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Nittaku Basaltec Outer

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 88
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 6.4
This blade incorporates 2 basalt fiber plies between the middle and outer plies that give it a softer feeling and extra power. The expert craftsmanship and the unique materials used allow this blade to have significant dwell time to really load the ball with spin and enough propulsion to send the ball back with strong power. The outer layers of basalt fiber allow for extra speed on attacks close to the table.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

14/04/2023 Perfectly balanced speed and feel Review by Sakkidrida
Nice feel on the handle, soft and smooth. The weight of the blade is mainly in the handle which I like a lot. Solid feedback. Fast but not too fast blade, perfect for an intermediate player like myself. Goes well with Fastarc G-1 which i use on bh.
28/11/2022 Выше всяческих похвал Review by Dmitriy Shvam
Очень понравилось качество изготовления основания. Прекрасная скорость и контроль.
Замечательное основание за предложенную ТТ11 цену (с учетом скидки)).
Быстрота доставки очень порадовала, благодарю коллектив ТТ11 за отличную работу!
13/01/2022 Великолепное основание. Review by Evgeniy Shenk
Японцы и немцы совместно создали шедевр.
20/09/2020 Professionally prepared. Thanks! Review by Wilhelmina Woo
Lightweight. Good control. A good amount of power.
16/04/2020 Отлично Review by Vano Azizyan
06/03/2020 Excellent blade Review by Jason
After N Acoustic, N Feel Inner and Stiga XuXin also good, but to fast for me this is the best blade I have and planning to keep it. The handle was kind of strange in the beginning, but actually now it helps me to have a better grip. I love the control, spin, and speed.
11/02/2020 It's a very nice Blade. Review by iksoon im
It's the best blade I've ever used.
There is a sense of holding the ball, as it goes out in a tight ball.
Especially, I like the sound of the blow.
28/07/2019 My favourite blade. Review by D.Tran
I have theTibhar MX-P max on both sides, and it is amazing. It is fast and yet has so much control and feedback. I feel that the limit of this blade is the skills of the user.
I also have a Hurricane Long 5 and Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC. Although the rubbers are different on these blades, for my game style, I can confirm that the Long 5 is not in the same league. This blade and the Zhang Jike are a very close match. Value money-wise, this Nittaku blade wins hands down.
But not everything is positive, I have small hands and my hand got cramped after 3 hours of playing. I had to modify the handle to improve the grip. Out of about 10 blades I have played with, this is the first handle that I had to modify.
Overall, a brilliant blade. I would not hesitate to buy it again.
21/11/2018 A piece of artwork. Review by jonathan shen
Very well made! It is very beautiful . Because of the soft putter ply of wood.
Put Donic Bluestorm M1 on FH and M3 on the BH made it become a loop machine. Good speed the best of this blade is great on controls. It made offensive game became easier. I love this blade. Only thing I have negative comments is the price. It is a little too expensive, but I bought from TT11 and it was on sale plus the rubber is discounted too, which made it more affordable. Also this blade gives you good feelings.
08/05/2018 Good blade Review by Nam Nguyen
Good control. A lot of feeling. Beautiful design.
11/11/2017 Fantastic blade with excellent control and feeling. Can suit mang gears and never disappointing you with different playing styles. Thank to outstanding service from TT11. Review by Joe zeta
Fantastic blade with excellent control and feeling. Can suit mang gears and never disappoining you with different playing styles.
Thank to very satisfactory service from TT11
30/10/2017 good Review by choi hong hyuk
26/10/2017 최고의 라켓! Review by JEONG SANG JIN
세계 최고의 라켓! 내가 그동안 사용해본 장지커 슈퍼 alc , 티모볼 zlc보다 훨씬 좋다. 쇼트는 목판의 성능으로 잘 막아주고 드라이브나 스매싱 은 최적의 라인을 그리며 카본의 파워로. 엄청난 회전과 스피드를 보여준다. 러버는 테너지가 잘 어울린다
13/10/2017 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
osnovanie super
05/09/2017 Perfect Balance Review by haider mohammed
Perfect Balance
17/03/2017 This is the one of excellent blades Review by Do Hyeon Kim
I think it is very very excellent balde. This blade looks very luxury. The quality is also good. Cotrol and power both are good. That means it has a excellent balance. I really recommand it to you, if it is on discount.
11/03/2017 It's good Review by DK
It is the best blade I've ever used.
The feel of the hand is excellent.
It is excellent to attach any rubber.
If the price is cheap, it is considered the best.
30/01/2017 nittaku Review by Lilishuo Li
做工精细极致 稳定性很高 中大力击打有力 小球控制很出色
14/11/2016 Excellent product! Review by Tran Long
This blade is a piece-of-art from Nittaku. Perhaps, this is the best one that i have owned so far. The wood finishing, the handle, the neck have been manufactured with extremely care and love (i guess). Although my blade weight is 93g, i feel very comfortable and not much different from other blades. I test the nude blade with a poly ball and found a lot of control feeling against my BTY Garaydia ZLC although the speed of this blade is a little bit less than the ZLC. I used Yasaka Rakza 9 on FH and Nittaku G1 on BH and totally satisfied with the racket performance. You will find a very large sweat spot and excellent control with this blade, Hitting, blocking and service return are never more convenience. However, for me, short looping is a top weapon of this blade (i usually play close to the table or at mid distance). The only concern of this blade is its price, but you get what you paid for. In short, this is a must have blade for all players.
By the way, the service from TT11 is very fast and high quality. Thank you!
06/10/2016 中規中距 Review by IEONG KUN FO
手感一如既往清晰, 反手配soft7, 起下旋+彈擊+前衝有數,
正手分別配狂飆, hexer, hexer HD, 05, not match...
正手配膠選擇困難, 價錢不便宜, 總括來說 : 不好用

