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Nittaku Barwell Fleet

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Number of Layers : 7+2
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6.1
The Nittaku Barwell Fleet utilizes the original design of the Barwell blade. While the plywood construction is identical to its predecessor, the core plies are noticeably thinner. The main difference is the addition of two synthetic layers. These two Glass-Fiber plies enhance the blade's power and give the blade a harder feeling. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

31/12/2022 Do it all blade at high speed Review by Zane Cundiff
88 grams - played with Rasanter 50, G-1 and Skyline Provincial 40’ black. One rubber that didn’t work at all was Golden Tango PS. Pairs well with mid-low throw rubbers. Current setup and favorite - Skyline 40” blue pro FH and G-1 2.0 BH. Blocking- cake and effortless and safe. Serves/Recieve/Short - impeccable with soft safe spinny (or not, it’s up to you) shots and ability to redirect spin with no trouble at all. Looping- super easy on backspin, topspin or anything in between.
Driving - works better with Euro/japs or boosted chinese rubber. Countering - effortless, plenty of dwell and power. Has enough penetrating power if you are able to do solid quality strokes and has a nice flex that enhances and good stroke. Opening - easy, nuff said Smashing - works very good with no major issues except user errors.

Medium weight towards the head by a small margin with my current setup and works well with short game and off table shots too.
Loopkills, counter drives and spinny balloon loops all available at your behest and skills. Would recommend for intermediate (1800) and up (2800+) ratings. Also chops well for such a quick racket.

I Really enjoy the feel, the control, the safety and speed ratio. Perfect blend of speed and dwell time allowing for precise placement and redirection at will. Well worth the price and only picky about super high throw rubbers like D09C/T05, GTPS and etc high throw bouncy rubbers. Solid OFF blade. Not off- not off ++++ gimmicks either.
22/09/2022 Great Review by Drazen Pavlekovic
Great wooden blade!!
05/09/2022 Играть удовольствие Review by oleg vesker
Очень контрольная.легче брать подачи после нитаки аккустик.топ спины стабильнее.
31/08/2022 Excellent - but not professional level Review by Debashish Mitra
This is an excellent blade for the amateur enthusiast as it has very good feel and control. However it lacks the penetrating power needed at high levels. For that, blades like Viscaria and Timo Boll ALC are unparalleled. I say this because I have wasted thousands of dollars trying all sorts of fancy blades trying to avoid the Butterfly expensive blades and after all these years have realized that the Butterfly blades are really the best. Nittaku blades are second best and there is a S Series which are made by Soulspin and are very good (have the penetrating power - try S-5 and S-KC). I have Barwell Fleet, all the S series blades, Acoustic Carbon Inner, Violin, Septear Lead from Nittaku and I like the S Series the best and this Barwell fleet.
05/05/2022 Belleza Review by Roberto Kalbermatter
Volocidad, control, tacto, estética, literalmente una belleza por donde se la mire.
15/04/2022 Good quality Review by KEONG CHAN
Good blade!
16/03/2022 Отличное качество Review by Mikhail Smirnov
Великолепное исполнение и истинное качество от Ниттаку.Просто шедевр среди оснований. Займёт ведущее место в моей коллекции. Отличный баланс при собственном весе 86 грамм. Очень удобная ручка фл, в руке лежит как влитое.К качеству исполнения не может быть никаких вопросов!!!
15/02/2022 A Lifetime Blade for Serious players Review by james dixon
I recently ordered my 2nd Barwell Fleet as a backup and comparison blade for rubbers. The Fleet is a blade for intermediate and up players. It is an ideal blade with soft to medium-hard tensor or European non-sticky rubbers. The feel is sharp and immediate with the above. If using Chinese rubber or "tacky" surfaces, there is a dulling upon contact and both technique and physical strength body mechanics are needed away from table due to the linear speed upon contact and stick of Chinese a rubber. Overall the blade is excellent with a range of OFF to OFF+. The overall feel, speed, and control are rubber-dependent.
