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Nittaku – or Nippon Takkyu Company Limited as it is also known as –  has been manufacturing table tennis equipment since 1920. The Tokyo based company is renowned for producing some of the best table tennis balls in the World. In fact, Nittaku has provided the official ball for 13 World Championships, three Olympic Games, and the 2012-2019 European Championships. Nittaku is also known for producing some of the best blades in the world, including the Violin and Acoustic blades, which have been made using String Instrument Manufacturing technology. Other prominent all wood blades include the Adelie, Latika, and Septear models. Nittaku, having access to ten different fiber materials, also offers an impressive range of ... composite blades including blades like the Barwell Fleet and Ludeack Fleet lines. Nittaku’s rubber range is equally impressive with the German made Fastarc rubbers as its flagship series. The Japanese made Alhelg and Flyatt rubbers are made using the Active Charge technology, which allows for the generation of very powerful top spins. Nittaku also offers Hurricane rubbers that combine sticky Chinese topsheets with dynamic Japanese sponges, as well as interesting short pips such as the Moristo series. Japanese star players Kasumi Ishikawa and Mima Ito (Bronze medalists, 2016 Olympic Games Team competition) and former 3-times World Champion Wang Liqin rely on Nittaku for their equipment needs. Did you know that Nittaku has published more than 700 issues of its monthly magazine “Nittaku News”, which is written in Japanese?   Show more Show less


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