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Nittaku Acoustic

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 88
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.7
The Nittaku Acoustic was made according to the principles used in making string instruments. The materials used for this blade are thicker and softer than those in the Nittaku Violin. This provides the Acoustic with stable characteristics when attacking and blocking. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

19/09/2023 Power and kontrol together Review by Murat simsek
Power, control and feel; all in one.
It is truly an amazing blade.
It's not hard to see why it's so popular.
I definitely recommend
23/08/2023 Excellent blade Review by Artur Bobkiewicz
Very good feel and fast. I combined it with xiom vega pro 2.0 on FH and xiom omega 5 euro 2.0 on BH and it plays very well.
I'm also happy with the delivery. Everything went smoothly. 100% satisfied!
28/03/2023 Excellent Review by Gary S.
A solid blade assembled with Nittaku G-1 FH and Nittaku Moristo SP BH.
20/03/2023 The best allwood blade ever made! Review by Ronald Ramos
This allwood blade is 2nd to none. The feel is great and the power it has is amazing. The spin and control is superb. I recommend this blade to those who wants to develop their stroke before upgrading to carbon blades. This blade is truly one of a kind. No wonder it is known as the GOAT of allwood blade...
07/03/2023 It gives a great feel due to vibrations Review by Touko Laine
It is really good. It gives great vibrations so that one gets better feeling. I have personally had it for a month and it has given me a way better forehand feel. My backhand has always been pretty good, but now I hit even less edge shots thanks to this blade.
27/02/2023 Good for beginners that want to add a little more speed Review by Nicholai West
This is great! You really notice the vibration and the touch is incredible. It’s a little fast compared to other all woods, still slower that the clipper. I would definitely use this as an upgrade after learning good technique
22/12/2022 best ever Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
I tested more than 30 blades, this is the best one in terms of feeling/power for a 5 ply blade with no carbon. Must have! The other one I like best is Ma Long 5: more flexible but maybe for some players will lack some power.
19/12/2022 Brilliant piece of art. Diamond. Review by Denis Konjar
Must have. Recommended for everyone. Very satisfied.
01/02/2022 Fantastic Review by Kenneth Nissel
Might be the best all-wood blade on the market. Good balance, weight, finishing, feels good in the hand. If you have smaller hands like my wife this is perfect.
31/12/2021 Better than Violin Review by ion
With Fastarc G-1 max is better than Violin for me.
08/09/2021 Great blade, tons of control all+>off- Review by Georgi Hubenov
Great control-blade but in this era, one should strive for a composite blade - of course depending on your style of play.
13/03/2021 Nice Blade Review by Ismael Morales-Garay
Very sure hits with this blade. I love it!
02/03/2021 Очень сбалансированное основание Review by Aleksandr Sadaev
Купил дочке Acoustic в замен Yasaka Extra Sweden. Очень приятная, информативная вибрация, очень хорошее чувство мяча. Скорости при усилении хватает с запасом. Качество изготовления на высоте. Накладки Nittaku G1 справа и C1 слева.
13/01/2021 High Control. Flexible. Quality construction Review by Keith Heintzleman
High Control. Flexible. Quality construction. Pair with medium to hard rubbers if you attack or play hard-hitting players.
07/09/2020 Nittaku Acoustic blade Review by Ion Vlas
This is the best blade you can buy as an intermediate amateur player. It has got more than enough speed than you need. But the most important thing about this blade is its control, which is out of this world. Again this is the best blade I have played so far. I am an intermediate amateur player who can do the basic things like serving short, receiving short, topspin a chopped ball, block a topspin, counter loop from mid-distance. I can’t counter loop from close to the table like most Chinese and top EU players. Other than that I can play pretty well.
24/12/2019 Superexclusive Review by Lukas
Does its job in all shots. A true gem with perfect build quality. Smaller handle didn't bother me at all. The smaller handle allows a very spinny serve as you can flex your wrist more than with the large handle.
13/11/2019 Must have blade Review by Fabio BLT Calicchio
This blade is a gem. It plays and sounds wonderful. Combined with Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Blue (FH) and Nittaku Fastarc-G (BH) it is a wonderful racket. Needed some time to adjust my playing to the sticky FH but now it is really great.
29/08/2019 Kalite Review by Ertugrul Sari
I am using double sides with Nittaku Fastarc G1. The short backspin was amazing, topspin very easy and enough speed. It is ideal for me.