Lastly, there is nothing like it; probably due to glass fiber and 9ply construction.
29/01/2022 Great control blade Review by Nguyen Nguyen
The blade looks great! I put Butterfly Sriver in bh and Yasaka 7 soft in BH, both with max thickness. The blade has great control, but the speed and spin are not up to as I expected. Maybe it is because I put slow rubbers on it! I may need to change to faster rubbers for this blade. I only have practiced with it a few times. I think I need more time to get the best out of this blade. Once again, thank you very much for providing excellent services, Tabletennis11 team!
17/01/2022 Good Review by Broer
Excellent speed and control blade.
31/12/2021 Excellent blade Review by Frank
After reading reviews I purchased the Nittaku Barwell Fleet. It really is a great blade. I paired it with Hurricane Neo 3 provincial blue sponge on the forehand and Nittaku Fastarc G1 on the backhand. Very forgiving blade. It gives you confidence when making your drives. Loops are very spinny and low. Blocking is very forgiving. Enough power for strong smashes. Excellent for close-to-the-table subtle shots. One of the best blades I’ve tried so far. The great reviews it gets are testament to its greatness!
22/09/2020 Best Blade I've Ever Had Review by Peter J.
This is the best blade I've ever had. It has improved my game a lot in the last 2 months. It's heavy with a really nice sound while hitting. It has added pace to my backhand hit and has improved my forehand tremendously. Great for blocking, it has good feeling and excellent control. Although expensive it has improved my game no end so it was a worthwhile purchase all things considered.
09/06/2020 Great product Review by Arjuna Kodisinghe
Fast blade with a good amount of control.
12/01/2020 Not balanced and control Review by Mohammad Islam
I feel that the blade has less control and a little bit of weight at the bottom.
08/01/2020 Gorgeous Craftsmanship Review by Jacques Hartwig
The blade is a little on the heavy side but is a true work of art. It has an amazing feel to it with lots of gears. Packaging, delivery, and service from TT11 was first class! Received delivery (assembly & lacquering) to South Africa within a week.
07/01/2020 Ottimo Review by Carlo Amabile
Telaio di ottima qualità arrivato nei tempi stabiliti.
02/09/2019 Very good Review by giedrius gailiunas
Very good off blade with perfect control.
14/08/2019 A must try experience Review by Hesham
The blade has improved my performance is a lot (in less than 2 months of using it). It's heavy with a really nice sound while hitting.
Forehand shot has added more spin and power to it.
For intermediate players, it will make a huge difference in playing style, and it will add much offensive style to yours.
Thank you, TT11.
29/07/2019 Great for intermediate players Review by Denzel Low
Having the Glass-Fibre in the blade makes this have a great feeling yet good speed. Sort of the in-between of a wood blade and carbon blade in terms of feeling and speed. Faster than wood but not faster then carbon and you can feel the ball, unlike carbon. Recommended for intermediate players learning to develop their strokes.
14/04/2019 Piece of art Review by Martin
This is a must try blade. I have Tibhar MXP max thickness on both sides and the pairing is awesome. I tried the 2mm before, but the overall performance is much better with max thickness. Touch game much better than Acoustic, lifting backspin super easy, needs less motion than Acoustic to generate power. Much better than acoustic on flat hits, chops, and pushes. Generates less spin, but the trade off in speed, control and the ease of getting the ball to the other side makes it much better than acoustic, with the same rubbers. It's a little head heavy with this set up, but not horribly. With the new ball, it feels like you can crush it, flat hit through loops, and forehand short smash is amazingly easy. I never even train it and I am landing 70-80% of my attempts. I will try Viscaria with the MXP, but I highly doubt it can match the barwell performance. A must try blade.
18/01/2019 Great service and product Review by Charles Trinh
Amazing blade. Good quality. Barwell Fleet has great control and is great in blocking. It is fast when it needs to be, as the dwell time is there when paired with the right rubbers. It feels like an all wood blade but is great in driving and smashing as well. This blade can do it all!!

