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The German company GEWO began producing table tennis tables in 1956 and quickly established itself as one of the leading producers in Europe. In 1991, GEWO decided to expand their business and offer a complete line-up of table tennis products. Since then, table tennis players have been enjoying the high quality of GEWO products. GEWO offers many excellent “Made in Germany” rubbers. The flagship Hype XT Pro rubbers combine GEWO’s FLEX-TECH technology with Dynamic Grip Concept (DGC) topsheets that have been optimized for the 40+ poly-ball. Enzo Angles, the 2013 European Junior Singles Champion, is one of the early adopters of the Hype XT Pro 50 rubbers. Other high quality rubbers include the Hype EL Pro, nanoFLEX, and ... FLEXXON series, as well as the successor to the popular Proton-XP series, i.e., the Proton Neo rubbers that are made with DGC and LifeTec+ technologies, which guarantee longer durability. GEWO also offers a wide range of blades that are developed by German engineers such as the Force, X-Force, Super-Force, and Zoom blades as well as the Velox, Polaris, Hybrid Carbon, and the brand new Balsa Carbon line, which is made using a vertically cut balsa core and 1K-carbon. Former world class player and 1991 World Men’s Doubles bronze medalist, Dimitry Mazunov, is GEWO’s new materials expert, so you should expect even more exciting innovative products from GEWO in the future. Did you know that GEWO grew out of a saddle business that was originally founded in 1898? Show more Show less