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Dr.Neubauer Gangster

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Rubber type : long pips
GANGSTER is a new long pimple rubber that provides added value in a variety of fields. GANGSTER was developed 100% for use with the new plastic ball. The rubber enables to produce an effective blocking game close to the table, both while blocking passively and while chop-blocking. All standard attacking strokes with long pimples can be performed easily, even for less experienced players. GANGSTER mostly excels through its great control at all levels, this holds true for service returning, pushing over the table and even blocking against fast topspin shots. GANGSTER: A highly interesting alternative for all close to the table long pips players!

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

18/10/2018 Excellent long pimple Review by Pete sliney
This pimple has excellent control with reversal/ disruption. Tried most of the long pimples in OX and returned to this rubber. There are ones with more disruption, but the high control with this provide the best balance.
23/05/2018 Good long pimples with varying possibilities Review by Jose Da Silva
Good rubber for blocking and chop blocking close to the table. Deception is good, but not the best. Chopping away from the table can be difficult. Without good technique can be difficult to return no spin/low spin balls low over the net, thereby creating possibility for opponent to kill the returned ball.
Initially a little grippy, but loses gripiness fairly rapidly.
Ox is better choice than 1mm. Found the 1mm a little too fast on blocking at table as well as on hard pushes or chop blocks.
02/05/2018 To disruptive for me Review by Jesper Holck Christensen
This rubber makes the unexpected for the opponent. Therefore I have decided not to use it. I would rather win based on my skills than based on the rubber I use.
Dr.Neubauer Gangster