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Dr.Neubauer Explosion Extreme

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Rubber type : short pips
This new version of the existing EXPLOSION rubber series comes with further improved playing characteristics. EXPLOSION EXTREME is faster. Also, we managed to increase the disruptive effect. It is a highly efficient weapon for the classic short pimple game consisting of blocking, counter-attacking, and hitting. All in all, the rubber enables an even more dynamic game since the ball can be accelerated decisively through aggressive counter-attacking and straight hitting, creating a low bounce that will provoke mistakes from your opponent.

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29/11/2021 Мягкие короткие шипы Review by Igor Golovlev
Шипы цилиндрической формы, довольно высокие, не самые быстрые, контроль средний, немного обманывают соперника.
Dr.Neubauer Explosion Extreme