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Friendship 729 Battle II

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Rubber type : inverted
For the ABS plastic ball. Light, with reasonably good speed, tacky, and quite consistent.

Customer Reviews

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19/01/2024 Cuacho chino recomendable Review by Edgardo Aguilar
Aunque su salida sea levemente más lenta que otras gomas, el efecto que genera es muy bueno. Su duración es increíble, ideal para cortes, bloqueos, spin. Se adapta a todo tipo de estilo.
01/12/2023 Fine rubber Review by Alexandre Carvalho
This rubber gives great speed and spin. With boost must be enormous. Give it a try.
31/08/2023 Viable for Backhand? Review by Raikiro
After 2 months of using this rubber on my backhand (2.1 red, 47 degrees unboosted on a yasaka silverline allwood) i have found it a little too hard for my liking as i don't have enough dwell time to block the ball where i want to and really spin the ball like i do using skyline 2 neo on my forehand.

However, performing BH flick has been a pleasure and my shots do have much more spin than before. BH looping is also very deadly and not too difficult to perform. Blocking is good but placement is a little bit more difficult. BH Counter-topspins can be performed very well even from mid-distance.

When cleaning this rubber, a drop of water and a wipe with a sponge will do the trick nicely, during matchplay, wiping after every game is all that's needed.

Although i'm not particularly impressed by this rubber on my bh, my opinion may change when i use the 45 degree version whenever my current sheet gets old.
31/08/2022 The Best and most Underrated Chinese Rubber Review by Debashish Mitra
This is my forehand rubber of choice. To me this has much more power (spin and speed) and comparable control compared to the Hurricane 3 rubbers. Moreover this does not even need boosting. After playing with Friendship 729 Battle II, even the Hurricane 3 Provincial blue sponge 39 boosted with 3 layers of Haifu sea moon seems dead and powerless. This is the Best and most Underrated Chinese Rubber
29/08/2022 Not suited for my style of play Review by Shammam Ahmed
Fast, not very spinny. I am comparing this to Skyline Tg2 Neo. Harder to brush compared to DHS rubbers.
19/04/2022 Buen hule chino Review by Martin Oscar Leiva Elizabeth
Es un muy buen hule chino, tiene suficiente velocidad y efecto, un poco pesado pero me resultó bueno para golpe de FH. Funciona mejor con cuchillas de mediana velocidad. Muy estable para bloqueo y golpes con fuerza a corta distancia (dentro de la mesa).
17/11/2021 Good Review by Oliver
A little faster than H3 National but has less spin.
04/05/2021 Good rubber with reasonable price Review by Jacky Fok
First time trying after playing with Xiom Vega pro and Yasaka Rakza 7 and Z for some time. Not very traditional tacky Chinese rubber, Rubber is not too fast, with excellent control, enough speed, and spin. Feel more direct than non-Chinese rubber. Better with booster but it is ok without boosting. Good for players that love Chinese rubber but not like boosting. Reasonable price but good product. I will stick to this rubber for my forehand and use Yasaka Rakza 7 and Xiom Vega pro for my backhand rubber.
16/01/2021 Best value for money rubber. Review by Vincent M.
Awsome spin. Very tacky. Extreme grip. Good speed with good control. Medium-hard. Linear. A little bit bouncy but nothing to have with tensor. Big consistency.
And more, half the price of most of Japanese and European rubbers.
Super value for money.

23/12/2020 Good product Review by Heiki Kuus
Battle II is a good, cost-effective rubber with adequate speed and very good spin.
10/03/2020 Super tacky Review by KPS
A hard, tacky rubber that produces great spin. Good price too.
29/10/2019 Very good spin for low price Review by Jakub Poland
Before I played Europen (tensor)rubber Rasanter 47 R50 Tenergy 64 on FH. Now I'm testing Battel 2 and DHS H3 Neo. Chinese rubbers are completely different than tensor, It means slower in light hit but much spiny. After 10h of training, I started to feel Chinese rubbers. Compare DHS and Battle 2, second of them has lower throw angle, similar spin and speed (medium). For my style of game and technique (fast spin attack) Chinese rubbers are the best. And for sure rubbers needs to be tuning (its softer after). Dhs n3 neo for me is better because higher throw angle but before tuning battle has also high, now is lower and unfortunately too low.
23/08/2019 Tacky and spinny rubber Review by Aidas Caponka
Got this in 47 degrees. Suits well only for backhand. Very tacky low trow angle. For FH need 49 degrees. Better when boosted. Not very fast, spinny.
18/07/2019 Great Chinese Rubbers Review by DAVID HESSLING
If you like Chinese rubbers and want a lighter rubber than the DHS H3, this is the best choice. Good feeling and control with a lot of speed.
30/07/2018 Good Rubber Review by Battler
Good rubber and great service from TT11. Thanks.
04/01/2018 Great sticky rubber Review by rick kolb
I use battle two on my back hand side. Faster than hurricane 3. A very sticky rubber that is just a great all-around rubber. Hard to find sometimes
06/12/2017 dhs3neo national replacement Review by SACHIN PATIL
This is a very good rubber,i got the 47 degree sponge,great rubber for the
forehand i ditched my dh3 neo rubber for this almost same weight but more hardness and more spin and once the rubber breaks in after few weeks it is damn good.It plays very good on hard blades as the hard blades engage the sponge much better.My blade is YEO 7power which is stiff hard and flexible ,it complimented my yasaka rakza 7 on backhand.Once u get used to this rubber ur opponent will be in great misery due to the extreme spin and the kick after bouncing on the opposite side.After the Rakza 7 wears out plan is to replace it with battle 1 a great rubber for back hand with higher throw angle.Also the rubber is only 18 dollars more cheaper.
09/03/2017 Not that i expected Review by Sanket kannurkar
This is very very spinny rubber. This will fit probably on T11+ types of blades. Its hard and tacky.. i took it for my backhand side but now control of my BH is almost gone with this, just because i am not able to handle this spin and anyways control is difficult to maintain with this rubber. This is the best rubber for serves, opponent's can hardly receive good serves.
Friendship 729 Battle II