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Joola Rosskopf Emotion

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 86
Blade Type : OFF-
thickness (mm) : 5.8
The carbon fibre core of the blade creates an enhanced sweet spot which results in excellent control. In comparison with other blades with carbon core, the JOOLA rossi emotion impresses with a relatively soft feel and a high trajectory, due to the specially selected Hinoki surface. The blade offers the best possible balance between feeling in passive and speed in active play. Veneer 5+2 Layers Hinoki, Koto, Carbon, Ayous Speed fast Control high Strategy ALL/OF extreme Technology CARBON

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

31/10/2020 Nice off- blade Review by Ardak Mirzakhmedov
It has decent speed. Good for blocks, topspins, counter hits. Lack of power compared to off+ blades, but it has enough power for off- blade. Pushes are ok. Quality blade. Didn't like Goldark 8. Because there was less control with this rubber. Then I put boosted DHS Hurricane 3. Now it is slow, but with good control. One of the best blades among the blades I have used. For me, it is better than Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive, Petr Korbel, Primorac, Stiga OC, Donic Carbospeed. But Stiga CC7 is better. Rossi Emotion is similar to Donic Waldner Senso Carbon for me.
01/07/2020 Excellent Value and Balance Review by Mark Elert
My attempts to replace Viscaria have ended with this blade; I didn't want to fork over $160 anymore. Enter the JRE... I'm using G-1 on FH and Victas V>01 stiff on BH. The blade allows for very short serves, very short receives/drop shots, very high spin, but also flat hit smashes, controlled blocks, auto-pushes. Good flex for dwell time/control, but no shortage of speed/power. The blade is light. I play fairly close to the table, so angles, control off the bounce, and blocking are needed - JRE delivers. My best weapon with this combo is a smothering FH loop-drive with some sidespin, cross-court, the kind where the ball just doesn't bounce up at all. Nasty, in the best sense!
24/04/2020 Excellent OFF- Blade Review by Wesley Wang
I was an owner of a different inner carbon blade that proved to be too fast and uncontrollable for me in critical moments of a game. I opted for a slower inner carbon blade that was able to produce a tremendous amount of spin while still retaining good feedback. This is the blade that fits all of my criteria! The blade I received weighs in at 85g and is nicely balanced with decent speed. The craftsmanship is extraordinary and the spin potential is huge (the kick of the balls from my loops is astonishing!). The gears are a lot wide than most other inner carbon blades. The FL handle is nicely finished and shaped. It is a must-try for advancing players who are looking into spinny OFF- blades.
24/03/2020 Joola Rosskopf Emotion Review by ANDREY ROZOV
Крайние три года играю основаниями с наружным «Хиноки». Это - Xiom Ignito 80гр., Xiom Feel ZX2 84гр., Andro Treiber Fl OFF 88гр. Сегодня получил, поклеил и попробовал со спаррингом Joola Rosskopf Emotion 86гр. Накладки Joola Maxxx-P 2.2 и Nittaku Fastarc C-1 2.0. Оказалось, отзывы не врут. Очень приятно играть, золотая середина! Чуть медленнее, чем Ignito и ZX2, чуть плотнее, гармоничнее жмет те же накладки, чем Treiber Fl, легко выполнять и стелющиеся срезки и в меру агрессивные топ-спины. Из-за уже указанного недостатка (лопасть меньше на 1мм.), пришлось накладки обрезать ножницами с припуском 1.5мм.
01/08/2019 Great balance, great blade Review by Pacho Pedales
It's a great blade!
Fantastic control with a good amount of speed. Mine weighs 86gr, nice smooth handle, good feeling, not as hard as other carbon blades. I use a ST, Hurricane Neo 3 FH, and Rakza 7 BH. One of the best blades I've ever had, you can´t go wrong with this one. Recommended!
09/05/2019 Good blade Review by FERNANDO FUSSA
Since it was for a beginner person, it was a perfect fit for him.
27/03/2019 Very happy with blade Review by Michael
Good fast blade with nice control. The ball certainly pings off quicker than my old blade (30yr old blade).

Comfortable and light to hold also
17/09/2018 Excelente Review by RUBEN CECCOLI
Excelente madera
verdaderamente fuera de lo común en tamaño, velocidad, dureza, vibración y comodidad
muy recomendable.
16/11/2017 Excellent Feel Review by Naveen Sharma
I love the feel from the blade and is able to see improvement on both speed and spin in my game.
22/07/2017 Great Review by Chargoy
Really great blade. LIght and fast. Hinoki external layers gives you control because are soft and carbon layer gives you speed. All the structure in this blade is great to support my game. It's a really good combination for me, if you want speed and control.
14/04/2017 Доволен Review by Roman Eshchenko
Основание собрано аккуратно, пластиковый шильдик маленький и только на одной стороне, вибраций практически нет, карбон третьим слоем, основание умеренно быстрое. Ручку брал ST и FL, ST более пропорциональная, FL кругловатая (довольно объемная, если сравнивать с BYT Boll Forte OFF FL). Клеил Xiom Europe 2.0 и Xiom Pro 2.0, слишком мягкую Xiom Europe заменил на Donic Baracuda. Пока все устраивает. Посылка до Саратова шла ровно 2 недели. Спасибо.
31/01/2017 4 Review by Valentin Ranchenko
good blade/ but handle fl redesigned/ not very sutable. thin in the middle & wide in the end. Has some good vibration/ speed rated off-/off. balance more close to handle.
20/12/2016 excellent feeling and blance Review by Ivan Michieli
This is the very first blade that is perfectly fitted to my game. Excellent feeling and very good control!! All of my previous blades (Donic Appelgreen, Palio Master , Palio Legend, Stiga all-around...) were nothing in comparison to Joola Emotion!!! I recommend it to all of you who are not yet fully satisfied with your present blades!!!!!!

16/11/2016 То, что ожидал Review by Michael
Классный сервис!
09/11/2016 总体感觉很一般 Review by du chuan
21/09/2016 Wonderful Review by Ladislav Haluska
Rumors were right. Wonderful feel, great control, enough power.

And excellent service by TT11
06/09/2016 OK,perfetto Review by ROBERTO DENTELLO
Ottimo telaio.
10/05/2016 light and powerful Review by CHIH CHANG SU
very good for kid
01/03/2016 Excellent product; fast delivery Review by Wei Wang
Thanks; happy customer!
29/02/2016 Excellent for control Review by Mohan Kumar A S
Blade has ample speed and really good control. I'm still a beginner but this blade gives me really good control even with tensor rubbers.
03/08/2015 great blade Review by edge10
This is my first carbon blade, and what can I say but it is awesome. It is very light about 82 grams, the handle is perfect, I have large hands and the fit is very comfy. I have to back off a bit as I am use to all wood blades, but the transition is very easy.
14/07/2015 GREAT BLADE AND EASY TO PLAY Review by vito
this blade in good for loop and counterloop and really fantastic for bolck active and passive. the smash in precise and easy . the strategy game is close to table and mid-distance too.the hinoky plies give at the blade an overstanding control and koto plies give precision too..tihs is a blade in the middle of the "off" range.
the carbon plies give at the blade the possibility to have more speed when the distance is just a little far.
14/05/2015 классика среди off оснований Review by Валерий Говорухин
Играть легко практически с любыми накладками. Годится для игроков любого уровня. Очень комфортное основание.
10/04/2015 Joola Rosskopf emotion Review by Wei - Cheng
My blade is too light, only 77 grams. Therefore, I give 4 stars.
Joola Rosskopf Emotion