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Nittaku Best Anti

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Rubber type : antispin
Excellent anti-spin rubber. Due to the slippery rubber surface you are totally indifferent to the opponent spin.

Customer Reviews

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21/06/2023 great control but not much reversal Review by Uri Mints
It is a very slow anti.
It has perfect control.
The spin reversal isn't so good, and the balls returning to the opponent are not so hard for him.
it is suited for a tactical game based on ball placement, short\long blocks, keeping the ball on the table and then getting a comfortable ball and finishing with a strong FH.
you wont win a lot of points only from your opponents mistakes - like long\medium pips.
02/03/2023 Disc Brake Review by Ramanathan Balasubramanian
very very slow & best effect for BH ; need to practice more to get the attack feel. For Blockers best for variation but for BH jabbing player this is very slow wont recommend.
14/10/2020 regardless of what thickness it will always amaze you Review by Joe
Got the 1.2mm and 1.8mm....both perform differently on different blade..I suggest used 1.2mm on an All rubber and 1.8mm on an offensive rubber to give extra cushion with the contact.
Flat hit is awesome...hard to return by the opponent....thought you can't top spin an anti...try this and you will be amazed.
01/09/2020 How to use Review by andrew Holmes
I switched to this anti from anti-power because of the straight flat shots of the seamless ball, best anti is good for keeping the player close then hitting long, it is also easy to defend from the back of the table.
22/06/2020 Антиспин Review by Andrey Siaglo
при игре с опытными игроками работает в течении одного сета, потом понимают что к чему и все...
Качество накладки соответствует японскому производителю.
26/05/2020 1.3 exelente Review by maximiliano buzzi
goma exelente para realizar cualquier cosa cuando encontras el espesor adecuado entre madera y goma, en mi caso tengo una sardius y nittaku best anti 1.3, pense que no la iba a poder controlar, pero resulto lo contrario , la rigidez de la madera y el bajo esoesor de la esponja proporcionan un toque magico y mucha sensibilidad
13/08/2019 Quality Rubber for Control Review by Justin Dantonio
This rubber can be used for players trying to win using patience and by moving the ball left, right, short, and long but not necessarily with speed. Be warned that the slower your opponent hits the ball, the more you will feel the effect of the spin.
30/01/2019 Best service.. Review by jhons...
Nice rubber and best service TT11...thanks....
01/06/2018 Great price Review by Allen Lee
Great sound
08/05/2018 Slow Review by Olivier Gourdin
Very slow anti. Very good
05/10/2017 My favorite Anti Review by Peter Nachtwey
Best Anti, NBA, is excellent for what it is or tries to be. The top sheet and sponge are very soft and compliant unlike the newer German frictionless antis that have relatively brittle top sheets that will wrinkle if bent a bit.

This is my 3rd sheet of NBA. I have played with two 1.8mm and one 1.3mm NBA. 1.3mm is too thin. People say you get more spin reversal with 1.3mm over 1.8 and that may be true but if spin reversal is your main priority then get a German anti.

NBA 1.8mm kills speed and a little spin so there is a little spin reversal. Not a lot but the opponent still needs to worry about it. NBA is no where near as frictionless like the German antis. At slow speed the friction seems to be higher than at fast speeds. That could be the difference between static and dynamic friction. At low speeds you can either hit though the back spin or roll it. I often roll back serve returns to the pocket or at an angle to put the opponent on the defensive. At higher speed you want to block loops off the bounce with a little chop motion. The ball will go back at a much slower pace. The trick is to keep the ball low and to place it where the opponent can't attack it again. The complaint I get from my opponents is that is seems like that ball doesn't come to them. It screws up their timing.

I have seen were some people claim they chop with NBA. I can chop with NBA but it isn't that effective. You can only add a little spin the the ball. The advantage is that unlike pips, NBA surface is smooth so the ball goes back more consistently whereas pips bend and the spin long pips make depends on how much the long pips bend. I see the big advantage of NBA here is that you have an easy option to chop but if it doesn't work out go back to the blocking and placement game.

One more hint about play with any Anti or long pips. You have to be good at twiddling. The variation in spin and speed between NBA and the regular inverted will create a lot of unforced errors from your opponent. I think this is much more effective than just blocking with frictionless anti where you can do much attacking with it.

I have played with 2 sheets of Butterfly Super Anti, 1 sheet of Giant Dragon Guard, 1 sheet of DR Neubauer Buffalo, and 2 sheets of Yasaka Anti Power.
NBA very similar to Butterfly Super Anti but has a little more friction but not has much as Yasaka Anti Power.
14/08/2017 Very good rubber Review by Paulo Miguel Loureiro
Excelente control.
27/04/2017 Not yet used Review by Paras Chandra
I have not used this rubber until now. But I am going to use in Hurricane Blade
17/03/2017 очень медленно Review by Igor Golovlev
отскок очень слабый, резина не совсем скользкая, а имеет некоторое сцепление и получается эффект демпфирования приходящего мяча ,похожа на старый DONIC ANTI D
20/04/2016 Better than the average anti Review by Jon Gustavson
Name really says it all. Not ridiculously slick so it is easier to use than some anti spin rubbers.
13/06/2015 Best Anti Review by Peter
The rubber is not bounce much at all, use Yasaka 009 long pip better.
29/04/2015 ok Review by Nghia Nguyen
use ok now
01/04/2015 Excellent! Review by Viktor Jovicevic
Very good quality,and good price,excellent rubber!
19/11/2014 good Review by Silveira
03/09/2014 Good start Review by Highbury29
Having used Yasaka Anti Power (and occasionally Juic Neo Anti) for many years I decided to try the Nittaku Best Anti. Taking a bit of time to get used to the NBA but first impressions are good. Chopped returns are easy and keep low and my flat hit seems to skid thru quite nicely. I'll stick with the NBA but will keep the YAP on standby just in case!
23/07/2013 High disruptive effect rubber with good control Review by John Smith
The surface of the rubber has a minimal friction, so it is not totally frictionless. This friction helps you when lifting the backspin balls from your opponent. The rubber with the 1.8 mm sponge is very slow regarding any long pimpled rubber. So you have to push well the ball or it will go into the net. When chopping topspinned balls from your opponent, away the table, it is very disruptive. If you chop the spinned ball it produces heavy backspin, but if you only carry it, the ball becomes totally spinless and dead so that your opponent may have trouble reading the spin on it. In the very first practices you may have to get used to it
Nittaku Best Anti