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Joola ZQH Hyper ARY-c 90

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 5.6
The powerful blade of the Chinese National team’s Zhou Qihao! This blade’s HYPER ARY-c fiber is aligned vertically, providing an unprecedented catapult effect and crystal-clear feedback. Reinforced by a hard outer koto layer, this blade creates direct power and exceptional accuracy.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

14/12/2023 Amazing blade! Review by Bruce Lee
Better feeling and faster than my Long 5/Long 5X and Viscaria. Easier to loop underspin than all of them in FH and BH. I'm waiting for it to come back to stock to get a 2nd one.

FH: DHS/Nittaku Hurricane 3 Prov. orange sponge
BH: Tenergy 19
29/11/2023 Super Review by MKovacevic
Very good control
24/11/2023 Great Blade Review by O
I am now using this blade. I tried a lot before-Hybrid, Trinity, L5x, L5, MZlc, PC. I’m using J ACC on fh and t05 on bh. This is a great blade especially if you’re able to use proper weight shift. Fast and spinny balls go past through your opponent. Very stable due to large sweet spot. Very consistent. On acc hit at 2-3 o’clock. On t05 just grab the ball and follow through. It favors fast swings. The handle is also comfortable.
13/11/2023 Great Review by Nir Tiger
The pedal itself looks beautiful.
I envy all those who can write a technical review about the way it feels through different strokes and situations.
All I can say, it feels great to me, I upgraded from a lower level slower type of pedal. I play for 2 years now and I don't feel it's too much of a racket for me.
04/10/2023 Fantastic offensive blade Review by Albin D
I moved from Nobilis to ZQH 90 and was a bit scared it'd be too advance for me. But it's actually better so i can focus on placement and control because of the increase of power. The blade feels hard and crisp so it generates only the amount you put in the shot making it easier to control.
Block is easy, attack are clear and curve is a bit low. Handle is nicely thick and textured. Quality is top and colors grew on me with blue backhand rubber.
Amazing TT11 delivery.
13/09/2023 Good blade Review by SK
Comparing to Viscaria, the control is better. The finishing quality of this blade is very good.
21/04/2023 Good quality Review by Lopex
Exactly what I expected. Nice feeling for short strokes and powerful when needed.
I have a Lin Gaoyuan. I think they are very similar with the only difference that joola Hyper is stronger from distance.
*Always fast delivery from TT11 :)
30/03/2023 My new go to blade Review by Jorge Merino
This blade has become my main for the last couple of months, and I am really happy with it. It implements what Joola calls hyper ALC but is plainly Super ALC carbon. They changed the name because Butterfly has apparently license the name of the technology.
It is a high quality blade (very well manufactured by Joola) though a bit expensive (209£ MSRP in the UK), but I got a massive discount on a TT11 sale (THANKS!). I would rate its built quality similar to butterfly products.

I was jumping from DHS Hurricane Long 5x (87g) to Timo Boll ALC (87g) for a year and wasn't really happy with either for a couple of reasons.
1. Setup weight, (I use hurricane 3 Nat in the forehand and either Hurricane H-80 or Dignics 09C in the backhand). The entire setup was normally 190g or over and I caused me to be pretty late on most shots, also making the entire setup pretty head heavy specially in the TB ACL. With the Joola ZQH (83g) I have been able to sort out that problem bringing my setup weight to 183-185g depending on the layers of glue and H3 hardness (the harder the heavier). That difference allows me to play faster rallies on top of the table and has enable me to improve my backhand significantly. The weight balance of the blade makes it suitable with heavy rubbers.

2. Feeling vs power: The main problem I had with TB ALC was the feeling. In fact, even professional players are moving towards inner carbon blades to retain some of that feeling. TB ALC is completely dead unless you hit hard. There is little to no feedback on slower shots, so flicks and touch is harder. Inner carbon blades like the DHS HL5x give you that feedback but at the cost of power. The Joola ZQH gives you the power of a TB ALC because of its similar composition, but you get more feedback from the blade. I am not going to say it is the woody feeling of the DHS HL5x, but it is a lot more noticeable than in outer carbon blades like TB ALC. In my personal scale I would rate DHS HL5x>Joola ZQH90>TB ALC. What I mean by woody feeling vs the other two blades is: feedback on 40-100% strength shots = inner carbon/woody feeling vs feedback on 60%-100% strength shots = outer SALC/HALC carbon vs 75%-100% strength shots = outer ALC carbon.

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Joola (though I wouldn't mind), I am just really happy with the blade.
22/03/2023 High quality and ease of use Review by Theodor-Stefan Baca
High quality and ease of use
13/01/2023 Excellent blade Review by Anonymous
This blade is excellent. It provides a crisp feeling on every shot, and it can generate tons of speed and spin. It's very fast, but not as bouncy as the Viscaria. The Viscaria will sometimes give an "empty" feeling when hitting hard, but this blade is consistently solid. The handle size is about the same as the Viscaria (maybe a hair thinner).
13/01/2023 Beautiful blade Review by orlando gallardo
One of the best blades from Joola; as advertised the blade is true to its characteristics and not so pricy.
Joola ZQH Hyper ARY-c 90