSpin. As it was on offer that week at TT11, I paired it with DHS Hurricane 9 blue 39' on a Nittaku blade and I LOVE it!
05/01/2024 9/10 Review by Paulo Martins
je m habitue plutot satisfait
28/12/2023 excellent rubber Review by Milos Zlatanovic
Its my second time to buy this rubber... I use it on FH on a Xiom Calderano HAL, and it works perfect. Control is great, blocks are amazing, very good spin and nice speed. Counter spin from mid range works excellent. Change it from BH, but it was not bad at all. Just need a rubber with little more dwell time.
14/12/2023 Fast and spinny Review by David Kelly
Good top sheet grip, great on the forehead. Counter top spins are very easy compared to some of the more bouncier Tensor Rubbers.
A rubber that rewards good technique.
04/12/2023 Goma extraordinaria Review by Nicko Ruminot
Al principio cuesta un poco domarla. Pero luego de unas semanas, descubres el potencial de esta goma.
Es muy poderosa, no tan sensible al giro, rápida, y con buen agarre, genial en el drive y golpes planos.
La he probado en Acoustic, Harimoto y Ovtcharov. Todos Inner. Y el rendimiento es genial en todos. Tanto en FH como BH.
Concuerdo en que los bordes son propensos a desmoronarse, pero no afecta en nada su funcionamiento.
Es con distancia una de las mejores gomas que he probado.
30/10/2023 Amazing Service Review by Azher Sharif
Amazing quality, best prices and quick service and very supportive people.
03/10/2023 high speed and spin. Review by Tarmo Anier
good arc for tops, very spiny, very fast,
bit short on dwelling time - leaves no room for errors, do not recommend for low-to-mid level players.
25/09/2023 A great do-it-all rubber Review by Jaffar Lone
Having used Nittaku rubbers like p1, g1 and s1 in the past, I can safely say that Hammond Z2 is an upgrade from the P1 rubber, has good control, spin, is very dependable when you are attacking. Counter/passive blocks are quite good too.
All in all i can say that if you are a fan of Nittaku rubbers, this is a must-try. You wont regret it.
15/09/2023 Good enough for replacing many rubbers Review by Mujdat Bankaoglu
Speed and control is excellent if more spinny that would have been number first of all
14/09/2023 good as always Review by Andre Elazary
My third or fourth time buying this rubber and happy with it even if the price was up....
Very consistent, great speed and spin.
Only detriment is that quite easily it gets cracked/broken and rubber deteriorates if it gets hit.

31/05/2023 Good BH choice Review by lin
Everything good but the spone
10/05/2023 хорошая. Review by Vano Azizyan
Приклеил я эти резины с обеих сторон на основание Овчаров
06/05/2023 good but not best Review by ATHANASIOS KAMPATAGIS
tried this rubber not for a long time only for a few days. I did'nt like it at all
28/04/2023 excellent rubber Review by Milos Zlatanovic
Excellent rubber overal. Its easy to spin the ball from every situation in the game. Topsheet grip is great. The worst side of the rubber are damages on the end of a cutted rubber, but that have not influences on the game, so main expression is excellent. I use commbination Xiom Hugo Calderano HAL with this rubber and recommend it to everyone.
27/04/2023 My favorite FH rubber Review by Andre Elazary
Using it on FH in Black - max thickness.

Great for attack with strong spin and speed without losing control.
Smashes with wonderful power.
It is not the lightest rubber you can get (49g)
The only detriment is that it won't last very much with the same good values.
After a month or two playing 3-4 time a week it loses it's spin.

Great value!
17/04/2023 OK, but not great Review by Lars Nassen
I was led to believe this was a cheaper replacement for Tenergy 05.
This is NOT the case. It is slower, significantly less spinny and bouncy.
What is positive is the close game. It becomes a lot easier but I really miss
the Tenergy feeling.

Do NOT expect this to be like Tenergy.

Tabletennis11 is hands down the best shop in world. I got this in 2 days the fastest delivery on record :-)
14/03/2023 Good rubber Review by DUC VU
Being playing with this on both bh and fh. Feels good. Each rubber came with a Z2 plastic clear rubber protector sheet.
24/02/2023 Excellent Rubber Review by Robert Platt
Very good all-round rubber, I purchased and play with 1.8mm black on my forehand. Gives good control and is spinny. Has the speed if you have the technique, however when initially launched it was the "best rubber in the world", not sure about that but it is a very good allround rubber, which is recommended.
23/02/2023 Z2 has got a punch Review by Dalmatius Gomes
I'm an intermediate player, I'm using HZ2 on my backhand and I'm loving it. I like the throw angle, I have not fully tamed the rubber to my liking but I'm getting there :). I have upgraded from Donic M1 Turbo to HZ2.
30/01/2023 super Review by axel
the best rubber ever. no kidding
27/01/2023 Excellent Review by Mohinur Yodgorova
Excellent rubber with this characteristics
23/01/2023 Good rubber to recommend Review by Leo Viloria
Lighter and tackier but slower than Butterfly T05. It works really well as the total weight of racket is less. Also the cost is lower.
02/01/2023 I like for BH Review by pongmaster
At first I tried for FH but I think it's better suited for me on BH. It's slightly soft on the top sheet so it easily grips short balls for flicks. Very controllable on long balls away from the table but not too much catapult effect.
20/12/2022 great rubber Review by axel
it's a truly great rubber. paired well with Freitas ALC
31/10/2022 Good alternative to Dignics 80 Review by Ashish Sharma
Good alternatve to Dignics 80, slightly lower throw. A bit faster and stiffer than Dignics 80.
26/10/2022 Decent rubber Review by Peter Nijs
Decent rubber, but on the internet it is being promoted as the best rubber in the world. This is definitely not the case! A bit better as Tenergy 05 I would say. No really weak points, but it doesn't excel in terms of spin or speed. Good, but not superb.
10/10/2022 WEAK SPONGE Review by ecvet guleli
27/08/2022 хорошо Review by Igor Golovlev
174ч174 мм. 72.6 г приятная в игре резина. скорость . контроль и вращение все присутствует. пахнет резиной .а не бустером. ярко красная мелко пористая губка жесткость примерно 48-49
22/08/2022 High level rubber Review by Niranjan Sivaraman
This rubber needs a lot of effort and body strength to be put on for effective spin, and speed to get your opponent in trouble, rubber has a great top sheet but was very reactive in my experience - which could be due to my level of not able to handle it - nevertheless, it does bring great potential for an alternative for those folks looking to replace the tacky topsheet rubbers with more power.
30/07/2022 Fast rubber suited for backhand or soft forehand Review by Haavard Salamonsen
I would compare this rubber to tenergy 64/64 fx. Spin is not incredible, control is good and speed is great. I would assume a lot of top female players with short backhand strokes would make use of this rubber. The rubber seems to have a low/medium arc. I've used it on Calderano HAL, but it would probably be good on violin/acoustic on the backhand.
Nittaku Hammond Z2