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275LAB VOC Speed Glue 1000ml

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LAB275 Speed Glue is a classic glue based on volatile organic compounds solvents. It is highly effective at increasing the speed, spin, and feeling of all sponged rubbers. This is classic speed glue and is effective for up to 24 hours before needing to be reapplied. For the best effect however, be sure to play with your racket immediately after attaching your rubbers to the blade with this glue. Please be advised: This product contains VOCs. Rackets made with VOC glue must be left in the open air for several days or longer before it can be used legally in a sanctioned tournament.

Customer Reviews

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10/02/2019 Not like the old days Review by MATTHEW WILLIAMS
Fairly thin glue, smells like rubber cement plus rubber cement thinner (heptane). Has comparable (weak) effect to that home brew classic.

Domes rubber slightly, can be used to salvage OLD ESN to fit same blade after shrinking. Increases speed and slight trampoline effect.

Does not do much for classic Chinese sponges or even some modern Chinese sponges. Very weak spin effect even with multiple layers.
275LAB VOC Speed Glue 1000ml