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Mizuno Shoes Wave Medal Z2 2020

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This high-end model from the stability-focused MEDAL series features 3D-SOLID technology that combines softness and support. The sizes shown are European sizes. For other sizes contact support. (ie. Brazilian, UK, US, Centimeters)

Customer Reviews

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23/01/2022 У мизуно как всегда сложно подобрать свой размер Review by Vitaliy Bayjumatov
Четкая Обувь у мизуно как и всегда. Одно большое НО: с сеткой размеров беда, - заказывал себе такие (у меня 44,5 размер 28.5 см стопа). Так вот заказал именно 28.5 см, а реально они на 29.5 см. Пришлось заказывать второй раз на размер меньше. Думал что такая беда у мизуно со всеми размерами: заказал для своего ученика на размер меньше, а они оказались малы, у него 42 размер и ему второй раз заказал 42 размер мизуно - они подошли. Вот и пойми как подбирать. Кстати у асикс такая же проблема, насколько мне известно - они на одном заводе изготавливаются.
20/12/2021 Well balanced shoe Review by Zane Cundiff
Fits well. Sizing is right and has above average grip and never has slipped but never twisted an ankle either due to the shoes. Would recommend it to those who want shoes that air out and also fit well and look stylish too.
06/09/2021 Great Review by Ani
Very comfortable
28/06/2021 Nice Fit Review by Tom
A little heavier than the Wave Medal 6 table tennis shoes but very nice. Nice traction. Mizuno table tennis shoes have the best sizing, not too small or too big. Just right. Very comfortable.
25/04/2021 Excellent Review by Nabil Kerollos
I liked them very much even before I wore them. They look very good and feel very good with lots of control of your movements. Stable on the floor and gives me freedom and confidence in all my footwork.
10/03/2021 Good Review by Alvaro
23/11/2020 Not recommended Review by Zairong He
It's not a good design.
17/10/2020 Very well fit Review by Alexey Logashenko
The size is well corresponding, nice fit!
Mizuno Shoes Wave Medal Z2 2020