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Nittaku DO Knuckle

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Rubber type : short pips
The DO Knuckle is a medium pimples rubber with excellent control and the speed needed for offensive play. This is a good rubber for people who want to use the wobble effect without sacrificing the speed needed for offense. Do Knuckle has better control compared to Super Do Knuckle.

Customer Reviews

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21/07/2023 Very versatile pips Review by Jon Gustavson
These pips are very easy to use. The control is excellent for chops, blocks, and hits.
They are especially effective for returning serves and rolling the ball into topspin.
I use the thinnest sponge that helps to keep my racket very light. Probably the most versatile pips available.
Can be used on either the forehand or backhand, depending on your style.
23/03/2022 The Best Long Pimple Available Review by Peter
Almost impossible to find fault with this rubber. The combination of offensive and defensive capabilities makes this the perfect long pimple rubber for the current game.
The pips are flexible enough that chop blocking close to the table creates good reversal, but firm enough where attacking is extremely easy. Enough grip exists where flicking and even "looping" are both possible, which makes it harder for your opponents to exploit long pip's inherent weaknesses.
Chopping away from the table, even in OX, is remarkably easy, though not something I typically do. Pushing through the ball produces the knuckleball that opponents will find hardest to deal with.
I've tried P-2, P-3, P3-a, P-H, Desperado 2, and Do Knuckle is my favorite by far.
05/09/2017 nice Review by adi
Nittaku DO Knuckle