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Nittaku Fastarc C-1

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Most players are looking for that rubber that fits them just right. Nittaku has introduced the Fastarc series with a variety to choose from. The C-1 comes into the series softer than G-1 and P-1 but a bit harder than S-1 for more speed while still maintaining a high degree of control. Slower and controllable in the short game, good placement and pace on medium shots, and power on solid shots.
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Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

03/12/2022 Soft sponge with tacky top sheet Review by TableTT
It grabs the ball and generates good speed. You can control the trajectory easily. It is comparable to Andro Rasanter R48, but a little slower.
13/09/2022 Very good for backhand Review by THIAGO MARQUES
i've being using this rubber for more than a decade. And still is very good.
30/06/2022 Good Quality Review by Mustafa
Good for BH
22/06/2022 similar to vega europe Review by Ardak
It is a very light rubber. It has no spin and power of G-1. Not in the same league with G-1. I felt like I was playing with Xiom Vega Europe. A little faster, better version of Vega Europe. The rubber is not for power loops. C-1 is softer than P-1. P-1 is softer than G-1.
14/06/2022 Little better than Xiom Vega Europe Review by Ardak
It is different from G-1. It has less spin, speed, and power compared to G-1. Softer sponge. It is similar to Xiom Vega Europe.
16/02/2022 Great buying Review by moshe levi
11/04/2021 Somewhat unpredictable Review by Yury Semikhatsky
I used it for backhand on my hinoki blade. Didn't quite like the lack of predictability and feeling.
28/10/2020 Very good Review by Vincent Court
Excellent rubber, good speed, spin, and control I use on my BH. On a darker speed 90.
17/09/2020 Good for backhand Review by Khusan Rakhimov
I like it on my backhand.
04/09/2020 very good rubber Review by David
I think I'm not able to get everything out of this rubber because I'm just not at that level. This is a good thing, I can use this for a long time to develop further. Durability seems quite good, still good grip after lots of playing outdoors in the sun and with all the dust and dirt and so on. (I clean it regularly though).
I pair it with a Nittaku Miyabi in 1.8mm. plenty fast, good control, amazing spin potential.
09/07/2020 Softer, more control than G-1 Review by Hoang Vu
Excellent backhand rubber, if G-1 is like Tenergy 05, C-1 is the Tenergy 80 or 64,
very spiny grippy, good quality at a much cheaper price compare to butterfly rubber, a good alternative.
29/06/2020 Don't like this rubber Review by Damir Krznaric
Rubber is heavy, slow, and hard feels like tile.
19/03/2020 Very Good Review by iksoon im
Very Good.
28/01/2020 Incredible for most attacking players Review by Mark Hendricks
Most of this review will be based on tenergy 05 or Dignics 05 since that is what I used before. This rubber is much softer than those and has fewer gears. I was surprised to see that Fastarc c1 was just as fast as tenergy, and was still able to produce the huge spin I was used to with tenergy. The biggest change was the angle of the catch of this rubber. With tenergy, I was used to having a closed-angle racket when hitting the ball but this does not work with this rubber at all. Will take getting used to.
After getting used to the rubber, I actually prefer it to tenergy. I still receive large amounts of spin and speed but have way more control. For anyone under usatt 2200, I would highly recommend this rubber. Above that skill level, players typically don’t need the control as much.

Control, speed, spin, price

No gears. It takes a couple of weeks to get used to it.
20/01/2020 Good for back hand Review by Brian Li
My son uses it as a B/H rubber. Good quality and good control but is not that durable.
17/10/2019 Really Nice Balls Review by Timothy Swensen
The feel of these new "Tour" balls is similar to the D40+, I feel the quality control is better. The plastic seems softer than that used in the Nittaku 40+ 3-star, which is still my gold standard for feel and sound, when new. I would be happy playing this ball all the time, but my colleagues still prefer the Nittaku, and once you are used to that ball, this one takes a little time to get used to.

