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Gewo Hype XT Pro 40.0


This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Rubber type : inverted
The GEWO Hype XT Pro 40.0 is the perfect choice for players looking for a soft power rubber with a grippy surface which provides good potential for attacking strokes. This rubber is designed for a higher end speed compared to GEWO Hype EL Pro 40.0. The rubber creates a lot of sound when contacting the ball. Ideal for players relying on spin and precision.

Customer Reviews

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06/08/2017 Control & Spin Master Review by xray
this rubber has VERY GOOD control. the soft foam allows me to direct the ball to any part of the table I chose. I use it on a very FAST blade.
so when I require the speed I increase my stroke action, the blades properties come into play. producing a very deadly kick action.
22/07/2017 light and spinny Review by stephan tyack
weighs 40g each side when cut and is grippy and elastic as a Tibhar MXP but less fast; it's a tensor which is not too dense so good spin/speed ratio; gives precise game with great loopsand blocks; best over the table as when further need to have good strokes to compensate for speed.
15/05/2017 слишком крупные поры у губки Review by Igor Golovlev
мах весит 63.3 г это средне жесткая резина. губка состоит как бы из склеенных между собой гранул и поэтому представляет очень не ровную поверхность , поэтому наклеенная резина выглядит бугристо , а из-за этого и отскок может быть не стабильным.но играть вполне можно на любительском уровне. Резина цепкая и довольно быстрая.
16/01/2017 Highly recomended. Review by Minh Tuan Hoang
Very good rubbers. It's my alternative rubbers for Adidas TZU SF which is no longer existed. Recomended for backhand.
28/09/2016 Precise and spinny Review by stephan tyack
This is a good all round rubber. It provides great sensation on topspin and has many gears. Great for blocking and looping. Only drawback is it is a little soft at 40 degrees and the speed has to be matched. The greatest advantage is it is very light so you have better movement , compounded with fantastic spin and tensor effect. Good near the tabla and at mid-distance.
29/07/2016 Good spin and spred & good feeling too. Review by Yongwoo Rim
Spin, speed , feeling are excellent for me. Good rubber.
29/07/2016 Nothing special. I do not recommend Review by Tima G.
Nothing special. I do not recommend
23/06/2016 Good product at reasonable price. Review by Setia Welli
Try the 1.9mm, want to get the good control. The speed & spin also excellent and nice to hear the sound too. Already bought the spare.
Gewo Hype XT Pro 40.0