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Mizuno Fortius FT

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Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 92
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6.4
7 ply wood from Japanese manufacture Mizuno very good hand feeling and enjoybl for training and game the best Alternative wood of the classics such as Korbel SK7 and Stiga Clipper. Some Japanese top-level players are already using this high-quality offensive blade.

Customer Reviews

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03/06/2019 Very good! Review by Nikolay Rubets (inn027720047199)
Хорошо сочетается с накладками Q3,Q4,Q5. Удобные ручки ST и FL. Без вибраций.
13/08/2017 Excellent Blade Review by themaker
This is a great 7 ply wood blade from mizuno. The finish is top notch and no sanding was necessary. The handle was robust and fit my large hands quite well. It has a great deal of power which, in combination with its mid/high throw make it at home from mid to far away from the table. The fortius also has a great deal of control and short game was fairly easy to deal with. Lifting backspin with flips or opening attacks was surprisingly easy and is one of the best attributes of the fortius. Active block and punch shots from mid distance were easy to keep on the table. Counterlooping was also well executed and mistakes in shots were forgiven with the large sweet spot. The fortius is definitely bound to be a classic. Well done, mizuno!
16/06/2017 Very very good Review by Hristo Chakarov
The blade is very good. It's a little bit slower than Butterfly SK7 but has more control. People who like the original made in Japan Peter Korbel will like this blade. The description from the manufacturer are very much precise.
Mizuno Fortius FT