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Neottec Gamma All+ Ch.Pen

If you order the assembly of a penhold blade we will glue the rubbers without any gap by default. If you need a gap, please inform us in advance in the comment field during checkout.
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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : ALL+
thickness (mm) : 5.4
The Neottec Gamma All+ is a well balanced all-round blade. Compared to the Neottec Magic Control, this model has more flexibility which makes it better suited for various spin based strokes. This blade performs well up close to the table, as well as farther away.

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21/11/2023 Economical Ch. Pen Review by Mikey
Good quality with this price and bought it for demo/display educational purpose
Neottec Gamma All+ Ch.Pen