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Dr.Neubauer Matador

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Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 88
Blade Type : OFF-
thickness (mm) : 6
The offensive blade for use with pimple-out and anti-spin rubbers. The special plywood composition of Matador provides astounding power for a modern attacking game. Fast topspin shots, as well as looping with a lot of rotation, are both very easy to perform. It is one of the very few OFF blades on the market that also produce a distinctive disruptive effect when used with pimple-out or anti-spin rubbers. Most importantly this blade produces the low bounce that all pimple-out or anti-spin players are traditionally looking for.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

26/07/2022 Nothig special Review by Todor Todorov
I expected better quality of the blade. Nothing special. It is good for short pips and OX long pips.
25/07/2022 取り回しのしやすいブレード Review by Shou
29/07/2021 Not better from Firewall Plus Review by KOSTAS ANASTASOPOULOS
I was looking for something suitable for long pips ox. It is o.k. but not better than Firewall Plus.
27/04/2021 Excelent blade for ox long pips Review by zorg
I use it with Dr. Neubauer Super Block Extreme, the blade is hard, it is heavily sealed on both sides which increases hardness and also protects the wood when using a glue sheet to attach long pips/anti to the blade. The blade is not bouncy the inner layers are soft and slow, and has no flex which is good for ox pips blocking, the blocks are short, and also there is more than enough speed in the blade to score a point against pop up balls, which you get from pips.
23/04/2021 Good Review by loveu
Good blade for anti or LP rubber.
18/04/2019 Perfect blade! Review by Artem Kunavin
Previously I tried a lot of blades and preferred fast attacking blades - Viscaria and the similar ALC blades (Viscaria Chinese clone and Yinhe V-14) because these blades allow to have a good feeling and control on hard attacking strokes with hard rubbers from both bh and fh (Yinhe Moon, Donic Baracuda / Huricane 3, Skyline 2). Recently I switched to Dr.Neubauer Matador Texa (92g) for more control and experiments with long/short pips. The blade allows to play with OX long pips quite effective. Disruptive effect of Blitzschlag is good with this blade, however it looks a bit fast with this blade. I'm an attacking player, so my main setup with this blade is Nittaku Fastarc G1 and Hurricane 3. It plays perfectly with classic Hurricane 3 non-neo on FH even without any boosting if you can hit/loop hard enough. Not so fast, however very controllable and allows to loop-kill the ball from the table with decent speed and huge spin that can hardly be blocked. My opponents have significant amount of mistakes caused by underestimation of the spin on brush loops. This is my favorite blade and setup for the last 3 months and I'm really happy with it. Fastarc G1 is perfect for BH and FH as well.

After the good impressions from Matador Texa I was curious to try Matador - its "little brother". While Texa is a solid OFF with an outstanding control, Matador is reasonably slower and feels a bit softer and more flexible. My Matador is very light - 78 grams only. I prefer heavy blades, however I don't have any issues with this weight. I think this blade will allow me to use fast and heavy rubbers.
Matador feels just right - flexible enough for forehand loops with a good arc and hard enough for more direct backhand strokes.
I tried it with Donic Baracuda, Yinhe Moon and DHS Skyline 3 - everything is fine. Also I'm experimenting with Spinlord Degu short pips and I have very good control, ability to attack using flat backhand flicks and some low-spin backhand topspin imitation, chops and blocks are great.

The quality of both Matadors is perfect. One side of both blades is varnished heavily in order to make it harder for better performance with pips (I suppose that this is good for Chinese rubbers as well). I used sandpaper a bit for better gluing.
07/09/2017 Very nice paddle for offense to defense Review by Antonio Oliver
I've used this paddle to play defense but to have the pop when I need it to surprise my opponent and win many points. I play a defensive type of game but during change of pace this paddle power gives me great pop... I love it !
18/02/2016 A bit disappointed Review by Yugo
This is the first blade that I am not satisfied with the TT11. The blade has some clear joint which looks bad on its cover. Haven't tested it yet.Dr. Neubauer is probably the party to blame though.
09/12/2014 One Of The Best Review by BraderDart
One of the best blades for long pips i have ever tried, very ligt. You can feel the contact when you hit the ball with the blade. Very good control for anti and long pips. You can attack with this blade. I use long pips and it easy to cut, push and placing the ball. Recommended also because the price very reasonable.
Dr.Neubauer Matador