16/08/2019 Great blade for looping Review by NEIL ZINN
I have only used this blade once but I like it a lot so far. Speed is right about where I want it, says offensive and that seems about right. Control, for an offensive blade, is superb. I have Razka 7 soft on forehand and Coppa on the backhand. I really like the Razka for this blade, my loops felt effortless, fast and with a ton of spin. I am a looper, and I bought this blade because it suits this kind of play. a bit different feel from the violin, I am not certain Yet if acoustic and violin feel tremendously different from the regular blade, maybe somewhat. The quality and finish appear top notch. Service and prices from TT11 have been excellent as well.
03/08/2019 Exceptional quality Review by illumind
I had to work hard on looping backspin balls with soft rubbers to clear the net. Great blade for harder and higher throw rubbers though.
09/04/2019 Для яркой атаки Review by Kairat
Основание исключительно для атаки- по чувству, как бы само приглашает к атаке. Верхние 2 слоя лимбы дают небольшую задержку мяча, потом включается толстый слой tung three, который дает сильнейший импульс. Основание не для начинающих, требует определенных навыков. По скорости и мощности не уступает как мне ощущается композитным основаниям. Но forhand использую Hurricane 3. По чувству звонкое и среднежесткое, качество хорошее. Ручка ST удобная.
02/04/2019 Good Control Review by AN-94
Very good control. Not too much power.
12/02/2019 Control 5 ply Review by Kartik Anbalagan
I would say that it is equal to 7 ply in feel and play and having very good control with good speed enough for putting ball away. What it lacks is blocking ability.
Passive blocking will not work like carbon blades.
24/12/2018 Best blade Review by Irwin R
Nittaku Acoustics, quality is second to none, feel like an extension of my hand, loop is easier, fast enough for a kill shot, control is superb.
22/06/2018 Sensetional feel Review by Orel Ohana
I don't know what else to say, it's just really good, the sound and feel is amazing.
24/05/2018 Great Choice Review by Glenn Loyson
Great choice for me on their advice.
Fast S&H
13/04/2018 Best all wood Review by LEVENT
I really wonder, if there is any better all wood blade. Nittaku makes the best all wood blades
21/02/2018 Worth The Hype Review by Geoffrey Alter
For the longest time, I have wanted to try this blade. I have far too many blades and really didn't need it. But, TT11 put it on weekly special and I couldn't resist. I am very happy to have purchased. The handle feels perfect. From the moment you hold in your hand you know this is a blade with an artisans touch. It is the perfect weight. I paired it with Renanos Hold on FH and Fastarc S-1 on BH. The combo is balanced, powerful and has tons of control. The Acoustic excels at close to table and mid-distance topspin play. Dwell time is medium-high making flicks a breeze. Serves are spinny and blocking is fantastic. I had to adjust my bat angle slightly and then I felt like the ball went exactly where it was supposed to go. My favorite attribute of The Acoustic is it's feel. I am sure many others would agree. The blade just has a wonderful feeling that is hard to describe. The perfect combination of vibration, sound and weight. I tend to be a wanderer in that I like trying new blades. I am not looking for that one blade which elevates my game. It is more curiosity and the enjoyment in learning. Well, curosity landed me on the Acoustic and I am so glad it did.
24/09/2017 A very good blade Review by M K
A really nice blade. The finish and quality is truly excellent. My hands are on the smaller side, so the small FL handle fits me quite well. I have paired it with Evolution MX-P 2.1mm rubbers on both sides and more often than enough I find this setup truly satisfying.
22/05/2017 Very good blade Review by NN
Best blade I've ever played with. Shipping and handling was very fast.
17/04/2017 Nittaku Acoustic Review by Francesco Rinaldi
Frame made from very good attack, the series of glued Nittaku frames with the violins of the procedure is of the highest quality. only flaw frame a little heavy. good control, good speed, good rotation. I recommend this frame although I personally prefer the Nittaku violin.
09/11/2016 Cool stuff Review by Arvin Caballero
One of the best Allwood blade from Nittaku. I love the feel and control of this amazing gem!
28/07/2016 Good offensive blade Review by Necati Kösedağ
This blade is high quality and fast and heavy weight. For intermediate and advanced players that good choice.
18/08/2015 One of the best Off- blades Review by Ralph Taylor
One of the best OFF- blades around.
Enough flex for looping. But stable/crisp enough to block well too.
Good feedback, no uncomfortable vibration.
Using Rakza7 suits it well.
After using 10 different blades over a 12 year period, this is my favorite!
....until I am too old to attack :)

