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Nittaku Fastarc P-1

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Rubber type : inverted
Most players are looking for that rubber that fits them just right. Nittaku has introduced the Fastarc series with a variety to choose from.The Fastarc P-1 was designed with grip and dwell time in mind. Though softer than the G-1, it still has a medium sponge. This total combination is made to provide dwell with speed at the same time.
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Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

26/06/2023 Rcvd parcel as per the requirement Review by Nauman Zara
I have rcvd the goods and found satisfactory. I love this rubber very control and spin. Not a tacky rubber as I play attacking and blocking game with my opponent
22/06/2022 similar to vega japan Review by Ardak
It is a light version of G-1. It has no spin and power of G-1. Overall good rubber but not in the same league with G-1. I felt like I was playing with Xiom Vega Japan. A little faster, better version of Vega Japan. The rubber is not for power loops.
31/05/2022 Super Review by Sergiu Maftei
23/05/2022 Great for the price Review by JOHN WATSON
I got this on a deal so very good price. This rubber is never used in my leagues, players here (London) mainly use Butterfly or Joola. But I read it's a big seller at TT11 so thought I would try it. I was very pleased and I would buy it again at a higher price.

I got 1.9/2.0 thickness so not the fastest on my Stiga Allround + blade, but enough for me, and the control and spin are very good on my forehand. I think on a faster blade this would be quick enough for the vast majority of players.

Very good rubber, depending on the rubber thickness & blade this would be good for most players.
19/04/2022 Close to ES-L Review by Ulme Winkelmann
It's similar to Evolution EL-S. I switched from EL-S to Fastarc because it sounds cooler, and blocking is a bit easier.