Still, a very nice ball, and a step up from the regular D40+
05/09/2019 Great backhand rubber Review by JJ
I really like this rubber on my backhand side. Initially, I was afraid that the rubber is too soft. However, when I glue it, I get a very good feel for the balls. For my backhand rubbers, I have tried Yasaka Razka X soft and Tibhar Evolution FX-P. I like this rubber better than either of them. I feel good control on this rubber. Tibhar Evolution FX-P by contrast almost has no grip. I am surprised because Tibhar Evolution series has been thought of as good replacement for the expensive Tenergy series. I disagree with that assessment. Anyway, I highly recommend Nittaku Fastarc series.
14/08/2019 High quality OFF rubber Review by Rob Vermelis
Less popular than the G-1 but for my playing style this rubber suits better. Tried G-1 as well and the C-1 is a bit softer and offers more control. Decent rubber for both fast topspin and controlled well-placed topspin. If you are familiar with the Tibhar Evo rubbers, the C-1 can be compared with EL-S.
08/07/2019 Отличная накладка Review by Pavel Eliseenkov
Это моя первая самостоятельно сборная ракетка. Раньше играл готовой ракеткой Stiga. По сравнению с накладками на Stiga, накладка Nittaku Fastarc C-1 просто делает все, что я захочу. Поставил на игру слева.
14/04/2019 Good backhand rubber Review by George Li
The balance between spin and speed makes this an excellent backhand rubber.
22/03/2019 Excellent Review by Steve Hochman
I switched from Hammond and Hammond Pro Alpha and have been VERY pleased with both G-1 and C-1 Fastarc. I use the G-1 on the backhand and the C-1 on the forehand. The sponge on the C-1 is a bit softer and results in a tad more spin. G-1 is still excellent for looping but is also fantastic for quick, flat, pick hitting, which is my backhand game. I have enough wrist on my backhand loop to still generate a lot of spin but have the flexibility to pick hit with it as well. C-1 I need on my forehand to help me generate more spin. Both are fantastic and seem to last well.
28/02/2019 Very satisfied Review by ashwin
I had Hammond pro Beta on forehand and Nano Spin II S on backhand. I switched to Nittaku Fastarc C1 on both forehand and backhand. It is great rubber and did not have any problem with adjustment to new rubber. Has good control and spin.
08/01/2019 The perfect backhand rubber for the intermediate player. Review by Javier Martinez de Navascues
If you want to start taking your backhand technique to the next level, this is the rubber you need. It acts like the backhand counterpart to the G-1 and I'm really happy with the results I'm getting. Recommended!
14/12/2018 Good Review by Elijah
Same to G1, a bit slower. Good for backhand.
03/10/2018 Same as C-1 Review by Luis Martin Garcia
But I use it for back hand since it is faster for me.
15/08/2018 Nice.. Review by tomo
Speed and spin is good.
13/07/2018 good rubber Review by Olivier Gourdin
27/05/2018 Excellent! Review by Olivier Gourdin
I use it on FH on a blade all.

Very good in smash, loop and cut ball. Nice rubber for my low level. Very trust in this rubber.... and very good control too.

But it feel that the black is a bit more harder than the red for the same thickness

But good product
Thanks TT11
12/05/2018 High speed Review by Luis Garcia
I have it for my backhand. It is very reliable, very fast; if you prefer more spin, better use the G1.
06/12/2017 Reliable rubber for my backhand Review by Jason C
I found Fastarc c1 to be in between the classic rubber tier (Sriver, Mark V) and the high performance tier (Tenergy, etc). I think it is a good choice if you don't know what you want since it does most shots adequately e.g. loop, push, block, etc. Not blazingly fast but it's a good enough match for my Carbonado 145. Has a surprising amount of spin (more than Rozena, less than Tenergy 80/G1) and medium arc. This will likely be my go to backhand rubber if my EJ-ing days ever come to an end. While a little boring it is reliable and will at least meet you halfway.
26/01/2016 good rubber Review by ilkay Demiralay
good rubber my BH
01/07/2015 Great product Review by Thomas V
Not the fastest rubber, but really great control for spins and looping.
25/06/2015 red color C-1 Review by STEPHEN CHOW
top rubber sheet is shinny,transparent and soft comparing to the last C-1 ,which has tenergy like top sheet, matt,opaque and crisp.It lacks the quick,solid response of the last C-1 close at table,and has a higher arc at looping.
It feels more like S-1 to me . I prefer the last c-1 i have.
22/06/2015 Jack of all trades Review by michael wilke
On the soft side, does everything well. You can put it both sides and have only small compromises
04/12/2014 Very good rubber Review by abheesh kotnala
One of the best rubbers i have played with. good control. great speed and spin.
05/09/2014 very good rubber!! Review by janepob puthikarun
very good rubber!!
05/09/2014 Good Review by Lipka
Very nice rubber to play with - fast and spiny. Can be used for the forehand and backhand.
16/07/2014 wonderful Review by MUSTAFA YILDIRIM
topspin and shoots ara wonderful
07/06/2014 Very Good Review by Attawit
Balance on spin, speed and control
02/07/2013 väga viis Review by Marek Kotkas
Eriti eeskätt surumisel väga hea.Tõeliselt kiire.Kauaaegsel sparringupartneril tekkisid kohe probleemid kohanemisega.Alguses tundus,et tagantkätt mängides pole nii hea kui võiks.Hiljem analüüsides leidsin,et pigem on eksimistes süüdi minu aeglane käsi(palli ärapõrge kummi pinnalt liiga kiire).Kui keskendusin randme ja kogu käe kiirusele, hakkasid ka tagantkäe surumised õnnestuma.
Ostuga rahul!
19/06/2013 9 Review by Werner Gunz
The sponge of the rubber is very good, good spin development. The rubber plays very controlled with good Geschwindigkeit.Die grip is very good and you can execute precise shots. A very good forehand covering.
'm Very happy with it.
Nittaku Fastarc C-1