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Dr.Neubauer Explosion

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Rubber type : short pips
Until now short and half-long pimple rubbers always came with a trade-off between speed and disruptive effect produced. EXPLOSION is a new type of short pimple rubber that combines both: The rubber enables to produce a very dynamic game through counter-attacking and hitting with all sponge thicknesses. At the same time a low bounce is created especially when used with thin sponge, resulting in direct mistakes by your opponent. Blocking will also produce a low trajectory unlike most other short pimple rubbers on the market. EXPLOSION does not only allow for classic blocking, but also for a "drop shot" that can be returned very short over the net. A slight forward movement while blocking will also cause trouble to your opponent as the ball literally "freezes" in the air. A thin sponge thickness of 1.2 or 1.5mm is naturally more effective for that. EXPLOSION is a great match for players seeking both high speed and strong efficacy but it will require some experience and practice.

Customer Reviews

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18/07/2019 Decent short pip Review by Brandon
The Explosion is a decent short pip rubber with some disruptiveness. I prefer the Killer series over the Explosion. I feel the killers are more disruptive and are just as fast. The biggest difference for me was that I could generate a little more topspin with the Explosion.
01/05/2019 Borracha disruptiva Review by Daniel Bernoulli
Experiência positiva com esta borracha de pino curta. Só tenho uma resalva: é necessário algum tempo para se adaptar caso não se tenha experiência com pinos curtos. Fora isso, satisfez meus objetivos de atrapalhar meus adversários.
30/04/2019 SP that has MP or LP Deception Review by Raul Bernales
I'm using 1.2mm on an All+ blade. I noticed that my opponents are having a hard time returning the ball. It either goes to the net or over the table. I started to win friendly matches against players that I never beat, but I still lose easily to highly rated players :) I'm a recreational player and still learning how to play with SP, but you will definitely need adjustment using this rubber.
19/04/2019 Good!!! Review by BYUN Han-Seok
It's good control & fast speed.
17/04/2019 Interesting SP rubber. Review by Wei Hsiang Wang
I bought Explosion (Red) 1.2 mm about a month ago from TT11. Initially, I was seeking a pipe out rubber on my FH with good sinking effect and I think Explosion does a decent job on this aspect. Although I bought it with a thin sponge but Explosion still produce flash speed with my FH flat smash.Plus, it can produce some disruptive effect while blocking. Occasionally,I switched from Explosion to my FH to revieve opponents serves and it can produce really short and no spin ball effortlessly with my so-so BH technique.

Overall, I think Explosion is not typical SP rubber especially with thin sponge. Th hitting feeling is lime SP but the sinking effect is more like MP rubber. Moreover, it is possible to produce really short and spinless similar to LP without lossing speed and sinking effect while you hit hard with flat smash. I think this is rubber probably not ideal rubber you are looking a SP rubber can loop easily. It can done but it is just not the strength.
Dr.Neubauer Explosion