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Joola Dynaryz AGR

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Rubber type : inverted
The Joola Dynaryz rubbers were launched in 2020. The two rubbers were presented as high-performance equipment for top-class players. The AGR version has a purple colored 50-degrees hard sponge with large, visible pores and a grippy topsheet. Joola declares this rubber as a new flagship rubber among all Joola rubbers.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

08/08/2022 Fantastic rubbers Review by Quoc Shivajie
Good control. Awesome rubbers mid-distance looping players.
These particular rubbers are for intermediate to the advanced level players.
22/06/2022 Almost perfect Review by David Kim
This is one of my favorite balls and most clubs here are playing this ball.
However recently I found some irregular balls maybe one in every 3.
But still, be the best ball for feeling and bounce.
08/03/2022 Tame it and you will be rewarded Review by Dennis HAYDEN
I have this on my BH but it doesn't always stay there - and can be just as potent on the FH. A great combination of speed and spin, it has a low linear trajectory and a tendency to go long when you first use it but once you make the adjustments it does everything fairly well. Great for looping, and aggressive blocking. Longevity is good.
18/11/2021 Good Review by Oliver
This has been compared to T05H in other reviews. This is nowhere near T05H. This is much slower and does not have the catapult of T05H. I would say this is close to XS2E in speed and characteristics. Maybe a little faster than XS2E. For me, this is a good BH rubber. It has a soft and thin top sheet. I really tried to like this but I went back to T05H on my FH and t05 on my BH.
06/09/2021 Excellent Review by Ani
Great alternative for Dignic 05!
13/04/2021 very good Review by Richard Lim
Fast and Spinny. Those who loved hard feel like Chinese rubber but need more speed, this is the rubber for you. I suggest to used 2.0mm to balance control and speed.
18/05/2020 хорошо Review by Igor Golovlev
резина довольно тяжелая около 51 г (150х157) с очень хорошим сцеплением, быстрая, но контрольная, сейчас очень многие накладки перевалили 50 граммовый рубеж.
Joola Dynaryz AGR