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Joola Vyzaryz Trinity

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF
Imagine the ability to combine power, force, feeling, and accuracy, all in one blade. The heart of the VYZARYZ TRINITY is the X3, a state of the art super composite weave which is a JOOLA first. Horizontal layers of PBO-C & Carbon were woven with vertical layers of Arylate and Carbon (ALC). The outer layer Limba layer adds even more touch on every shot. The Trinity blade will give you the X3 super boost of when you need it!

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

22/04/2022 Отлично. Review by Vano Azizyan
5 звёзд!
06/08/2021 Powerful blade Review by Jesse
More powerful and higher hardness than the Viscaria. More like a ZLC from Butterfly. Anyway, excellent blade.
21/07/2021 Overall, a great blade Review by Oliver
I originally wanted to try Energon Super Poncho after finding out that it has the same composition as ZJK SZLC.
However, it was out of stock.
After watching videos on YT, I came across Trinity. I’m a fan of blades with outer limba. The EJ in me kicked in and I ended up ordering the blade 85 gms.
I put my old Xiom Omega Euro max on both sides. (I also ordered the Gewo Nanoflex FT 48 and Victas V11 Extra but decided to try the Omega to break in the blade). I’m surprised with the feel, control, spin, and speed. The speed is there when you need it but it can be too much and balls can go over the table, but this is so easy to adjust. Over the table flicks and opening loops are so easy and spinny. Flat hits and counter loops are fast and, most of the time, the other player was not able to react due to the speed. Some of my shots go long but I think I’ll be able to tame this blade after I play with it a couple more times. Serve receives are great, too. I just have to adjust receiving chops as they go to the net sometimes but I think it’s more when I tighten my grip. The ball does not pop up with chops. Overall a great blade. I think I will stick with this blade and setup.
I also have HL5, HL5x, Bty Freitas, Btf MJ ZLC. I would say the Trinity is now my favorite. The MJ has also about the same speed mid-far table (with t05 and t80 rubbers) but has less control close to the table. HL5 is also a favorite but the handle is small, which makes the blade move in my hand. The Freitas has good feel but can feel stiff (with the right rubbers it has a lot of potential)
I’ve tried the Omega rubber on all these blades but it worked the best with Trinity.
I am very please with this blade.
I also would commend the staff of TT11. They always reply fast when I need to find out the specs/ weights of the blade that they have.
12/08/2020 Gold. Review by Mahmut Ates
Unique feeling. Medium-hard. Precise. Balanced weight.
Joola Vyzaryz Trinity