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Nittaku Basaltec Inner

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 88
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 6.4
This blade incorporates 2 basalt fiber plies between the middle and inner plies that give it a softer feeling and extra power. The expert craftsmanship and the unique materials used allow this blade to have significant dwell time to really load the ball with spin and enough propulsion to send the ball back with strong power. The inner layers of basalt fiber allow for extra speed on attacks away from the table.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

09/10/2023 Fantastic blade Review by Lars Nassen
I do not have enough word for how great this blade is. I small warning though about the handle. Its a little bit shorter than standard length so if You hold low on the handle be aware. For me it doesn't make the least difference. I equipped it with H3 provincial orange sponge on FH an Donic accuda S2 on BH. It is a looping monster.

Also thank You TT11 for excellent service.
07/03/2022 Good feeling blade, not so good handle Review by Fei Deng
At first, I like this blade a lot, the feeling when hitting the ball feels really good, but after a while, I started to notice I'm gripping onto the handle a lot harder than I used to, mainly due to the smooth surface of it. Also, the handle size is quite different than any other blade out there, takes time to get used to it.
04/07/2021 非常漂亮的球拍 Review by 亚洲龙
This is a very beautiful racket! It is simply a work of art. The 3D handle is very comfortable, the topspin is fast, the control of the ball is stable, and the defense is easy. This racket is excellent in every aspect and has almost no defects. It is a good racket suitable for many people.
Thanks to Tabletennis11 for selling many good products! Thank you very much!
25/06/2021 best paddle ever played Review by Zuiyue Pan
19/03/2020 Very Good Review by iksoon im
Very Good.
16/09/2019 good racket Review by Choi Jaebeom
I am using Moristo sp on the back and Fastarc G1 on the front. The advantage of this racket is its stability. Stability allows for more powerful play. I will continue to use this racket unless something special happens.
28/05/2019 very good Review by YEO Sangmin
It's really easy to use.
And there is something powerful.
31/05/2018 It is a really good blade for me. Review by Whang Hyeonsuk
Very nice.
19/09/2017 Big good Review by Byunghun choi
I like it
19/09/2017 Good Review by Byunghun choi
Very good perfomance
08/07/2017 хорошо Review by Alexander Veygert
Играл Butterfly T.BOLL ALC. Справа улетало за стол слева пуля. Попробовал Nittaku Basaltec Inner всё изменилось справа начал творить что хочешь,но слева бревно. Так я и не смог за 5 часов приспособиться к ней. Основа классно лежит в руке контроль скорость всё здорово ,но не моё .
29/11/2016 I recommend it. Review by OH YOUNGJIN
아우터를 쓰다 조금 무거운 듯하여 이너로 재구매함.
아우터 못지 않게 잘 나갑니다.
오히려 임펙트가 있다면 아우터보다 나은 듯 합니다.
직구가격, 제품의 질... 단연 최고입니다.
17/10/2016 Good blade Review by Quang Thong
It's really a nice artwork. Easy to handle with a little bit slow. Suitable for pimple-out rubbers on backhand.
25/03/2016 좋은 제품이지만 Review by Jacob
좋은 라켓입니다. 하지만 가격대비 좋은 것 같지는 않습니다.
드라이브도 좋고 타구감과 타구음도 좋습니다. 하지만 이정되 되는
라켓은 어느 브랜드에서도 쉽게 찾을 수 있을 것 같습니다. 장인의 정신으로
엄선하여 만들었다고 하니 그 정성 값이 아닌가 생각합니다.
15/03/2016 very gooooood Review by Kim Cheon yeong
무게가 살짝 무거운 95g 감이 있는데 컨트롤도 잘되고

그립감이 최고입니다....
11/02/2016 Nice handmade product for watching not playing Review by Dogyun Kim
We had bought it with highly expected. After I try hit I totally disappointed. It makes too much vibration and no consistent bounces. I want to return or sell it but hard to find buyer. Nittacku makes me huge negative reference. I usually don't write review but I have to write this because I don't want anyone waste money with this expensive decorat.
07/01/2016 AWESOME!! Review by Jesusmysavior
Good feeling
Nice power

12/07/2015 大师杰作 Review by 弗雷德徐
Nittaku Basaltec Inner