03/10/2018 trés bonne raquette Review by didier deparis
une raquette avec des qualités peu courantes:

un rejet bas,
une bonne rotation
excellente en frappe
permet des services" bombe" très performants
un peu on/off ç'est a dire pas linéaire , l'on peut faire des blocs a raz du filet contre des défenseurs en balle haute en ralentissant la balle mais également avoir des frappes très séches quand on lache le bras .
on aime ou pas...
il faut s'y habituer mais une fois assimilé on apprécie ce bois .
les revêtements devront étre choisis avec soin car le comportement de la raquette peut changer du tout au tout et donner les meilleurs comme les pires résultats ..

10/09/2018 Отлично. Review by Jevgenij Bragin
Основание SUPER!
27/08/2018 Blade Review by Bona Long
I like it so much. I only felt a little heavy...
22/06/2018 Excellent Review by Gary S.
A good control blade was assembled with
FH Tibhar Evolution MX-P and
BH Nittaku Fastarc G-1.

07/05/2018 High priced, could be lowered Review by Lue Yang
Good quality blade. Not as stiff as some people say.
04/01/2018 Offensive Blade Review by Syed Mujtaba
Its an offensive blade. Good for both FH and BH loop and smash. Good Control and block.
10/10/2017 Gran Madero Review by Juan Paulo Hernandez Hernandez
Muy buena calidad, rápido y mucho control
09/08/2017 Отличное основание Review by Dmitriy Putyatov
Качество изготовления на отлично. По ощущениям - немного мягче чем Rutis Power, но скорость отскока мяча выше. При более высокой скорости сохраняется отличный контроль. Позволяет удобно играть в короткой игре, на блоках, топс на топс, в общем все что вы умеете, с этим основанием вы реализуете за столом.
28/02/2017 Шедевр от Nittaku Review by Igor Kossov
Великолепное основание! Достаточно жёсткое, что бы прожать любые накладки, в игре оно проявляет себя исключительно сбалансированно и контрольно. Оно может подойти, как атакующий игрокам так и универсальным, в зависимости от типа и толщины накладок. Несомненно это основание по совокупности всех характеристик является одним из лучших в мире.
19/08/2016 Great blade Review by Fabio Albertini
Nittaku ....number 1
07/04/2016 Fantastic blade Review by Peter Mortensen
I am fairly new to table tennis (1.5 years) but I have been through 4 different blades, all of them good to varying degrees, but this one is so much better than the others it really surprised me. The feel and control is outstanding and yet it is plenty fast. I can feel exactly where on the bat the ball hits and it tends to go where I want it, whether I am fine pushing or power looping, over, close or away from the table. Only one issue, the handle is on the small side but I sorted that with a tennis wrap. In short, a brilliant blade well worth the money, especially with Tibhar Evolution MX-P rubbers.
29/03/2016 Craftsmanship by Nittaku is competitive to Butterfly Review by Francis
This blade is so beautiful. The sound from this blade when you hit the ball is harmonious and euphonic. Good control, easy to generate spin. Pure wood feeling. Craftsmanship by Nittaku is superb.
26/02/2016 Super good Review by Rey
Love this blade. I use xiom omega v pro FH and Xiom tour BH. Super fast, good control, very spinny. This blade worth buying. Highly recommended. And the customer service is a top notch. Thank you TT11.
24/02/2016 Barwel fleet Review by Ahmad Darwich
Height quality blade, control is very good and speed is amazing, but block on the table is not too easy, need a low speed rubber.
25/11/2015 This item is very good Review by Namkyu Lee
When I use this item, I won table tennis from another player often.
I think this item is stability and usefull.
I will recommand this item to table tennis player.
24/09/2015 Love It!!!! Review by Mark Fainshtein
Good control,
Handle is a bit small, but good enough for me.
02/06/2015 Good blade Review by ilkay
Inanılmaz bir tahta, üzerine t05 ve t80 ile muhteşem oldu. Ayrıca tabletennis11 de inanılmaz bir site, ürün 5 günde geldi.
25/04/2015 Soft touch and power Review by Timothy
I have played with some fast frames where I had difficulties with the short game because the ball would tend to jump off of the frame. I have also played with more allround frames where I missed some power in my shots. This frame is great for soft touches but you can also play powerful shots with it. Love the extra control.
23/03/2015 OFF Blade Best Control Review by Luigi
No way, it's an OFF blade with maximum control.
You have to work a little bit on the block on the table but it comes easily.
My FH increased power, loop and percentage, my BH touch is now incredible; what else may I ask? I think this blade gives u 2 points/set.

