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Joola Maxxx-P

This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Rubber type : inverted
JOOLA MAXXX°, the rubber with the triple X: maXXXimum power, maXXximum spin, maXXXimum control. P like precision, P like professional, P like Poly-ball GeoGrip- Power-Technology is used - this develops significantly more grip of the ball for more spin due to an intense friction surface structure. Due to it being a slightly softer version with a sponge hardness of 42,5°, the MAXXX-P is ideal for ambitioned players, who lay emphasis on control and ball feeling. Speed EXTREME Spin EXTRA HIGH Control HIGH Hardness 42,5°

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

01/08/2022 Good for looping, not much for blocking for me Review by Syed M.Danial
I am using this as my backhand rubber max thickness on Tibhar Stratus Powerwood 87 grams. This rubber is made for those who want to open with loop on underpins. It is very easy to open. But blocking is a bit difficult as it is a bouncy rubber. Maybe you should not choose the max thickness...
02/05/2022 Very nice product Review by John Wooten
I had purchased one of these sponges before and liked it much more than the Butterfly equivalent. This sponge holds up well to normal use. My first one dried out so, had to be replaced. I'm looking to see why it dried out so that I might prevent that going forward but, if it happens again, I'll pick up a new one as it is a good value for the price.
23/06/2021 Perfect for countering and blocking fast and low Review by Cristian
I got Maxxx-P as it has a low throw on blocks, when the opponent attacks you can simply block it down the line fast and win the point.
I use it on BH combined with Omega V Pro on FH.
02/07/2018 Update review Review by BRIJMOHAN ARORA
Update:2 June 2018,I decided to use this rubber with DHS 301....viola....magic,this is a very good rubber to lift backspin and with good speed too.I have on FH,loving the loop arc loops on backspins....great 3rd ball kills
24/05/2018 Fair rubber Review by SPIROS ANDREAS KOUSTAS
It is a very good rubber with nothing exceptional to refer to. Good control, not very fast, at least with the blade I use (Tibhar Carbon light). Good spin. Average rubber for every person to play. I prefer Chinese rubbers....
11/04/2018 Good rubber Review by Pingu
Good rubber but find it a little slower than Xiom Sima2
06/02/2018 Great Feel and control Review by JEAN ANDROUTSOS
I use it as BH rubber on my Xiom ZX3. Soft feeling rubber and sponge, with great control. Very easy to keep the ball on the table on returning fancy serves and blocking shots as well.
No tackiness whatsoever. I would welcome just a bit of tackiness with this rubber.
13/12/2017 Spinn, control and speed.. Review by Per Bertilsson
Great control for its speed. Great spinn with new stiga optima polyball.. I use long pips OX on backhand, and use maxxx-p 1,8 mm on forehand for suprise attack with smash and loop.
Combined with yasaka sweden classic i have found the perfect combo
23/03/2017 5 Stars product Review by Hugues Lapointe
Very very good product !
Thanks Joola !!
07/02/2017 Excellent rubber Review by Johnxo
This has solid grip suitable for any side. Definetly worth trying
30/01/2017 New FH rubber Review by DRAGOS HAIDUC
On Stiga Allround Classic WRB. Excellent ball fell, spin, power and speed for my level.
21/12/2016 Good BH Rubber Review by Andy Lee
I have used this on Backhand. The spin drops after a few session but once or twice my opponent still can't return my backspin ball well. it is a reasonable good rubber. Quite like it when using it for opening loop and backhand pushes.
14/08/2016 Nice Product !! Review by Alexander Leibovich
Прекрасная накладка ! Очень рекомендую , как любителям , так и продвинутым игрокам. Неповторимо в сочетании с Donic Li Ping KITEX.
Благодарю работников за грамотную и быструю работу !
14/04/2016 very nice rubber Review by alaa mansour
that is second rubber for the same sore very nice rubber have power and spiny
17/03/2016 Amaizing Review by bashar yamak
Amaizing BH rubber highly recommended
25/02/2016 Good Value Review by M Kam
Excellent rubbers for new balls.
09/01/2016 spinny rubber Review by alaa mansour
great rubber with spin and great control
18/12/2015 优势:全能且细腻,旋转尤为突出 劣势:绝对速度稍慢 Review by gaosworld2015
重量稍微重一点,配在LATIKA CARBON的反手,重量刚好合适。
21/05/2015 Joola Maxx-P Review by MK
Excellent BH rubber for the new poly ball. Good speed & control.
01/05/2015 nice Review by Dino Midzic
Nice rubber, great spin and control
Joola Maxxx-P