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Neottec Magic Control

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 80
Blade Type : ALL+
thickness (mm) : 5.5
Ideal blade for learning table tennis and for those who understands the power of ball feeling in table tennis. Bestseller. limba 0.6 ayous 0.6 ayous 3.2, blade size 154x151mm.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

05/12/2022 really good Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
I have some of my best players with this blade paired with pf4-50 and I can tell it plays amazing: good vibration and flexibility, good craftmanship, amazing blade for this price.
28/08/2022 Good product Review by Irvodon club
Ajoyib narx raxmat TT11 GA
11/11/2021 Laba pamatne. Review by Andris Jecmanis
Ļoti laba pamatne seniora vecuma spēlētājam. Maksimāla kontrole. Pievilcīga cena. Kvalitatīvi izgatavota.
06/09/2021 good quality Review by TDUSA AEREO Guglielmetti
For its price, it is a very good blade! Better finish than other most known brands in the 20 to 50 price range, a bit slow, good for developing players.
24/06/2019 Magic Review by Igor Nekrasov
Основание контрольное друг играет в защите.
09/01/2019 Good Review by Olivier Gourdin
Good wood with a lot of control.
04/08/2017 good all blade Review by guven ozbayrak
You can have all you can expect an all blade. Very good control. Passive blocking, looping, pushing, serving and serve returning is good. But active blocking is not reliable and the blade lacks solid power when the opponent is making defense away from the table, as you can expect. It lets you topspin beautifully but it is tiring to smash the returning ball.
05/12/2014 good product Review by Kalle
Control is very good, speed medium, but enough to allround or controlled attacking game. Recommended from this money.
08/03/2013 surprisingly good blade for this money Review by Mark
surprisingly good blade for this money. i bought it for my friend and as it often happened couldn't resist to play few minutes with it. the impression of the combination with standard Mark V is great! It is a good and well balance racket for beginners, but it also could be a blade for solid players. fast enough to play powerfull topspins and lot of control to rule the ball.
20/02/2013 good enough Review by lando volpe
the blade is good
27/01/2013 Great! Review by Grigopiy Krivinskiy
Exellent control and spin with Yasaka mV HPSsoft.
Good speed/
Neottec Magic Control