nittaku tornado king power still the BEST.
06/10/2016 사용할 수록 값어치를 아는 라켓 Review by SungHun LIM
바잘텍 아우터의 외형을 아주 고급스럽습니다.
그 고급그러움의 매력에 빠지고,
두번째는 공을 아주잘 잡아주는 매력에 빠지게 됩니다.
러버는 조금 가리는듯 하지만 조합이 좋은 러버만 잘 사용한다면
사용 하면 사용 할 수록 아주 좋은 라켓이라는것을
틀림없이 느끼게 될 것입니다.
컨트롤, 공격, 블럭, 드라이브 모두 벨런스가 아주 훌륭한 라켓입니다.
02/06/2016 Very Good Review by Sang ill Lee
This blade is comfortable to use.
easy to control and fast.
13/04/2016 Good Blade Review by Younghwan Kim
Good look Blade and comfort grip.
26/02/2016 Craftmanship, well balanced power and control Review by Kun Xiao
Nice looking and comfortable 3D handle. Compare to my Butterfly TBS, a littler power but control still good. Put Tibhar EL-P on BH, very good feeling. Still looking for good combination on FH. Tried DHS TG3, the sponge is a littler stiff; tried Bluefire M1 turbo, not grip, hard to looping.
01/02/2016 Rich looking blade Review by Anh Nguyen
Easy to play. Best with Tenergy 05. High quality. Stable and controlled blade. My style is strong FH, block, push BH. USATT rating is 1800.
This is a good blade for collection purpose.
01/01/2016 全能,速度和控制尤为出众 Review by Gaosworld2015
15/12/2015 первое впечатление хорошее Review by Andrey Arshukov
еще накладки не подобрал первое впечатление хорошее в руке лежит как влитая
19/11/2015 well crafted racket Review by jean andrian
It is a very good racket, especially the design of the handle. There is nothing wrong with it but the Barwell Fleet is more suited to my game
17/11/2015 Beautiful blade Review by Mohamed ibrahim ali
Beautiful blade,fast and good control
30/10/2015 Well balanced in control and power Review by Brian Heo
Outlook is great and has a good grip.
Speed and power is somewhere between carbon and 7 ply woods. I mostly play with looping and feeling is not bad. It has a good match with Donic bluefire blue sponge and Tibar MX-s. My rating is,
- Outlook: 9.5/10
- Grip: 9/10
- Feeling: 8.5/10
- control: 9.5/10
To me the overall rating of this blade is better than Nittaku Acoustic carbon, which is previous blade.
27/10/2015 gut Review by Xiang Zhou
26/10/2015 Beautiful blade Review by Mohamed ibrahim ali
Beautiful blade and good control and fast
04/06/2015 best blade I have been Review by jiho
This blade is best a blade I used to playing.

Good control and power.

Thank for fast delivery
08/05/2015 Beautiful Blade Review by Andrew Wong
My previous blade was Butterfly Innerforce Tamaca 5000.
This one has a lot more control so I feel as though I am focussing more on technique and control rather than the brute speed of my other blade.
Love it! Beautiful blade and craftmanship. Really feels lovely in my hand!
13/11/2014 excellent blade. Review by HANDOKO LUKITO
Excellent blade. excellent control to compensate the the speed of nittaku acoustic. Nice and smooth finishing. This is worth buy collector blade.The outer ply is similar with my nittaku resoud.
22/01/2014 Perfect Review by Binh Huynh
Perfect design on players who wants speed control and power
Nittaku Basaltec Outer