Its true the FL handle is slightly small... but the Large-FL alternative is like holding a chair leg.
18/07/2015 Good offensive blade Review by Zsolt Matyus
It is s really good blade for this price. I use it with Rakza 7 soft rubber on BH and Rakza 7 on FH so with these the weight of the blade is perfect. With Ragza 7 on both sides it was too heavy. It can be easily directed from up close to the table,as well as from further and it is sufficiently fast. But the handle could be a little thicker,but you can get used to it.
10/02/2015 Superb! Review by Marko
Spot on, beautiful FL handle.
The blade does what ever you wish it to do, superb quality, control, spin and speed!
It's a full package, bought it on a discount, otherwise a bit pricy, in my own opinion - worth it!
24/06/2014 Acoustic Review by Doytcho Doytchev
Very good service! Paddle was indeed 89 g and the shipping was fast. Thanks Dmitry!
23/08/2013 Good Quality Blade Review by Dyarz
Good Quality Blade, awesome speed for allwood blade
and amazing feel n touch
11/06/2013 Excellent blade Review by Zhen Lu
Surprised by the control this blade provided! With xiom omega 2 at FH this blade provides all, outstanding control, crazy spin, very good speed and enough gears. It is to me the best blade to play with at close and mid range!
08/06/2013 Great blade Review by CALVIN
Got mine when it was on sale for about 83.

This blade has pretty good dwell time for looping. Very precise to place the ball. The feeling is second to none. If you like short games, it's a perfect weapon.

The handle is way too small. The good news is that T11 now offers Acoustic with larger handle in their store.

Once again, thanks T11, for the wonderful product and service.
15/03/2013 sweet Review by dim papaskarlatos
perfect feeling if you put effort the ball goes fast with low throw very good placement you can even defence away from the table if you like
04/02/2013 ottimo telaio dal gran tocco e gran controllo ! Review by benincasa ivan
telaio molto equilibrato sia nel controllo che nello spin !veramente un gran bel telaio
18/01/2013 veramente tutto perfetto Review by benincasa ivan
grazie 1000 tutto perfetto
12/01/2013 Top quality Review by David Jones
Really nicely Finnished off blade of beautiful quality , haven't put rubbers on yet so can't say anything about its playing characteristics.
The handles are a little small so be careful if you have big "Ham Fists"
Table Tennis 11 are superb to deal with .
03/01/2013 One of the best all-wood blades Review by Keith Adams
This is not my first acoustic, I already have one as my main bat so bought a second as a backup when TT11 had them for sale at 100 euro. It is a do-it-all OFF 5-ply blade; fast but not blazingly so, stiff with a little flex, mid-soft feel. Excellent control for its speed. Very good dwell time. Pairs very well with tensor rubbers. Build quality second to none. They are expensive, but I've given 4 stars for the price I paid; still cheaper than the premium Butterfly offerings and you shouldn't need to replace blades very often after all.
28/12/2012 Very Good quality and acceptable Price Review by Max Haddick
This Blade is high quality. Good feeling and vibrations.
For a Full-wood-blade a high Price, but i think it is in order for this quality...
Nittaku Acoustic