My technique and strength are not good enough for G-1. So I chose P-1. It's a bit difficult close to the table and to open up, but that's my strength, so I can use it. You can still get a lot of spins, but speed is limited. The rubber is very reactive. It lacks high-end power, but I end rallies with placement.
Very good when further away from the table. When I hit the ball off-balance, it lands on the table anyway with good power.
I use it on Liu-Shiwen blade.
28/01/2022 Fast and great quality Review by AMBK TLBAMarcos
I liked it a lot, for BH.
16/12/2021 Nittaku fastarc P1+++ Review by Cherniavskyi Volodymyr
Взял эту накладку в толщине 2,0 ,красного цвета. Пока доволен, вращение хорошее, довольно контрольная. Немного мягче чем G1, контроль выше , чем у G1,играю основание Nittaku Tenor. Вес обрезанной резины 158*151
50 гр. Рекомендую!!!!
Отличный магазин, заказываю товар только здесь. Огромное спасибо за профессионализм сотрудникам магазина! Вы лучшие!!!Доставка в Украину ( Одесса) 3 суток. Так держать!
04/12/2021 Отлично Review by A. Vasilev
Долго живут, отлично цепляют.
03/07/2021 Best rubber i tried so far Review by Edward Antonio
This rubber I can say has it all! Spin, smash, flat and spin drive, loop or counter looping, close/mid/far from the table; it will deliver you what you are expecting surprisingly. I thought that this rubber will make the ball fly away when hitting smashes near the table like most of the rubbers, that's is why usually players flipped their blades to their softer rubber side. But this rubber will give you direct hit and contact in those smashes. I can say, my confidence returned because of this rubber, the confidence I lost with other medium sponge rubbers. This rubber is really recommendable!
14/05/2021 spin Review by Tami chacha
A lot of spin. High throw angle so you can open against every ball even if it's under the table. Lacks speed once you're 4m behind the table.
Passive game is very difficult, just like the short game.
Every ball has to be hit actively, but the margin for error is big because of the huge arc.
It's similar to EL-S but not as sensitive to spin.
14/04/2021 Slower Review by Salman Arif
Seems better than Fastarc but not better than Donic Bluefire series.
22/03/2021 Great rubber Review by Denis Dezan
Fast and grips well but I don't like the absence of the speed glue sound like other rubbers that are made in Germany.
05/08/2020 Not bad, but less reliable than G-1 Review by Stanislav Demchenko
Somewhat similar to G-1, but occasionally the ball slips from this rubber. It never happens to G-1.
Maybe I need to try it on a different blade to draw a final conclusion, but at the moment I prefer G-1 and T05, both of which I love without reservations.
30/06/2020 Very Excellent in almost every way Review by Sherman Chen
One of the best modern rubbers in existence. Sponge hardness is medium, slightly on the softer side, making it very comfortable to use for almost every offensive shot, whether its a loop, drive, or smash. Slightly lower throw angle than its counterpart the Fastarc G-1, which makes it a better backhand rubber for many. And also slightly less sensitive to spin than the G-1. Plenty of power and spin can be produced with this rubber, with good precision on shots as well.
22/11/2019 Very Spinny and Controllable Review by Elias Gatos
I used this rubber on my backhand combined with Stiga Mantra M on the forehand and Donic's Waldner World Champion 1989. The feeling is very good and the rubber is very controllable at mid-distance and far from the table producing spin and high arc. It needs practice on shots near the table and is rather difficult on blocking though. Recommended for Offensive players that prefer playing at middle distance or far from the table.
25/10/2019 Very good Review by M.A.
Very good Tensor rubber plays exactly like Tenergy 80.
02/10/2019 I like it Review by Linfey Lee
Fast, holds the ball very well.
30/09/2019 Very good for looping Review by Wayne Shen
Trying to find a rubber for my forehand using Koki Niwa blade. This P1 is good, better than Butterfly Rozena I used before P1. You can have a spinny, slow and high throw loop if you want and you can also have a very fast and flat power loop.
03/07/2019 Good Quality Review by Natalie Prosser
Fast and spinny rubber, heavy. Good and consistent quality from Nittaku.
02/05/2019 Nittaku p1 Review by Irtaza Ali
Perfect for aggressive play with good control also.
20/06/2018 Good spin and heavy Review by Krug
Everything is perfect but be cautious about the heavy weight. Cut one is about 49-50 gram
31/05/2018 Good Review by Hooshang Ayoubloo
Fast and light, good spin, for FH
13/02/2018 Nittaku Fastarc P-1 Review by Yoland Milano
I finally bought back this rubber, because it proved to be steady ability. This product deserves a thumbs up.
13/02/2018 Nittaku Fastarc P1 Review by Yoland Milano
The first time using Nittaku Fastarc P1, I was tempted with the words "plastic ball". It was true, Nittaku write so, because it proved different from some other Nittaku products that I have tried. The Fastarc P1 is faster, but without reducing ball spins (lighter for topspin). This product is very good.
29/11/2017 хорошо Review by Igor Golovlev
это тоже что и MIZUNO T45, очередной дубль одной и той же резины только под другим брендом. 69.8 г , средне жесткая, быстрая. хорошо управляемая резина без каких-либо выдающихся особенностей и недостатков, немного тяжеловата, а в остальном все хорошо.
31/03/2017 loopy Review by fletcher chan
good on loops better for backhand then forehand not as fast as expected but really helps bring out the power in your racket
21/03/2017 Best rubber Review by Maurizio Salvadori
No dubt!
This is the best rubber after the event of plastic ball.
Power, spin and good control: this is the top qualities!
20/03/2017 Good rubber. Review by Keat Chea
Good rubber.
01/03/2017 I love it Review by henberd ortalla
So far this is the best rubber
02/02/2017 Good Review by koba nadaraia
Good rubber
26/01/2017 nice Review by Dino Midzic
Nice rubber
05/12/2016 low throw Review by Tom Hom
grips the ball well, good speed, the throw is very low but gets the ball over the net and sometimes making incredible looking shots with sharp angles.
19/10/2016 best Review by ilkay Demiralay
best FH or BH for me, with all blades
07/10/2016 the best for me Review by ilkay Demiralay
This rubber the best for me
13/06/2016 very good rubber Review by Igors Tupins
very good rubber
11/05/2016 Good rubber Review by Gary S.
A good control rubber.
26/02/2016 Отличная накладка Review by Andrei Charnou
До Nittaku Fastarc P-1 2.0 играл Tenergy 05 max 2.1. Сейчас играю с обеих сторон Nittaku Fastarc P-1 2.0. Эти накладки дают более уверенный контроль при сохранении скорости, вращение незначительно меньше, однако это компенсируется точностью игры. Накладки надо "пробить" на 2-3 тренировках, потом переклеить. Отлично показывают себя на блоке и на перекрутках. При выполнении топ-спина дуга более низкая, чем у Tenergy 05. Накладки стоят на основании Nittaku Rutis.
28/12/2015 Good rubber. Review by Gary
I put it on my Carbonado 45 FH. It has a fast speed and good control.
28/12/2015 Good Review by Sammy
High performance rubber
27/10/2015 Good ESN Rubber Review by ITTF2400
Good on bh, good control, descent speed, and spinny serves. Rubber for players who likes long rallies.
Nittaku Fastarc P-1