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Haifu Sea Moon Booster 250ml

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Booster increases the overall spin and speed characteristics of the table tennis rubber and creates a very pleasant ball touch. According to our information boosters are used by all top players in the world. The Haifu Sea Moon booster is one of the strongest and most popular boosters in the world. Use Haifu Sea Moon Booster on the rubber only. Repeat the application every 24 hours for a better speed effect. After the last layer, let it dry until the rubber will become flat again. Join the rubber and the blade with water-based glue. Efficient 4 to 8 weeks. Booster is not the glue, so you will need to use table tennis glue to attach the boosted rubber to your blade. Risks: 1. Booster increases the thickness of the rubber. The total thickness of the rubber should not exceed 4,00 mm on all competitions played under ITTF rules. It is the responsibility of the player to check the thickness of the rubbers in this case. 2. Rubbers with speed glue effect must be treated with care and less amount of booster because these rubbers have already some booster liquid inside. Volume: 250ml

Customer Reviews

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20/01/2023 Very good Review by Daniel Drimba
20/10/2022 I guess it works Review by Elias Pierrakos
This is my first time venturing into boosting, so I can't really compare the results with other products. However, it did increase the speed of the normal Hurricane 3 Neo rubber.
31/08/2022 Not much effective in my experience Review by Debashish Mitra
Even after using 3 layers over 3 days (both with and without a first glue layer), there is no noticeable improvement in spin and speed compared to Falco Tempo Long booster. I had high hopes but am disappointed. The rubbers do curl a lot after the 3rd application but the spin and speed is just not there. I do not know whether it is a case of 'boosting is not for me' or whether this booster is to blame but I think I like hard sponge and if the sponge becomes soft and mushy I do not like it as there is little power. I tried this on Hurricane 3 Provincial Blue 39 (may be this was a mistake as 39 is already soft), Hurricane 3 Neo National Orange 39, Friendship Battle 2 Provincial Blue 39, Friendship Battle Max Pro Blue 39, Hurricane 3 Neo commercial - and did not like it. Maybe boosting is not for me
21/06/2022 Best booster in the market Review by Kiarash Riazi
The booster has been recommended to me by my couch. It boosts much better than Falco Tempo. However, this one is a bit mucusy so I have to apply it with a lot of caution as it may leave an uneven surface on the rubber if not applied evenly on the sponge. Falco Tempo was more watery and easier to apply.
20/12/2021 Big help Review by Daniel Drimba
Very satisfied with the product. Does its job as prescribed in the draft.
01/07/2021 Отлично Review by David
Отличный бустер, испробовал на некоторых жестких накладках, особенно подошел к 09С, размягчил накладку, стало более эластичная, контрольная, быстрая и вращение с дугой добавилось отлично.
Сейчас смотрю на сколько времени хватит бустерного эффекта.
Haifu Sea Moon Booster 250ml