09/03/2015 Best blade I have ever used. Review by Jatin
Best blade I have ever used. It has many gears. I play with long pimples on backhand and xiom omega Europe on forehand. It does all u want and the way u want.
Best Product. Cost is too high but worth a money.
04/03/2015 Good blade Review by Bobby Peru
Highly qualitative blade. Good response and good control.
Price might be too high compared to other blades, which are also quite good.
02/02/2015 Amazing Blade Review by Nathan Schult
It's hard to put into words how incredible this blade is. The handle is pretty large which I really like. What's odd is the blade feels fairly stiff but I still get good feedback from the blade. I can really feel the ball. It might have something to do with the fiberglass.
I'm most comfortable playing a couple steps back from the table and this blade gives you the power to do so. its is fairly head heavy and heavy in general which is something I got used to and now prefer.
There is an x factor that I cant quite describe. I have a number of other blades that i let other people at my club try and when they try the BWF I always get the same reaction.. "this is weird..."
I've heard similar things about the Violin... Its this distinct feeling that I've fallen in live with.
I have it paired with Sigma 1 Europe MAX thickness on both sides. If you're someone who likes to loop a couple steps back off the table I'd highly recommend that pairing to try.
29/01/2015 too flex Review by Riccardo Granata
Too flex for me.block has too high arc.smashes are difficulty with this blade.
Very good top spin and great feeling.TBS is better for me.
20/01/2015 Great Blade Review by William
I had played many many blades and most of them are butterfly blades; however, this is an excellent blade in terms of quality of construction of blade, with power and control, easy for under spin loop. It is worth for the money compare to expensive butterfly blade.
18/01/2015 Excellent blade Review by Bill
At first I am very skeptical about this blade since I bought a few of Nittaku blade but the quality is not up to par. However, I decided to buy it and gave another try for this blade. When I received, the blade was well package, and excellent After a couple sessions of practicing, this blade is definitely very good. It has an excellent control and power.
14/01/2015 a best blade.will refer or recommend to my friends Review by nam lam
best control and speed.great blade i have ever own.i love it
12/01/2015 Simply perfect Review by Oliver Mecseri
Unbelievably smooth, comfortable, perfectly manufactured and powerful blade. Drives are insane, loops require a firm hand, but then it is as precise as a Swiss watch. Gentle in the touch play, and a shotgun from meters away from the table.
The most outstanding feature I have found about this blade was the backhand smash. Just like Nittaku Acoustic, it is as linear as you swing your arm. I have tried that with dozens of other blades, not even close. Not even a little bit. This blade does what your body tells it to do. Simply perfect.
31/12/2014 fantastic blade at a fantastic price Review by George Philips
I've looked hard, but I have never seen this blade sold at such a low price anywhere else. Fantastic control, both from near and mid-distance, and great power. I feel like I don't have to work as hard to make shots.
29/12/2014 Superb blade Review by Viacheslav Karbishev
Tried a few blades of butterfly etc. viscaria and TB ALC, Tibhar Stratus power wood but BARWELL FLEET gives the opportunity to feel the ball on a completely different level. I am very happy with purchase, thank you so much tt11.
18/12/2014 Amazing Blade Review by Viacheslav
Заказал вместе с накладками Donic Acuda S1 Turbo max и DONIC Bluefire JP 01 TURBO max. Очень приятно было увидеть в посылке небольшие подарочки - коллекционный мяч и наклеенную ленту на ребре лопасти. С момента заказа до момента получения посылки прошла ровно неделя. Очень радует скорость доставки с ТТ11. Ракетка получилась и быстрой и контрольной. Это совершенно другой уровень качества и характеристик. Я в восторге, огромное спасибо ТТ11!
03/12/2014 Simply perfect Review by Oliver
Japan quality, a masterpiece. Unbelievably soft for short game and soft touches, then bam! - changed to racket speed if controlled so. Amazing, and I know it seems top dollar, but quality has always cost its equivalent. And this time it is perfectly balanced.
19/10/2014 Excellent blade Review by TT fan
Very nice blade, best control with nice speed.
Play with all rubbers.
08/08/2014 EXCELLENT Review by salih taşkın
Not so fast. OFF maybe OFF - class.
Very very good control.
Super spin.
Excellent craftsmanship.
An excellent board.
26/07/2014 Bery good blade Review by Nikolay
Exellent shop, very fast shipment, superb quality of the blade, but very light - only 83 gramms.
24/07/2014 A super class blade. Review by lal jose
excellent class in terms of quality of construction of blade. added power with immense control. loaded fh and bh with tenergy 05. no looking back.
spin, loop,push, block, chops all in perfect class.
what to say... unless u have tried this classic.
28/05/2014 great quality Review by Marijana Celanovic
Product is well described. Delivery time as promised. It's a very good quality Thanks.
12/05/2014 Blade to own. Review by lal
Excellent piece of construction by Nittaku.
Speed to control ratio is the best part.
Construction and pile arrangement is simply amazing.
Pair it with t05 and simply play..
11/04/2014 top blade... Review by KONSTANTINOS MARGAS
heavy, but you get used to it soon /very good feeling / large sweet point / capable from any distance / very good at looping away / very good at push / good at blocking / terrific at topspin and smashing / ultimate quality blade / nice handle (fl) /well controlled / off- / you pay much but you buy quality, controlled speed and, after all, satisfaction! / it is fun to play with this blade!!
24/03/2014 The best blade i ever had! Review by ALEKSANDRS
The best blade i ever had! A bit faster than the BTY Primorac EX, but it has such a beautifull feel! Also the quality is superb. It's a really topspin Monster!
19/03/2014 great blade Review by mpengyou5
no comment for the finish as usual for nittaku blade
15/02/2014 Quality !!!! Review by drakman
Very good quality, but expensive.
Blade with a lot of power and very good control
10/01/2014 fantastic product Review by Dino Midzic
Excellent product, top quality design and performance
19/11/2013 High quality blade Review by Myeongseok Chae
It's the best quality and powerful blade. The price is high, but fully worth. It's a masterpiece.
06/09/2013 Whaou Review by Adrien Scoarnec
It is just one of the best blade which I tried. It's good everywhere, at any distance of play. I tried 2 the heaviest version is less flexible and vibrates more, the lightes had better feel.
Nittaku Barwell Fleet