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Mizuno Shoes Wave Drive 8

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The Wave Drive 8 is one of the most popular table tennis shoes among professional table tennis players. The Heel Wave plate and ap+ ensure optimal cushioning and lightweight properties Anatomically moulded removable cup insoles maximise comfort and support for table tennis movements The AIRmesh upper offers breathability. The sizes shown are European sizes. For other sizes contact support. (ie. Brazilian, UK, US, Centimeters)

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

20/07/2022 Great shoes Review by Vladimir N
Light and good quality.
06/06/2022 Excellent Review by Ashraf Safarov
Great shoes, highly recommended.
19/05/2022 Great Review by Gabriele Bonaiti
Good support, comfortable.
05/05/2022 Shoes Review by Frank Aguilera
Best shoes for the cost.
03/05/2022 Excellent Review by David Jacobson
These are the best TT shoes I have ever had, comfortable, good grip, and robust.
01/04/2022 Best shoe Review by Kenneth Nissel
Wave Drive 8 is my favorite table tennis shoe by a large amount!
17/03/2022 Lightweight, Excellent grip fair price Review by James Skidmore
Excellent grip fair price. The side has not broken down after playing for over a month now.
21/02/2022 Mizuno Wave Drive 8 Review by Jonathan Schomberg
Comfortable, supportive, and great grip on a wooden floor.
16/02/2022 Amazing Shoes Review by Theodore Stephens
Reading all the reviews you should know the shoes are of excellent quality and will last you a long time even with continuous play. I really liked that there are larger size options as you can't find many Japanese shoes larger than US 10.
14/02/2022 Great Shoes Review by Luca
Lightweight and good-looking shoes. I like them a lot and they're comfortable.
Be sure to measure your feet, when ordering. I usually wear size 43 shoes but when I measured my feet (27cm) I ordered size 42 and they fit perfectly.
I think they run 1 size bigger, so just measure and use the table.
01/02/2022 The best tt shoe Review by Kenneth Nissel
This shoe is the perfect table tennis shoe. Great support and comfort.
01/02/2022 Comfort and stability at its best! Review by Christopher Franklin
Really great shoe from the first fitting on your feet it just absorbs the shape lolol. The shoe is the most popular in current table tennis for a reason in my opinion.
30/01/2022 Good grip Review by Juergen Kurras
My first Mizuno shoes. Good grip and good quality.
28/01/2022 Excellent shoes for TT Review by SERGUEI IOUDINE
I am wearing size 12 or 13, depending on the brand and type of shoes. I first ordered size 13 but found that they are too big for me, so I ordered size 12 instead, which fit me perfectly. So, do not order up a size because they are not small runners. Very rarely can I immediately wear shoes for a very long time, as I usually need to adjust to the feel of it. With these shoes, I was able to play for a few hours without feeling any discomfort or tightness on my feet. The shoes feel very smooth, nice and snug fit on your foot. The heel is very stable with the outer sole slightly higher than the inner, which provides extra stability on lateral movements. I highly recommend it for all TT players. Shipments are also very fast, with DHL Express delivery in only a couple of days to another continent over the ocean!
27/01/2022 Purchased for a friend. Review by Ralph Taylor
Purchased for a friend.
He says these shoes greatly help him improve his movement/footwork.
Great product and well made.
(Would buy for myself, but I have strangely shaped feet :)
I need to shop around a lot to find trainers that are comfortable for me! :)

26/01/2022 Very good shoes Review by Christopher
Light with good grip. One of the best shoes on the market, fit perfectly.
13/01/2022 Good Review by Uteshev Akhmetgali
Отличные кеды
30/11/2021 Good Review by Mohammad Alnajadat
11/11/2021 Awesome! Review by Maiko Stieven
Best table tennis shoes ever.
09/11/2021 Review by guangwu li
01/11/2021 Excellent shoes Review by Mateus Ponchio
I am a tall player (1.89 m) and thin (80kg). These shoes provide me with good grip on the floor. I have tried many different brands and these ones are my first choice. They are somewhat expensive, but they last long and, most importantly, they allow me good performance moving close/away from the table.
19/10/2021 GOOD Review by ROMAN DUBINSKY
An expected and good product.
14/10/2021 Goooooood !!! Review by W830
It's a very nice design with comfort when you're moving, Wave Drive is thinner than Mizuno Medal. It's a reasonable price :D
22/09/2021 Runs true to size Review by Daniel Dorogusker
As a USA customer, I find that TT sneakers tend to run small and narrow. Mizuno Wave Drive 8 runs true to size. I typically wear 11.5 in US sizing and the 46 fit just right. Would also be good if you typically wear 12. The toe box is generous, wider than other models or brands I've tried. Very satisfied and thanks to TT11 for sending me a picture of the insole with a tape measure!
30/08/2021 Good shoes. Run large. Review by Scott Stielstra
I normally wear size 47 or 48. I was informed they run large so I got size 47. They work well but are a little large. I would like to have tried a pair in size 46. They are good shoes.
13/05/2021 Great Shoes! Review by Keith Smith
For the price, these are one of the best you can get... Comfy, good grip, and long last. They do run a little big just FYI.
10/05/2021 Good buy Review by Shlomo Birkenfeld
Good buy.
07/05/2021 One size down Review by leon siu
It was the right decision to get one size down.
Good shoes.
22/03/2021 Great Review by Denis Dezan
Quality is high as well as comfort...
16/03/2021 Good, but not exactly what I wanted Review by Sergei Vladimirovich Kravtsov
Since I started playing in good shoes, I used to play in Adidas models. The last one was MiTTenium Comfort. So I got used to the feel I have there and I'm comparing to it (unfortunately, they are not sold anymore).
Wave Drive is lighter but probably thinner than Adidas, I feel closer to the floor in them. Good heel support, good toe support, but I don't really like the middle part. Maybe my feet are not wide enough. But I have a feeling that my feet maybe slip somewhat in the middle part and when performing a fast change in movement direction I feel like I'm standing at the edge of the sole and partially at the shoe side like it is being too soft and doesn't hold my foot at that part.
Despite that, they are quite good, good quality, good grip.
Also, they are quite big, shoe size stated by the manufacturer was 30cm (46 EU) and it is very close to 305mm (47 1/3 EU) of Addidas one, maybe slightly smaller, but less than 5 mm it is supposed to be.
21/02/2021 Even though these shoes are too long, they are comfortable and grip well. Review by harog
The first night I used these shoes they felt wrong compared to what I was previously wearing. Since then I really like them and have never had any problem with floor grip or movement. I have Euro 47 in size. In another make of shoes, that size was too small for my feet. I think these shoes are half a size to one size too big. If possible try them on.
03/02/2021 Thks for​ ​sending.​the​ original Product. Review by Mr.Narong Hooktha
Please recommend a product related to table tennis.
30/12/2020 Excellent Review by Heng Socheat
I wear from the morning till evening no hurt my feet.
24/12/2020 Excellent Review by Heng Socheat
Excellent shoes I like them so much.
17/11/2020 Order a size down Review by Jack
I ordered 46 and they were too large, make sure to get one size down.
21/10/2020 luis frutos Review by Luis Frutos
la zapatilla buena pero hay que chequiar los centimetros con el numero por que no coiciden tuve que comprar 2 veces pero la zapatilla anda bien
17/08/2020 Good Review by Heng Socheat
Very good feeling when playing.
Mizuno Shoes Wave Drive 8